Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Indies 10/1 Ikebukuro Black Hole (Count the Stupid)

First, some quick corrections to my concert schedule!  

1. I will be attending the 10/9 concert with MERRY and -karasu-. I failed to realize that the Monday of 10/10 is a day off, so I have no reason not to attend. So that one's a definite.

2. For some reason I forgot to add that I'm going to the 11/12 MERRY show themed on the M.E.R.R.Y. CD. So I'll be seeing MERRY three nights in a row that weekend. I dunno why I skipped that one on the list.

3. The Dir en grey ticket hunt has not been successful so far...........

4. It sounds like I'll be attending both Tokyo Dark Castle and Tokyo Decadance this year for Halloween, especially because they're on two different weekends. Dark Castle will include acts like Calmando Qual, and Decadance will have Kaya as usual.

Anyways, onto the show.  Saturday's indies show was... all kinds of mediocrity and dumb. The only reason I went was because MelJay liked one of the n00blet bands, and because of a strange theory about another band. Other than that, I had no real reason to go, but figured maybe something interesting would be there. There wasn't anything interesting, but the show at least had plenty of stupid to report on.  Because of that, I'm going to do something I haven't done in a very long time: I'm gonna "count" something.  But I'm not gonna count the WTF today.  I'm gonna count the "stupid."  Hope you enjoy.

The show was at Ikebukuro Black Hole, which MelJay and I can never seem to find no matter how well we know its location. It's like some kind of room in Hogwarts that likes to constantly shift to a new corridor to piss off everyone. MelJay and I had good ticket numbers (that we didn't care about) and we knew they would've already passed our numbers by the time we got to the venue (since we dicked around in a coffee shop for too long and then got lost). When we finally found the place, we walked up beside the line just as the staff guy was like, “how about 61 and 62? Are 61 and 62 around?” MelJay and I were just like, “um... hello” lol. Bizarre timing is bizarre.  Everyone was staring at us like we were wizards, hahaha.

So we went inside, down into the shoebox, and sat on the floor with all the others.  Today's first band up is rummy.  And so the game begins...........

I couldn't actually find their promo shot online, so I snapped this one off their OHP.  Oh well.  They should thank me - it still counts as exposure, lol.  Anyways, rummy came onstage and I was already thinking, "this isn't going to end well."  Also, their guitarist needs a sandwich, omigawd.  I haven't had to say that in awhile.  I literally couldn't see him behind the storm cloud the girl in second row called hair.  Fucked up, man.  When the vocalist ran on, he suddenly started throwing handfuls of something at the audience.  MelJay reached down and picked one up to reveal that it was... candy.  This guy was showering us with candy for some reason.  Does that count as Stupid?  Hmm... not yet, it gets better.  Well, first of all, this vocalist, he gets to be...

Stupid #1

This guy was the most awkward, angular thing to ever take the stage.  There's faking being happy and adorable, and then there's snorting Pixie Sticks before the concert.  It was almost hard to watch.  He was flailing his arms around and giggling so much I thought a part of him would snap off like a wooden anatomy doll.  And it was soooooooooooo faaaaaaaaaaake.  In fact, he actually went so far as to replace "kudasai" during his MC with "choudai" (for those who don't know, "choudai" is an extremely childish way of saying "please."  When a grown man uses it, it's very effeminate and, um... kinda gay).  I mean, I'm sorry.  Kaya gets to say "choudai," not this guy.  I was grimacing by that point.  The band's music wasn't even very good.  Just this stupid, generic crap with lousy drumming.  A lot of audience members were glancing at the band and giggling amongst each other cuz it was so stupid.

So anyways, when the MC started, the band cut off the vocalist by playing the happy birthday song.  Turned out it was the vocalist's birthday.  The fans all popped these loud-cracker things and handed the vocalist a giant bag of candy while he wiped at his eyes with a towel.  What a faker.  During his MC, he revealed that he turned twenty-one that day.  No, seriously.  Twenty-fucking-one.  The audience gasped in disbelief, which the vocalist seemed to take great pleasure in.  The vocalist also talked about how their bassist wants to be a band manager someday.  I dunno if I was reading the air right or not, but the bassist seemed pissed, like he didn't want anyone to know that.  Well, whatever.

Anyways, during their last song, the vocalist continued with his stupid spazzing and flailing bullshit, and then managed to pull off...

Stupid #2

He flailed right off the crate.  He literally fell off the crate like a tipped cow.  Luckily, he managed to grab the barrier on the way down, cuz that's a pretty long fall (and I'm sure many of us have seen that video of Kyo from Dir en grey falling off the crate and fucking up his knee and rolling around in agony).  Made a lovely microphone-hitting-the-floor sound too.  When he pulled himself to his feet, he looked soooooooo embarrassed.  But he recovered fast and went back to flailing and being all awkward as if nothing had happened.  Ugh.

By then, I was already realizing it was time to dread the rest of the acts.  And yeah, it didn't get much better.  Next band up is... ugh, I dunno... I keep looking up the names of the bands and trying to put together who was who but all these bands freaking look the same.  I'm gonna have to start guessing.  I conferred with MelJay and she thinks maybe phase faith was next.  If we even saw them......... no, I'm serious.

MelJay and I literally can't remember if there was a band between rummy and the next one, and we skipped two acts, and I don't know if this was one of them.  In fact, during the show itself, we were trying to count how many bands we'd seen, and we weren't sure if we were missing someone.  That's how boring and unoriginal they were.  BUT, they do get a story, because I think it was during phase faith that MelJay suddenly started flailing her hands in a gesture I know she uses when something horrifies her.  I glanced at her and she started pointing wildly at the stage.  I looked up and...

Stupid #3

The fucking cymbals fell over on the drummer.  I almost jumped out of my skin.  Luckily, the drummer managed to catch the stand with his shoulder before the cymbal hit him, but when he pushed it back up, it started to fall on him again.  At that point, someone shoved my right shoulder hard and I whipped around to see a staff member racing through the crowd to get onto the stage to fix the drum set.  Thank goodness the drummer caught that thing!  What if it'd hit someone on the head?!  The staff guy fixed it, and for the moment it seemed okay, but I spent the rest of phase faith's set biting my lip waiting for the damn thing to topple over again.

Okay, I've got nothing else on them, I literally don't remember.  After conferring with MelJay some more, I believe the next band up was Ronove:

Stupid #4

The vocalist looked like David Bowie's Goblin King from The Labyrinth.  Seriously.  And he had an annoying singing voice with an even worse screaming voice.  Like, I just wanted him to stop.  And then, just as I was fading out, I noticed a commotion and looked up just in time to see...

Stupid #5

Both of the cymbals on the drum set came crashing down.  Worst part is, they didn't fall towards the drummer in a way that he could catch them, they came crashing down across the stage.  They could've hit the vocalist, no problem.  Or the bassist.  What the fuck was going on with the drum set?!  The drummer looked horrified, but he just kept playing cuz he didn't know what else to do.  Meanwhile, that same staff guy was racing up to the stage as fast as possible to fix it.  Good gawd, man.

Well, whatever.  Next band up is the holographic Pokemon cards known as VAIOS:

Also snapped off their OHP.  So sue me.  Anyways, the reason I was even mildly interested in VAIOS was because my friend Ashley from the study abroad year sent me a picture of the band asking if I thought the vocalist was Maya from Navir.  I stared at it and stared at it, but I really had no idea.  I looked at his profile on the OHP and discovered that the guy's name is, indeed, Maya, and that he looks a lot like Maya from Navir.  Similar face, silver hair... and he's a vocalist.  I decided there was no way to know without going to see him.  MelJay was convinced it had to be him because it was too many coincidences, but I wasn't so sure, only hopeful.  I've been craving nostalgia horribly lately, and it seems like so many of the best things from two years ago are gone.  The desire to see a familiar face was unbearable.

Buuuuut, when the technicolor explosion that is VAIOS came onstage (with an electronic vomit for an intro), I knew it couldn't be Maya from Navir.  The face just wasn't right... the lips too thin, the nose too big... and fake!Maya had a whiny voice that the real Maya never had.  Disappointment crashed down upon me immediately.  I spent most of their set brooding and festering.

I miss so much from my study abroad year.......... Navir... Ha;qch... Re:dis... VAJRA... UnsraW... they're all gone.  Even in the major scene, fucking D'espairsRay is gone.  I wanted to see a familiar face so badly.  I don't know what I'd do without DIAURA.  They're the one link to that year for me.  And apparently Eru from VAJRA is in a band, but they never play on weekends...

Well, whatever, enough brooding.  The only thing I will say for VAIOS is that, despite looking like the tinfoil inside a gum wrapper, they were actually far more entertaining than anything else that had played so far.  It was a massive overdose of electronic music, but it had a good beat and it was at least kinda fun.  The vocalist did tons of furi, but he was actually really good at it.  Like, it was more like he was dancing than just forcing some furi.  A lot of his moves involved rhythmically punching the air, lol.  It was pretty entertaining to watch.  Most of the audience was there for VAIOS, it seemed.  The last few bands had tiny saizens and just a couple rows of people looking interested, but this band had pretty much everyone up.  And then we have...

Stupid #6

I shall call him SpazzMan.  I don't know who the hell this guy was, only that he has my undying respect for mastering the art of Not Giving a SHIT.  He wasn't the only male in the audience, but he stood out for the fact that he was about six feet tall and massive.  Not fat, he just had super wide shoulders and, just... yeah, he was just a big dude.  During VAIOS, he moved up to about third row and he... went... nuts.  Was he a friend of the bands'?  A brother of a member?  Or just a crazy-ass fan?  We shall never know.  Anyways, he was headbanging and whipping his head around and, unlike most males... attempting furi.  Horribly.  Every move he made, it looked like he was having a seizure.  He was jerking and twisting and punching the air to such an extent that he almost tripped a few times.  And it wasn't exactly hard to miss, since he was a head taller than anyone else in the crowd.  He was so spazzy, in fact, that SpazzMan gets his own...

Stupid #7

His furi was so bad, he accidentally punched himself in the head.  No, I'm serious.  MelJay is my backup witness.  SpazzMan looked so confused after he did it too, hahaha.  I wanted to shout, "10 POINTS!" but... I think that joke would be lost on the Japanese, lol...

Oh, and we have Stupid #8

This time, the drum set's microphone stand toppled over, microphone and all.  Un-freaking-believable.  The whole thing crashed down.  What if that had hit someone?!  The staff guy didn't even notice.  During the MC, fake!Maya asked if the drummer wanted to say anything, and the drummer stood up and started looking around for where the hell the damn thing had fallen.  Fake!Maya was like, "ah, there's no microphone, apparently..." and handed the drummer his own.  Whichever staff member set up the drum set that day......... I bet he got toooootally fired, lol.

Okay, anyways, next band up is... how do we say this?  Kid?  Kiddo?  Shattered Tranquility seems to think it's read as "Kid" even though the katakana spells "Kiddo."  Anyways, here's Kid:

I dunno, I've got nothing........... more generic, unoriginal crap.  I'm not even sure I've got the order of the bands right.  The vocalist had big, flowy sleeves that looked fun to play with.  And he had a really shitty screaming voice.  He really needed to stop trying.  During the MC, their drummer decided to think ahead and spent the entire time adjusting and stabilizing everything on the drum set.  He shouldn't have to, but obviously the staff wasn't doing a very good job, so the drummer did it himself.  There weren't anymore problems after that, either, so I'm glad he took care of it.  Also, SpazzMan was still out and about for this band, attempting terrible furi.  Rawk on, dude!

Anyways, the next band up is the one MelJay wanted to see.  Time to say hello to Le-vert again:

Uuuuh... they have five members, but maybe one isn't official.  I dunno, this is one of the only pictures I could find that wasn't off someone's blog, lol.  Anyways, yeah, they're fine.  MelJay really likes them, so that's good.  They're not bad for a n00blet band, although I think they were too new to go so late in the set, and a lot of people lost interest and backed away.  But they're definitely not bad.  Vocalist is hilariously tall (he tried to stand on the crate, almost hit his head on the ceiling, and never tried again).  Also, their red-headed guitarist... I have no idea if this is politically correct to bring up but... I'm pretty sure he's of mixed descent.  I thought that the last time I saw them and didn't say anything, but this time I'm just soooo convinced.  He's not full Japanese.  There's no way.  He seems to be half Caucasian.  I dunno, I mean, his blog has random Spanish on it... so maybe he's mixed South American?  Well, whatever it is, he's definitely half something-not-Asian.  His face... the brow bones, the eyes, the nose, the jaw... he looks just like a white guy (though a very attractive white guy, I must say).  MelJay agrees completely.  But you probably can't tell from any promo shots - you just have to see him in person.

Um........ yeah, not much else happened.  Moving on.  Next band up is DOPES.:

Boooooooooooriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.  Generic.  Unoriginal.  Nothing unique.  More of the same shit we'd been seeing the whole show.  The worst part was that red-headed guitarist from Le-vert was standing behind the audience with his arms crossed and a very frustrated look on his face because so much of the audience was up and rocking out to DOPES. even though no one had been all that interested in Le-vert.  Red-head definitely had this look on his face like, "why doesn't the audience act like that for us?!"  Um........... good question, I don't know.  DOPES. was pretty boring, so I don't know, lol.
After DOPES. there was still an act or two left, but MelJay and I just couldn't take it anymore and bailed.  We'd seen what we came to see, and everything else was boring as all get out.  We decided we'd rather gather up our stuff, use our drink ticket, and go to Jonathan's for dinner instead, lol.  Fuck yeah green tea lattes!

Aaaaaaaaand that was the show.  Tons of stupid, and lots of crap.  All the show did was give me a massive hunger for nostalgia.  I've been reading old blog posts (something I pretty much never do) and looking up members of my old favorites on VKDB to see what they're up to.  Some of it's been pretty depressing.  People like Nobro from VAJRA are listed as "unknown" while Yuri from VAJRA is officially "retired" (WTF we only called him Old Man as a joke.  No one meant it!).  Others like Madoka and Yuuki from UnsraW have also "vanished."  Bands like Navir faded into obscurity and scattered.  I think what I really need is to find some bands to truly love (other than DIAURA - I truly love them, lol).  But I know I shouldn't be impatient - many of the bands I came to love the last time appeared towards the end of my study abroad experience.  It doesn't just happen overnight.  It requires patience and going to a lot of shows, lol.  I'm limited by the fact that I can only go on weekends, however.  Most of the n00blet acts are during the week.  It's always the shows that start at 3:00 on a Wednesday that have the most interesting potential, but I can't do anything with that.  Oh well, I just have to work with what I've got.

Anyways, stay tuned!  This weekend is MERRY!  Whoo!!!!

Also, I've been working on my Halloween costume.  MelJay and I are doing a duo-costume with a theme.  Hopefully it'll turn out good :-3


  1. Don't be to upset,please.There will definitely something to look forward to!.

  2. I didn't know about the VKDB! Unfortunately, I've also been feeling the nostalgia as I feel a lot of my favorite bands have disbanded in the past year or two. I looked up my favorite vocalist but it looks like he retired...nooooo ;(