Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More on my Demon Children

The saga of my third years continues.  I figured I'd slip this one in before I finish the DIAURA post.

I think I failed to mention in my last update that my wild-girl Kabocha and my wild-boy VK Kid happen to be in the same class.  However, she sits all the way in the front and he sits all the way in the back, so I thought nothing of it.  Yesterday, however, I walked into class to discover Kabocha flailing in her seat while VK Kid sprawled himself on top of her.  Kabocha was screaming, "sexual harassment!" in English.

What... a thing... to walk in on...

I didn't even know they ever spoke to each other.  WORLDS ARE COLLIDING.  Horrible, terrible worlds!

Once the English teacher showed up, VK Kid slunk back to his desk and refused to speak or even blink for the next forty-five minutes.  Typical.  Kabocha, however, was up to her usual crap.  During a practice test, I walked by her desk and she reached out and grabbed the gray, swirly-patterned skirt I was wearing.  "It's like glass!" she exclaimed.  Then she started waving it up and down.  "Sexual harassment!" I screamed.  The whole class burst out laughing.  I know it was in the middle of a practice test, but I have no regrets.  Thankfully, Kabocha refused to continue the test and fell asleep for the rest of the hour.

Now, you'd think that would be as bad as it could get, but no... there's more.  Perv is in one of my other classes.  I thought he was being unusually quiet that day, but I decided it was because of the practice test.  Although he's really wild, Perv is actually very bright and I think he actually cares a little bit about English class, even though he pretends he doesn't.  At the end of class, however, my teacher asked if there were any questions.  Perv's hand shot up.  His question was for me.  He asked me, "what's that red and white outfit that's always hanging in your window?"  I think this was my face in response to that questions: O______O  The English teacher explained to me that Perv knows where I live and saw my window.  Then the teacher screamed, "stop looking into her window!" at him.

The.  Horror.

But I thought it would be okay.  I figured maybe he just glimpsed my window in passing one day.

Until I got home.

Here I was, in front of my doorway, turning the key in the lock, when I hear a familiar voice screaming my name from a distance.  I recognize that voice.  It's Perv.  I whip around, ready scold him for following me home, only to realize it's not just Perv.  It's VK Kid on a bike, with Perv standing on the wheel behind him.

F.  My.  Life.

I didn't even know those two were friends!  They're not even in the same class!  WORLDS CONTINUE COLLIDING!!!  Ugh, it just figures!  VK Kid pulled up in front of my door, trying very hard not to grin at me.  As usual, he wouldn't even look at me, but that grin was still there.  Not surprisingly, VK Kid had a bunch of piercings in his left ear that he doesn't wear at school.  Perv, who isn't too cool to smile or talk, was attempting some crap English with me.  I asked if he lived near there, but he didn't seem to understand so well.  He was just like, "you live here."  I dunno, we babbled some shit English for a moment.  Then, while I was in the middle of trying to say something, Perv just went, "okay, bye bye!" and nudged VK Kid and they rode away.

Um..... kay.

Damn these kids.  Mini-stalkers they are.  I think they live a couple apartments down from me, though, so it's not like they intentionally followed me home.  Still... they're little monsters.

I also have a new nicknamed beast of a third year.  His name is Gorilla.  Truth be told, he doesn't look at all like a gorilla.  He's tall and thin and his face would actually be considered very pretty.  However, he likes to act like a gorilla for some reason.  He works out and has pretty solid muscles, so he likes to show them off by flexing in the faces of the other students, putting his leg on their desks and making them feel his calves, and he also likes beating himself in the chest and hitting himself in the head with his textbook.  For some reason.  At one point he started hitting himself in the chest and made a song out of it.  So yeah... he's Gorilla.  He doesn't like to listen or pay attention.  He just likes hitting himself.

By the way, for the first time, I finally have internet at my desk at school, so blog updating may not have to be so sporadic now.  I won't have to grasp for a few minutes of internet at a time anymore.  I also received a letter saying my real estate agent has given the go-ahead to sign up for internet at the apartment, so I'm going to apply in the next day or so.  And then... I can post... whenever.



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  2. This seriousely sounds like a movie. I'm jealous ;).Oh and,I think your demon children kinda like you^^.

  3. :'] I laughed through the whole thing. All i can say is, the day VK kid runs into you while you are on your way to or from an indies show.... his attention span might do a 180.
    Thanks for the post! And.... get some curtains.

  4. The Vk kid to a concert with u. Bet he'll like it! ;P