Sunday, November 27, 2011

Future Plans and Stuffs

Hokay, clean up post.

Actually, cleaning is all I've been doing the past couple days.  I'm, like...... the worst cleaner ever.  I essentially moved into my new apartment, dumped everything on the ground, and let the filth of my existence accumulate.  Then, this weekend, the horrible realization dawned upon me:

I've become some kind of otaku.

I freaked out and started cleaning up.  Upon ripping apart my futon and washing it, I discovered it had molded.

Panicked psychosis ensued, during which I hallucinated an alien abduction, cried in a corner, and threw myself into a river.

Obviously I'm kidding.  But there was definitely panicking.  The rest of the weekend was spent running around picking up everything, vacuuming, dusting, and mostly trying to turn my apartment into a habitable location for the first time in months.  That is, of course, still a work in progress.

But it just goes to show that some weekends are best spent not in Tokyo!

But speaking of Tokyo............ plans and stuffs.

Here's what's set in stone so far:

12/10, indies, Takadanobaba AREA.  Bands of interest: -OZ-, Lycaon (I'm mostly going to this show out of boredom, lol)

12/23, indies, Harajuku Astro Hall, Awoi final one-man.  Yup.  Should be interesting, lol.

12/29, SHIBUYA-AX, D tour final.  Horrible ticket numbers, but I'm excited!

12/30, indies, Ikebukuro Black Hole.  Bands of interest: DIAURA, Lycaon, AUBE, Para:noir (Shou from UnsraW is their support drummer now!), DEPAIN, The Gallo, DEZERT.  Yeah, this show might kill me.

1/28, indies, Ikebukuro Black Hole, The Gallo one-man.  Brace yourselves, insanity is coming. 

I must confess that during the time period of 12/23 and 1/2 (when I'm taking my winter vacation), I have even more concerts planned than just the ones listed above, but those are the only ones 100% set in stone right now.  I'll update the list later when I know more.

Also, I have no concerts planned for this weekend either!  Can you believe that?!  But I do have other plans of an interesting variety, so we shall see if they work out!  If they do, I'll have an interesting, non-concert-related post with cool pictures, so let's hope this weekend goes as planned!

And now back to cleaning :-(


  1. Sometimes we need to take a small break. Sure its cleaning, but its better than mold right? :P
    I can't wait to hear about everything (concerts,life, etc.) :D

    Just remember that vinegar mixed with all purpose cleaner is surprising effective and acetone clears marks away wonderfully (just go over those spots with a damp cloth) ^^

  2. Thanks for the advice ^__^ I may have to try something like that. I bought a new futon piece to fix the one that molded, but I haven't thrown out the old one yet and I still want to salvage it (to keep as a spare). I'd thought about using Kabi Killer or bleach, but then someone reminded me that my futon would wind up smelling like bleach for a really long time, and it's not safe to breathe so much of that stuff in. Vinegar might be a safer route. I'll look into it ^__^

  3. Always happy to help ^^

    For your futon, you could try baking soda, the only problem would be getting it out once your done. Anyhoo, you'll find a way.