Friday, November 4, 2011

My Students' Jack-o'-Lanterns

Alright, I'm sick of the drama bullshit on this blog.  I want to get back to more important things than the fucking internet.  First thing's first, it's been awhile since I've posted anything about school on here, and that's just sad, because working in a Japanese school can be pretty lolzy.  I've dehumanized this blog waaaaay too much lately, and that's why people are starting to think it's a concert reporting website, and not a blog.  But this is a blog, and it's time to put a bit of the personal back into it.

So, on Halloween (literally October 31st), I was scheduled to host a special event at our school.  This was purely a coincidence.  My boss started suggesting lesson plans, and I was like, "um... but it's Halloween.  Shouldn't we do a Halloween lesson?"  So we had a bunch of other foreigners coming to the school to help teach, and I had to come up with fifty minutes of Halloween activities for each of our 1st year classes.  I spent a couple weeks preparing for this and, in the end, it went pretty well.  The last twenty-five minutes of each class, I had the students break into groups (approximately three boys and three girls per group) and make jack-o'-lanterns on paper.  But, to add some "learning" to this, I forced them to use paper money and buy the supplies from the English teachers, all in English, of course.  It was a crash course in shopping, sharing, and preparing a project in a group in a short amount of time.  I was worried the students would crash and burn, but they actually turned up some really creative jack-o'-lanterns.  Wanna see them?  Here they are (with the students' names blocked out to preserve privacy):

I have no idea who Mr. J is, lol.  And we've got a pirate on the right.

Creepy mustache on the left, Gloomy Bear on the right.  The Gloomy Bear happened because one of the other teachers showed up in a full Gloomy Bear costume, lol.

Alright, I dunno what happened with these two, lol.  I think the students kept them after class and messed with them some more.  Against the rules, but who cares!

Okay, according to the group on the left, this is Vampire Anpanman.  And the one on the right is Doraemon?  I have no idea, lol.

Uuuuuuh... I think the one on the left might be another Doraemon.  The one on the right is awesome.  They cut the sunglasses out and glued paper behind it to make them colored.  First group to think of that.  I dunno what it is, but I personally think it looks like Bowser if he joined a bike gang XD

I think the one on the left is another Anpanman, lol.  The one on the right is flippin' awesome.  The students didn't know what to do, so they squirted red glitter glue all over it, and smeared it everywhere with a piece of paper to make a glitter-zombie, lol.  Best part?  This was the girls' idea, lol.

Uuuuuh, I don't think the group on the left finished.  When I asked them what it was, they said it was Vampire Winnie the Pooh, lol.  The one on the right... is a cat?  Also, if you've noticed a lot of these jack-o'-lanterns have hats on the sides of their heads, it's because I made a couple awesome samples for them (which the teacher confiscated for a bulletin board before I could get their pictures) and one of them was Jack Skellington with a Santa hat on the side of his head.  The students were ripping me off, lol.

Here's a pig in a cute paper hat, and... okay, when I asked what the hell the one on the right is, the students said it was Namihei from Sazae-san.  But... I only kinda see it, lol.

Okay, the one on the left is Usavich, which is this creepy character some of my female students are into.  And... the one on the right is an old Jack-o'-lantern?  I'm not sure, lol.

Okay, the one on the left is super cute.  It's hard to see, but it's an orange Hello Kitty with a bow covered in paper bats.  The one on the left... the girls strike again!  Isn't it creepy?!!

Alright, on the left here we have a happy bear.  On the right is an Anpanman from Hell, it seems, lol.

Aaaaand last but not least, these two.  A traditional pumpkin with star eyes, and a cute one in a hat and bow-tie!

Cute isn't it?  Hope you guys enjoyed!


  1. Well, obviously my favorite one is Gloomy!Pumpkin, but I also really like the red glitter zombie face one. It's actually creepy looking. And awesome. Sometime I wanna do arts and crafts with my students! Maybe for Christmas...

  2. Vampire Winnie-the-pooh looks so adorable. The Glitter zombie looks cool as well. I wonder why the girls seemed to be in the creepy mood...

  3. I wondered that myself, lol. A lot of my girls are really into Nightmare Before Christmas and Kuromi and Nyampire and stuff, though, so maybe that rubbed off on them XD

  4. I'm also fond of the glitter-zombie!
    The "Mr. J" one made me think of the Buck-Tick song, lol.
    Really, I like all of the ones with blood gushing out of them. XD

  5. These are super cute! And you made it into a good lesson plan.
    I have something of a random question. I've only recently been reading your blog so I hope you didn't mention this before and I just didn't see it. What is your "time off" like? Like, do you get an occasional 2-3 day weekend? You manage to travel to Tokyo from Gunma but it sounds like your always getting back same day/night. Is that because you need to prepare for class or because Tokyo accommodation is expensive? (I'm applying for JET right now so I'm curious).

  6. Thanks for the question, and sorry for my late response! :-) As for "time off", generally it's limited to the weekends, though I've been known to duck out early on Fridays occasionally. Three day weekends DO happen sometimes, though it's not that often - once every other month or so, lol. Though I certainly take advantage of them when they happen! However, we do have some time off for winter and spring holidays, though it's only a few days. However, they can be combined with paid leave, since teachers have nothing to do during that time. For example, this winter, I only have about five days off, but I'm taking an extra three days of paid leave (I have twenty days of paid leave each year in total) and I'm going to spend eleven days in Tokyo for vacation ^__^ I think the amount of free time I have is pretty reasonable :-)

    And good luck with your applications!!!