Thursday, October 6, 2011

PICTURE DUMP: Life in Japan, Gunma, and TONS OF FOOD

Alright, you know what, I have NOT done enough picture dumps on this blog lately.  It's been all concerts, concerts, concerts, and none of that nitty-gritty real-life stuff I'm sure people also check around here for.  Part of that is because, long ago, I decided to de-personalize the blog a little bit.  But the main reason is because  my camera's battery broke about a month ago, hahaha.  Buuuuut I can still get pictures off a camera with no battery, so that's what I've done.  And there are a ton of them, so I'm gonna split this up into a few picture dumps over the course of the next week or two.  Otherwise it would be a serious overload, lol.

So let's take a look at the first month of my life as a member of Japan's working-class!  Warning: tons of pictures of food ahead!  Do not read while hungry!

Let's start right at the beginning of my stay in Japan, shall we?  Check out the lolzy airplane food we had!  Western-style chicken and rice, bread, crackers, and salad... with a side of sushi, lol:

Once I was back in Tokyo for orientation stuff, however, MelJay and I decided to ditch quite a bit of it and go do better things... like eat at CoCo's Curry for the first time in over a year:

And go to Shibuya.  Where they were having some kind of festival, much to our surprise:

Then we went to one of my old favorites: Segafredo.  They had an awesome drink called spicy ginger limone:

I like spicy things.  And check out my awesomely terrible tan lines:

On the Gunma side of things, here's a picture I took from the thirty-something-th story of a building in Maebashi, the capital city of Gunma:

Maebashi is... um... big, lol:

For some lolz, check out the neighborhood I live in that is the exact opposite of a place like Maebashi.  Yup, that's a rice paddy.  Shut up.

Fuck that, let's get back to some food.  I don't even remember where I ate this, I just know it was awesome:

Aaaaaand a butterfly:

This lovely dish was consumed by moi at an Okinawan style restaurant at a mall in Gunma.  I dumped as much of that spicy vinegar stuff on it as I could and enjoyed the delightful euphoria of losing all my taste buds by the age of thirty:

If this isn't making you hungry yet, check this one out.  Also don't remember where I ate this, only that it tasted like joy and world peace.  Udon, pickled vegetables, chawanmushi (egg pudding with veggies and seafood in it), and assorted sashimi over rice.  Pure win:

Here's an amusing one.  Some friends of mine and I went to an izakaya (Japanese style pub) and we each got a different drink with a funny name.  Mine was called Beauty Rose.  The drinks were so colorful we put them all together and enjoyed an alcoholic rainbow:

And last up on this picture dump is a trip I took to Takasaki - Gunma's largest city - to fill out some important paperwork and goof off for the day.  First, because I'm fat and I love pictures of food, here's a picture of my totally awesome lunch that day:

Let it be known that I love daikon (large Japanese radish) and pickled vegetables, and ate my friend's share too, since she doesn't like them, lol.

Also, Takasaki was the place where I finally, finally managed to find a Tower Records after a couple weeks in Gunma with no access to internet or music (meaning I died inside slowly).  I was able to buy DUM SPIRO SPERO there, which was not unlike sniffing smelling salts after being unconscious for two weeks.  I think the people with me thought I lost my mind.  Inside the Tower Records, I found a hilarious Dir en grey poster.  I can't believe they put this thing up in public, lol:

Also, I thought this was sad.  Even the Tower Records aaaaaaall the way out in Gunma had a little memorial card set up for Isshi from Kagrra,, who tragically passed away back in July.  Poor guy:

On a lighter note, I found this adorable kitten resting between the mailbox and the doorbell of the door next to mine.  I gave him some dried fish and hoped he would stay, but people kept coming by and squealing about him and eventually he ran off.  I never saw him again, but he sure was cute:

Anyways, I have more pictures of food, and I've got an entire festival to post pictures of, but I'll save that for next time.  Hope you enjoyed!

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