Monday, November 7, 2011

Lycaon x DIAURA BISEXUAL Tour Final

Random, but: THIS IS MY 200th POST ON THIS BLOG.  HOLLA.

Time to slip a concert report back onto this blog.  But first: yeah, I know... I didn't make it to the Dir en grey shows in Shinkiba this tour.  Fuck my life.  Now, I might just be looking in all the wrong places, but it seems like they've finally cracked down on online ticket sales.  The usual places I look hardly had any, and the few they did have were more outrageously priced than ever.  I'm wondering if fans were getting kicked out of the fan club for selling tickets (this can happen) and it scared everyone away.  I really don't know.  All I know is, I'm going to renew my fan club membership ASAP and do whatever I can to see them on the next tour.  Because not seeing them makes me sad.  I was sitting in the staff room doing nothing, realizing what I was missing, and it was not a happy moment.  On the bright side, I was able to get tickets to D's tour final at the end of the month!  Yay!  Granted, my ticket numbers are absolutely abysmal, but it's better than nothing.

Aaaaand back to the original topic.  I was lucky to have the day off for Lycaon and DIAURA's BISEXUAL tour final, even though it was a Friday.  Well, perhaps not so lucky.  It was a prefectural holiday, so the students didn't have to come to school, but the teachers still did.  I didn't want to waste a whole day of paid leave, so I asked the principal if I could come in for the morning and then leave in the afternoon.  He pretty much told me he was making me take the whole day off.  That's great and all, but when you have limited paid leave, it's not exactly in your favor to waste it.  Oh well.  So I slept in, was so sleepy I managed to screw up cup ramen (put all the seasoning in before I drained it.  I'm a genius), and went off to Tokyo early to get some stuff done before the show.

Today's venue is the Meguro Rockmaykan (or Rokumeikan depending on how you want to Romanize it).  I'll be honest, I hate the Rockmaykan.  The Rockmaykan is probably great for certain kinds of shows, but not for bands like Lycaon and DIAURA.  That's because it's a seated venue.  I was looking forward to the show, but I was also worried about it, because the Rockmaykan has been known to ruin the fun.  I waited outside the venue alone (MelJay hit a really bad scheduling conflict and was running extremely late).  By the time 6:00 rolled around and the show was supposed to start, however, I was still outside, along with about fifty people.  Because of the seats in the venue, they were having a really hard time fitting everyone inside.  By the time we were all in (and had each been handed some kind of DVD), the place was so overfilled that the crowd went through the doors and down the hall, and the show was fifteen minutes late.  Eventually, they managed to squeeze everyone into the doors, but it was a tight, miserable fit.  I was so far back that I was under the balcony and couldn't move an inch.  Tempers were running high, with some Japanese people elbowing each other in an attempt to get through, and finding it impossible.  Meanwhile, I was nervously waiting for MelJay, without cellphone reception, and she was nowhere in sight.

The show did eventually start and, to my surprise, Lycaon went first.  Which is quite odd.  I mean, Lycaon's been around longer than DIAURA, certainly, and has put out more music and stuff.  They're the logical headliner - especially in Japan's tight, social hierarchy system.  I heard they went first at the Osaka show, but I didn't realize it was about to become a trend.

Anyways, I must confess that I've fallen out of the loop with Lycaon.  OH GOD, DON'T KILL ME, INTERNET.  Ahem.  Anyways, I hadn't seen Lycaon since Mio and eve were in the band, and I hadn't heard their music since then either.  So I was curious to see how this would go, even though I was about a million miles away in a human sardine tin.

First thing's first, a picture of Lycaon:

OH SHIT, WAIT, WRONG LYCAON.  Okay, sorry, here's the band Lycaon:

Sluh.  Tee.
Also, here's Lycaon's setlist.  I know I have some readers who really like Lycaon, so hopefully this setlist will help (got this off a fan's Ameba).

Plug into the Socket
Number Eight.
I love sex. I love drugs. I love rock'n'roll.
mose lle no pistol
Misshitsu ni Okeru Kyouatsuteki Yuuwaku wa Morphine no Naka ni Aru
Who's bad psycho party
The[1st] degree genocide holic

Sorry if there are any inaccuracies.  I don't know Lycaon all that well, and the girl who wrote it up abbreviated and cut off a lot of titles, so I had to go look most of them up and Romanize them from Japanese.  Lycaon fans, feel free to correct me.

Anyways, it felt very nostalgic to see Lycaon again.  Their image is quite different from what I used to see - Satoshi's gone from the Mad Hatter to Slash, Hiyuu has replaced Mio, and Yuuki dresses sluttier than ever.  So does Rito.  But let's face it, the logic behind pairing Lycaon with DIAURA for a whole tour was simple: sex appeal.  The tour is called BISEXUAL, so of course Lycaon's going to play up the sex aspect.

Some of the songs I recognized, some I didn't, but all of them were very enjoyable.  The truth is, no matter how hard I try, I don't care much for Lycaon's music when I listen to it outside a concert.  Even a song that sounds great to me live becomes pretty "meh" to me when I hear it on a CD.  Come on, JRock internet fans, throw stones at me, see if I care.  Just don't throw tomatoes.  I hate tomatoes.  But seriously, I'll be damned if Lycaon doesn't put on a great show.  Which is why I was interested in seeing them again.  I wish I could've seen better, but I can briefly describe what I could see when I craned my neck between the wall of human heads in front of me.

First thing's first: Yuuki.  Ah, yes, Yuuki, I forgot what a great performer he is.  That's another reason I think the two bands were paired up for a tour: Yuuki and yo-ka are both insanely charismatic, hyperactive performersThe perfect combo.  Yuuki spent most of the performance with the entire microphone stand off the ground.  It was always either over his shoulder, being used as a magical staff, or being flailed through the air (he almost beaned Hiyuu in the head at one point, which made me wince).  Although Lycaon's music isn't all that screamy, Yuuki spends a lot of time screaming nonetheless.  He has great energy, and it made the fans wild.  Random observation, but the fluffy boa that Yuuki wears (which is looped under his necklace so it doesn't fall off) was so soaked in sweat by the end of the performance that it was just this ratty piece of string stuck to his chest, lol.  Other than Yuuki, the rest of the band was just as much fun.  Satoshi cracks me up.  He's dressed like Slash, but he acts so flamboyant.  Lots of flirty grins and winking at the audience, and a lot of sticking his tongue out.  Rito still strikes me as the "adorable" band member, and Hiyuu had a lot of onstage energy.  I'd never seen him live before, but he ran around a lot and was really into it, which was further aided by the fact that his hair looked Super Saiyan to me, lol (MelJay didn't know his name, so she kept calling him Big Hair Guy, hahaha).

Anyways, it was over really fast, being a two-man and all.  Partway during the performance, I noticed MelJay did show up, but she was squished against the back door, lol.  Anyways, when Lycaon was done, the big audience switch happened, thank goodness.  MelJay managed to sprint up to me, and we pushed our way through.  We wound up halfway down the left aisle between the chairs.  I kept one hand firmly on the back of a chair to make sure I could keep that spot, too.  I was not going to spend anymore time under the balcony because I'm a dumb bitch.  Besides, everyone was doing it.

First thing's first, obligatory DIAURA picture:

Hawt.  Also, fun fact of the day: according to some online magazine, DIAURA (sometimes written Di-Aura) is short for Dictatorial Aura.  Now you know.
Here's DIAURA's setlist (also taken from an Ameba):

Beautiful Creature
Imperial Core
Another Gate
Shitsuyoku no Seiki (note: not sure I Romanized that right.  It's a new song and I had no one to confirm the kanji reading with)
an Insanity

Well, anyways, DIAURA came on stage, yay and all that.  Remember that post I had a couple weeks ago where I talked about yo-ka acting really strange and lethargic and not himself?  Well, turns out I was right, which is obviously a first.  Turns out yo-ka was coming down with the flu, and not long after the show I went to, he was too sick to perform and had to back out of some concerts.  Thankfully, he was feeling well enough to perform by the time the Lycaon x DIAURA tour happened, but he still looked a little gray to me when he came onstage.  Despite the grayness, however, he was back to his old self and ready to go nuts (though yo-ka later blogged saying he felt he wasn't up to snuff for the tour final, because he was sick.  He was mad because he thought the show was less than perfect.  I say fuck that, you just had the flu, man.  Chin up).

Uuuuum........... shit.  I've forgotten so much.  Damn my memory.  Well, it was a really awesome performance.  Yo-ka is going back to S over M, Kei was really hyper, and Shoya was adorable, and even Yuu came onstage throwing his fists, which is the most positive entrance I've ever seen from him, lol.  Uuuuuuuh, yeah.

HIGHLIGHTS.  Cuz I dunno what else to write.

- DIAURA finally has a second guitarist.  It's yo-ka, lol.  He now plays guitar in several songs, and yo-ka says this is the "new DIAURA."  They've got this new song that, at least so far, is just yo-ka on acoustic guitar singing.  Which is lovely and all, but OMG the song is such a rip-off of Dir en grey's Taiyou no Ao.  MelJay couldn't put her finger on it till I mentioned it, and then she was like, "OMG, yes, that's the one!"  I thought maybe it would sound less like Taiyou no Ao if I heard it outside the venue, but then MelJay got a DVD at the end of the show (which she later emailed to me) which features yo-ka playing the song and, uh... if anything it sounded even more like Taiyou no Ao played just on its own.  Then again, Valluna blatantly ripped off D'espairsRay's Tatoeba Kimi ga Shindara, so..... not the first time, lol.

- It has now become routine for yo-ka to scream, "WHO IS YOUR MASTER?!" ("omae no masutaa wa dare desu ka?!")  over and over before they perform Master.  It's every time now.  This time, Shoya kept pointing frantically at yo-ka like, "just give him what he wants!"  At one point, after screaming, "who is your master?!" a bunch of times, yo-ka suddenly paused and was like, "SO WHAT'S MY NAME?!"  Which made the audience laugh.

- There's new furi.  It's impossible.  On MelJay's DVD, yo-ka tries to teach his bandmates the furi, and each one of them fails at it worse than the next.  Kei had no idea how to do it despite multiple demonstrations, Shoya wasn't even close and protested even trying it, and Yuu submissively agreed to do it and then failed worse than all of them.  I'm so not doing it because I'm a Negative Nancy.

- Yo-ka tried to get Kei to scream into the microphone.  Kei panicked and didn't know what to do, so he screamed, "HEY-O!" and then ran away, lol.

- Sorry to keep talking about yo-ka, but he's a bit of a stage hog, lol.  He did this really amusing thing during his MC.  First he called out to the left side of the crowd, and they all cheered.  But it wasn't loud enough, apparently, so he made the left side yell again.  He did it a couple times, till he was satisfied, then took a big mouthful of water and sprayed it at left side of the crowd so suddenly some people shrieked (I got drenched).  The rest of the audience laughed, and yo-ka got this unbelievably sadistic grin on his face.  So he turned to the right side of the crowd and yelled for them.  They yelled back, and he yelled, and they yelled, and he fingered the water bottle evilly.  Then, when it was loud enough, he sprayed them as well.  So now the middle of the crowd wanted some, so they started shouting.  Shoya and Kei were cracking up, and even Yuu was smiling.  Yo-ka kept telling the middle to shout, and every time they did, he brought the water bottle up to his lips, then pulled it away really fast.  Then, after a few rounds of faking everyone out, he suddenly took a mouthful of water and blasted it at the middle of the audience with full-on farting sound effects.  The audience burst out laughing, lol.  Yo-ka looked properly proud of himself.

I dunno, I'm sure there's more, but I already forgot almost everything that happened, lol.  Let's just move on.

Blah blah blah, DIAURA was awesome, let's go to encore.  This is where I'm going to have to section this off into its own highlights.  I've decided the only way to describe the encore of this show is to come up with a new term.  I've decided to call it: Ball Pit Concert.  What is a Ball Pit Concert?  It's when, instead of playing music, the band (in this case bands, plural) decides to use the audience as, well, a ball pit.  Music-wise (which is utterly irrelevant during a Ball Pit, but whatever), this is what the two bands played on stage together:

an Insanity (for probably about fifteen minutes)
The[1st] degree genocide holic (probably for about fifteen minutes)

Fuck if I can remember who played what instrument.  They traded off between the two songs (or even during them sometimes) so that there was always four members playing and four members running around using the audience as a recess yard.

Encore started off with just Yuuki and yo-ka onstage (to my amusement, Yuuki had replaced his ratty boa with a fresh, fluffy one).  The two of them, knowing exactly what their many fangirls wanted, decided to start off encore by imitating this picture for everyone:

DAYUM.  I'm not into fanservice, but still... DAYUM.

Then the two of them stood there, trying to think of things to say.  Their two brilliants minds toiled to come up with a subject.  Finally, yo-ka rested his hand on Yuuki's shoulder, and together... they talked about pizza.  Yaaaaaaaaaay.  Long story short: Yuuki loves cheese, yo-ka's a pussy and can't handle spicy, yo-ka loves croquettes, and Yuuki seemed very disinterested in croquettes, lol.  Then they realized they should talk about something more relevant, so they stood there being like, "so....... this tour is bisexual?"  "Yup, bisexual."  "Hmm... bisexual, eh?"  This resulted in yo-ka suddenly grabbing Yuuki and the two of them pretending to kiss, which caused the crowd to go, "WHOOOOOO!"  But it was a fake-out, and yo-ka pulled back last second with that damn shit-eating grin on his face.  There were actually several moments during encore where yo-ka and Yuuki did a fake-out bisexual thing (though I think they actually did kiss one time).  Stupid boys, lol.

Anyways, the rest of the musicians were brought on stage.  For some odd reason, Shoya had a big pink hair clip across his bangs.  The members of Lycaon were all like, "cuuuuute!"  There was never any explanation given for it, lol.  Once Yuu was settled behind his drum set, the audience started singing Happy Birthday.  Aaaaaw, I didn't know it was Yuu's birthday!  Yuu politely thanked everyone, then yo-ka revealed they had a present for him.  Yuu opened it without a second thought, and yo-ka was like, "whoa, he's already opening it."  Turned out it was a big back-pack thing from Buffalo Bob's.  Sweeeeeeet.  That stuff's hawt.  And expensive.  Yuu stood up and gave a deep bow of gratitude.  Then yo-ka asked Yuu how old he is, and Yuu said he turned 27.  Then yo-ka was all shocked that Yuu actually answered, lol.

Okay, time for Ball Pit.  Prepare for random bullet points (or, in this case, pit balls) of stuff that happened (in no particular order):
  • Crowd surfing of EVERYONE
  • Everyone yanking girls off their feet in the craziest dog-pile I've ever seen
  • Rito from Lycaon came up to the front of the stage on our side (by now, MelJay and I had pushed all the way up to the front and jumped into the dog-pile).  I thought, "aaaaw, Rito is so cute!  Like a widdle puppy!  Take my hand, Rito!"  I reached out, and Rito reached towards me.  As he grabbed my wrist, I thought, "oh you are just too cute, you adorable little - OW, OH MY GAWD, ARE YOU INSANE?!"  Cute little Rito grabbed my wrist and yanked me into the girl in front of me so hard, he left a finger-print-shaped bruise on my wrist.  Damn Rito.  I RESPECT.
  • Yo-ka stage-dived.
  • Rito lost his shirt and came back over.  I decided to test him and reached out again.  He took my arm and OW, GODDAMNIT, MAN!  YOU COULD'VE DISLOCATED MY WRIST!  Seriously, people.  Respect The Rito.  That guy's got some serious strength.  I wound up with two bruises from him (I should've taken a picture, damn).
  • Yo-ka stave-dived again.
  • My arm got yanked by Yuuki, Satoshi, Hiyuu, Shoya... but Shoya's so skinny and weak!  He found he couldn't pull girls off their feet like the others, so he started grabbing two girls at once, one with each hand, and then pulling with his back strength, lol.
  • Yo-ka stage-dived and kicked a girl in the face.  Roadies stopped bothering to assist him, hahaha.
  • All the musicians kept stealing each others' instruments.  Pretty much everyone played every instrument at some point - even the vocalists.
  • Yo-ka stole Yuu's drum stick and threw it into the crowd, then started stealing Shoya's picks and throwing them in too.
  • According to MelJay, she had the lovely experience of surfacing her head from the crowd for air, only to realize she was between Yuuki's legs, hahaha.
  • Similarly, I failed to realize a musician had crowd-surfed, until a boot suddenly floated in front of my face.  Confused, I grabbed the boot and held it in my hands.  Then I followed the boot to the leg, and looked down the leg until I realized, "oh, hi yo-ka."  Then I politely gave yo-ka his foot back, lol.
  • Yo-ka suddenly ran at Kei, threw his arms around him, and kissed him on the cheek.  Kei was so surprised he stumbled backwards and threw his arm into the air triumphantly.  Yo-ka grinned at him, and Kei did a small victory cheer, lol.
  • Satoshi reached out, grabbed MelJay's face between his fingers, and squeezed it like she was a baby, lol.  MelJay claims this happened twice!
  • Frustrated with Shoya not stage-diving, yo-ka and someone else (maybe Yuuki?) suddenly grabbed him, lifted him up, and threw him into the crowd, hahaha.  The audience pretty much consumed him.
  • Satoshi was chewing gum the whole show.  During the Ball Pit, he suddenly reached into his mouth, pulled out his very green gum, and handed it to a girl who, to my disbelief, happily accepted it.  Eeeeeeeew!
  • Then Satoshi broke my watch :-(  I was wearing a watch (which I often do), and Satoshi lashed out, grabbed my arm, and yanked me forward.  Unfortunately, in doing so, he pulled off the buckle holding the watch together and the whole watch flew off into the crowd.  Satoshi realized it and fumbled for it, but failed.  So he did what any normal person would do: threw the horns at me and ran away, lol.  I found the watch later after the show, but the face was crushed and I never found the buckle.  Damn.  I liked that watch, too :-(
  • Yo-ka stage-dived yet again.  He landed on the people next to me, so I looked over at him and smiled.  He looked back at me, de-tangled his arm from the crowd, grabbed my head, and mussed up my curly hair with a big grin on his face.  EXCUSE ME, YO-KA, I AM NOT A POODLE!  Goddamnit, that's the second time he's done that to me (last time was in Valluna).
  • Satoshi reached into his mouth, pulled out another piece of chewed up green gum, and handed it to the same girl again.  What the fuck?!  She accepted it again, but this time the girl gave him a look like, "what the hell is wrong with you?"
  • Hiyuu had a stare-down with MelJay, then took a swig of water and sprayed it right into her face.  Classy.
  • Yo-ka stave-dived again (he spent more time in the crowd than he did on stage) and I caught him very awkwardly. After a moment, I realized I was holding him by his sweaty armpit.  Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!  And I couldn't figure out a way to get my hand out of his armpit.  Nasty.
  • Kei kept crouching down and taunting the crushed front row.
  • Shoya started high-fiving everyone.
  • Yo-ka continually tried to smooch Yuuki.  Most of it ended in a fake-out, once or twice it didn't.  It was lolzy.
  • In a fit of excitement, yo-ka suddenly lunged at Kei and tackled him to the floor, then ran away.  Kei got up with this look on his face like, "holy shit, what the hell just happened?"
  • MelJay and Satoshi got into a middle-finger battle, lol.  I think Satoshi won.
  • Hiyuu tried to rip off Satoshi's leather jacket, but Satoshi refused.  At that point, Satoshi was the only member of Lycaon still wearing a top, lol.  He stuck his chin triumphantly in the air and tore his jacket from Hiyuu's hands.
  • We started having up to three people stage-diving at once, and yo-ka started taking running leaps into the crowd.
  • The crowd was so vicious, both yo-ka and Yuuki were covered in cuts.  A cut on Yuuki's arm was actually bleeding.
  • Satoshi grabbed my arm and left a scratch on my wrist.  What the hell, Lycaon?!  You guys were out to get me, lol.
  • About twenty bottles worth of water was thrown at or poured right onto the audience.
As the chaos finally wound down, all the musicians lined up across the stage.  Satoshi was still grinning evilly at the crowd, and he kept doing this weird thing where he would hold up two fingers on one hand and three fingers on the other, then stick his tongue out at us.  Does anyone know what that means...?  He did it, like, fifteen times.  So yo-ka decided he wanted everyone to hold hands and jump together, but he couldn't figure out what word to have us jump on.  Yuuki stared at him expectantly until yo-ka finally suggested everyone jump to "bisexual."  He did an example of it, where everyone would jump on the "xual."  Yuuki nodded and all the band members held hands, and the audience grabbed hands too.  Well, I didn't.  That's stupid, lol.  Anyways, yo-ka left Yuuki to call out the word, but Yuuki screwed up and jumped on the wrong syllable, which made the whole audience sorta fumble.  Yo-ka, looking exasperated, showed Yuuki how to do it again.  Then everyone did the jump properly.  Whooooo.  Then yo-ka grabbed Yuuki for one last bisexual kiss, but... it was another fake-out.  The audience was like, "WHOOOOO-oh."  Then the two bands departed, waving and smiling.  Kei was hyperactively goofing off with his band mates, but when he tried to hug Yuu, Yuu pretty much pushed him away.  Aaaaaw.  Kei looked at Shoya like, "what did I do?!"  Man, Yuu, you've gotta loosen up a little, buddy!

Anyways, that was the show.  I found my watch, mourned over it, and then MelJay and I joined the merch line.  They were selling a CD we'd meant to buy, and they were selling it crazy cheap.  When we got up there, we found out that buying something meant we got to pull a name out of a box and get a free DVD with our purchase.  MelJay pulled yo-ka and I pulled Yuu.  MelJay's DVD was a lolzy video of yo-ka playing guitar and forcing his band mates to do furi.  My DVD was a thirty minute interview with Yuu, who was much more amusing than I expected.  Why can't he show that side of himself on stage?!  A couple fun facts: Yuu loves (yes, loves) cats, he started playing drums because of Yoshiki, he really likes D'erlanger, and he thinks Shoya is the band's fashion mascot.  Ta da.

After the show, MelJay and I decided to catch some quick food in Meguro.  I've never really traveled around Meguro before, and not much was open.  We wound up at a Gusto and decided to be stupid and get chestnut pancakes and kara-age for dinner.  Oh yeah.  Classy.  Gusto actually has really good kara-age, though.  The more you know.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, that's that.  Had another show the next day which I'll type up next.  I didn't go to Tokyo this weekend (to save up some money, and I was sick, which I'm sure was NO THANKS to flu-infested yo-ka spitting water at us and jumping on my head about ten times), so at least that gives me time to catch up.  See y'all later.


  1. Oh, what a show that was. Thank you so much for doing a great write-up! It brought back so many amazing memories!

    Here's a few more bullet points that I remember from the encore:

    * After giving Yuu his b-day present, yo-ka stole his setlist paper from by the drumset and threw it into the audience. Later on, Shoya decided to crumple his into a ball and threw it into the audience as well. I was suuuper lucky and caught it!
    * Shoya managed to leave a 3 inch scratch on my hand from tugging on my arm. It scarred, lol.
    * At one point Big Hair Guy picked up Shoya and Shoya ended up holding onto him like a koala bear climbing a tree XD It was sooo cute. He didn't wanna be thrown, lol.

    I don't think I'm ever going to forget how crazy that show was!! Weeeee!

  2. Thanks for the easter egg ^_~ And OMG, I forgot about Shoya climbing on Hiyuu (it's Hiyuu, damnit, not Big Hair Guy, lol!). Thank you for having more brain cells than me :-D

  3. Nope, I'm going with Big Hair Guy until I see fit XD

  4. Oh my goodness, sounds like quite the show :)

  5. Dir en grey will play at the JCB Hall in 3 days (11th November).
    Just in case,you didn't knew ^-^

  6. @Colouring Needle: Yes, yes it was :-3 You can always rely on DIAURA to bring the lolz, lol. Then pair them up with a band that they're friends with and it's CHAOS XD

    @Emotional Days: I think you need to have a special password to get into that show :-( You had to buy some merch awhile back and some of the items included a password to buy tickets. I wish I could go >_____<

  7. @Emotional Days: Oh, but I will be at MERRY's M.E.R.R.Y.-themed show that night, so... at least I'll be at SOMETHING, lol. Still wish it was Dir en grey, though T____________T

  8. Same here ;). I never cared of DEG until I read the nippon budokan post that you wrote,after that I gave them a try and then I instantly pre-ordered DSS,lol.So maybe I should check out MERRY to,´cause I never cared for them either xD.

  9. Oh wow, really?!! I had no idea you became a Dir en grey fan because of a post I wrote! Wow, I'm... I'm so flattered O__O Thank you so much for telling me that! That makes me so happy!!! :-D

    And yeah, MERRY's definitely worth a try! I mean, I definitely like Dir en grey more (but they ARE my favorite band, after all) but MERRY is definitely a good band. They're different from a lot of other bands that started out VK, both in sound and style, but they're definitely worth listening to!

  10. I think I saw you on PEEP SHOW night; were you in front of the camera man to the right of the stage? I thought you were getting interviewed by the camera man then or something. That night was kinda empty compared to the other nights.

  11. Yup, that was her! And I was with her just before the show started since I was running late! We weren't getting interviewed, just hanging out waiting for the show to start!

  12. @sads666: Hahaha, yeah, that was me! I wasn't being interviewed, but the camera guy picked a really bad spot to stand and film, lol. I couldn't really move forward to get away from it, and he just plopped the camera down right there behind me. And I was turned around kinda facing towards the camera because I was talking to someone else, and I was also looking for MelJay, who hadn't arrived yet. It probably did kinda look like I was getting interviewed, lol XD Hopefully I didn't obstruct the camera too much, but I figure if it was a problem, the camera guy would've moved XD

    So which person were you? I probably saw you, lol. And yeah, the PEEP SHOW night was kinda barren, which was sorta weird. It was a fun show, though!

  13. @sads666: Btw, which nights were you at? I could only go to PEEP SHOW, M.E.R.R.Y., and Underworld. Had a great time at all three, though!

  14. I attended the 1st 5 nights! Was there another foreign girl on your left on "PEEP SHOW" night? cos I actually went up to THIS girl to say hello, thinking she is Meljay and told her Im sads666 from livejournal and she told me I got the wrong person. I got confused and since the concert was gonna start and I don't really fancy the idea of being squashed in the front and I was carry tons of stuff (Im a tourist after all!), I retreated to the back of the hall. Kinda stupid, come to think of it.

    And Im pissed that they played "Midnight Shangarila" on "Underworld" night, the only night I couldn't attend! I had assumed that they will play it on "M.E.R.R.Y." due to the timeline the single was released. And "M.E.R.R.Y." seems to have sold out in the end; it seems more crowded than the 1st 2 nights. And Im still sore that I couldn't get the skull tshirt since the 1st day. My friend actually queued at 2pm on the last 2 days (she reached japan only at 3pm on Friday) to get the Tshirt but there were even more zealous fans earlier than her. I kept thinking: how can they be sold out when the people attending the 6 day concert are more or less the same people????

    Speaking of camera man; its kinda weird that only during "PEEP SHOW" night did 1 camera man went up to the stage to film; I have a bad feeling that the DVDs that are coming out aint gonna be so good, despite the high energy MERRY managed to maintain for the 5 nights I saw them. I just hope the "BEAUTIFUL FREAKS" songs will make it to the DVDs despite it being played on all 6 nights; "Crisis Moment" on PEEP SHOW Day was AMAZING. My jaw dropped at the ending. o_o

  15. Wow, you got to go to all five nights?!! That's awesome! OMG I'm so jealous you got to go to the Gendai Stoic night! I would've flipped out! Luckyyyyy! And actually, you are correct, there WAS a foreigner to my left, but I didn't know her, lol XD I remember at the beginning of the show actually thinking, "huh, there's another foreigner next to me, people will probably think we're together" lol. MelJay showed up only five minutes before the show started. And, like me, she has really curly hair, lol. I think the foreigner to my left had straight hair. Sorry you went up to the wrong person, lol XD Maybe you'll get to meet MelJay for real someday!

    You know, I swear MERRY never stocks enough merch for anything. I remember going to shows two years ago and seeing stuff sold out when the merch was only intended for the one show. Like, if you have X number of tickets, shouldn't you plan your merch around that? Just saying, lol.

    And I thought the same thing about the filming. There were hardly any cameras, and they were usually only out for brief amounts of time. I'm worried the DVD isn't going to show much. And hopefully I didn't block their shot of the audience XD But maybe they managed to film more than we realize, and we'll be able to relive the awesome shows again ^____^

  16. Argh, I went up to the wrong foreigner!!! I thought you were talking to the camera man cos you were facing him so I talked to the girl beside you instead, thinking she's Meljay. And I also apologise for sterotyping; when foreigners stand next to each other in Japan, they MAY not know each another hur hur. Just read your report on the MERRY concerts and actually, they did the light bulb thingy for the 2 of the 1st 3 nights so it got kinda old for me during PEEP SHOW haha. But when gara did that for "ビニ本二丁目八千代館", it was REALLY creepy and intense, with the spooky atmosphere & music and the way he just hollowly stares at the light bulb at times.

    I managed to get all the merch I wanted at "Merry Xmas" in 2008 and "Underworld [BURST] Tour Final" in 2009 so I assumed that there ain't gonna be any problem getting the merch. Shows how wrong I am.

    Cameras wise, I only observed 2 at the back where the sound engineers are and 1 in the audience. Other than the weird incident where the camera man went on stage to film during PEEP SHOW day. Most probably a static camera angle for the DVDs, I guess :( Funny observation; during "妄想 rendez-vous" on Nu Chemical Rhetoric day, a salary-man beside me was throbbing his head and pumping his fists while the sound engineer was dancing haha! And on the 2nd day, people were crying after "soshite tooi yume no mata yume" ended.
    Won't be going Tokyo anytime soon unless cali gari does something similar or Pierrot comes back together (impossible) or baroque happens to play during a week where a couple of acts I wanted to see plays as well!

  17. Lol, naw, it's not really stereotyping XD Honestly, I would've done the same thing. I usually assume a couple foreigners next to each other must be together. And sometimes it's just a coincidence, or they've only just met, but I think it usually means they're together. This was just an odd circumstance, lol. Especially because the girl I was talking to behind me wasn't MelJay either XD She was a friend of a friend who I'd hung out with at another MERRY concert and was chatting with while waiting for MelJay. So even if you'd spoken with the OTHER foreigner I was talking to, it still wouldn't have been MelJay, hahaha. Oops!

    And it's so weird how few cameras there were. And how the cameramen didn't try to move out from behind talkative foreigners, lol. WTF XD Well... next time they put out a DVD, I guess we'll see how it looks!

    And hopefully you'll have a good reason to come back to Tokyo soon ^___^

  18. Ah Hello ! I'm the owner of the French Street Team Lycaon and if you agree I will be very pleased to translate your report and publish it on the Street Team Website. Obviously, your name and your direct link up to here will te mentionned at the bottom of my translation :)

    I let you the website adress :

    1. No problem! :-) Please feel free to translate my report! So long as my website is credited, I don't mind at all. Thank you for asking :-)

  19. **I think it was super concert. Boys are very crazy and i love. Very cool!** >.< Yo-ka is very cool! I can't think of Yuu likes cats! I love Diaura! I wish I was going to a concert of theirs! :(((( Romania is bored. :'(