Monday, December 5, 2011

Cat Cafe and "Complete" Concert Schedule


But anyways, this is actually a little out of order.  I went to a cat cafe on Sunday, and did something else on Saturday - I went to the Vampire Cafe in Ginza!  But I started with the cat cafe when uploading pictures so, for now, I'm gonna flip Saturday and Sunday and do a post about kitties first!

This particular cat cafe was one I hadn't been to.  Fueled by a strong desire to pet something soft and furry (and not in a dirty sense), MelJay and I traveled out to Ikebukuro.  And Ikebukuro has now become nearly synonymous with "tacos" in our book, lol.  Actually, we got a different menu at El Torito this time, so I tried something that wasn't just tacos:

Mexican food, y u so good?!

Soooo MelJay and I chilled and enjoyed our food because we were actually secretly wasting time so we could hit up a venue later in the day for some ticket sleuthing.  After foodz, we decided to try and find the cat cafe!

Our cat cafe of choice was Nekorobi.  This was based simply on a recommendation we read on the internet.  Nekorobi happened to be right near Sunshine City, hence tacos.  Anyways, on the way to Nekorobi, we actually discovered that there's a stand in Ikebukuro right now selling churros!  I was shocked!  So we stopped off and got some of those too.  They had some odd kinds, like maple sugar churros and chocolate-dipped churros and, uh... hot dog churros?  A hot dog inside a churro???  But we both just wanted plain, old-fashioned cinnamon sugar.  It was sooooo good.

So after being derailed by more carbohydrates, we finally found Nekorobi.  It's not hard to find; it's right by the big, busy road past Sunshine City.  We headed up the stairs, and found that Nekorobi has a nice, see-through door, so we could already see kitties before even entering, lol.  There was a cute little gate we had to open to get to the door, and then we had to take our shoes off and head inside, onto the nice, checkered carpeting.  The lady at the front desk was nice enough to ask MelJay and I if Japanese was okay, instead of just getting all awkward with us, although it turned out they had a list of the rules in English as well as Japanese, which was a nice touch.  The place is 1000 yen for the first hour during the week, and 1200 yen for the first hour on the weekend.  After that it's just 250 yen for every extra fifteen minutes (which is mathematically logical, of course).  If paying 1200 yen for an hour with cats on a Sunday seems steep, Nekorobi also has a vending machine with tea and coffee and hot chocolate and some soda that you can use for free, and it's unlimited.  They also have free snacks, like rice crackers.  They also periodically give you free cat food to give to the kitties.  So all in all, I think the place is very reasonably priced.

But hell, nobody's reading this to listen to me prattle on an on about bullshit, right?  Y'all want pictures of cats!  Well, I'm more than happy to supply them.  Some of these were taken with my cell phone, so they're really shitty quality (sorry, I forgot my camera at my apartment like a dumbass), but some were taken by MelJay's iPhone, so those look better.  But who cares - CATS!!!

Here's a kitty sleeping on top of a pillow and under a blanket.  I think this cat's name was Sugar (literally shuugaa in katakana).  Sugar was really sweet and let me pet him without any fuss:

I don't know what this next cat's name was, all I know is that he had the most epic fur ever.  Look at that lion's mane!  This cat was also really sweet and let everyone pet him and mess with his fur without complaint.  One of the staff guys came over and scrambled up the cat's mane so that the fur stuck straight up and the cat didn't even care, lol:

I don't know this cat's name, but it was really cute.  It stayed under the blanket for a long time but still let people pet it.  This cat was really petite and cute:

This... cat... was... huge... I don't know if it was a Maine Coon or what, but this thing was enormous.  He (I assume "he" because he consistently humped this one pillow) was really sweet and liked being petted and had a very fancy tail! 

Besides being huge, he was also quite beautiful:

And ferocious!  Rawr!

A black cat with folded ears gazing down from his throne:

Eventually he came down to go play in the tube.  The cats seemed to really love goofing off in that thing:

For some reason, the giant kitty also thought he could play in the tube, lol:

 The staff couldn't use their laptop without being bombarded by cats, lol:

Here's a pretty brown cat, which MelJay was petting:

This cat wouldn't stop licking MelJay's fingers, lol:

The leaning tower of cats with a fancy tail for a banner:

It's the world's sleepiest tower:

This little cutie was probably the sweetest, friendliest cat at the cafe.  I believe his name is Doraemon, and it was his fourth birthday!  I figure they named him Doraemon cuz he's just so sweet!  Notice the open laptop?

Mere moments later, Doraemon fell asleep on the nice, warm laptop - effectively closing it - but the staff guy came over and gently moved him off of it later, lol.

I just had to get a picture of myself with sleepy Doraemon.  Sorry I look high, lol.

This little punk is Figaro.  He was definitely the cat with the most attitude at the cafe, and probably the one most often put in time out, lol.  Personally, I thought he was hilarious.  He constantly wanted attention, but didn't know in what form he wanted it, so he walked around meowing and protesting and jumping on things he shouldn't jump on, and generally driving everyone crazy.  Sometimes the staff guy picked him up carried him around just to get him to quiet down a little.

You can see the evil cogs of mischief turning in his head:

And those are the kitties!  In total, Nekorobi currently has twelve cats, and they're all very cute and sweet and well-cared for!  I definitely recommend it!  Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!!

After Nekorobi, MelJay and I found a Closet Child nearby and went inside.  Wound up finding a copy of the DIAURA DVD that had a limited release of only 500 copies.  Of course I had to buy it, since it was their first one-man, and MelJay and I were there.  Having watched the DVD, I must say our curly hair was waaaay too obvious in that audience, lol.  We managed to find another copy of the DVD at Like an Edison in Shinjuku later, so at least MelJay and I didn't have to fight over it!  After that we went off to find HOLIDAY Shinjuku to buy tickets for a show.  Because of an oshare-kei band.  Yeah.

I'm rotting inside, just a little bit...

Anyways, just gotta throw this in at the end:

Complete Winter Vacation Concert Schedule

My winter vacation concert schedule is... complete?  Let's just assume this is the complete schedule (mostly because we want to survive winter vacation, and any more than this could cause death by hair spray fumes).  I should add that, compared to the last schedule I put up, two shows have been added (I put an * in front of them).  I should also mention that if it's on this list, it means tickets have been purchased and are in my hands.  No going back on these!

12/23, indies, Harajuku Astro Hall, Awoi final one-man.

*12/24, indies, Ikebukuro Black Hole, DIAURA one-man (Christmas special).  This is a special show in which the band will mostly play acoustic songs and cover songs requested by fans.  Should be interesting.

*12/25, indies, HOLIDAY Shinjuku.  Bands of interest: AUBE, Awake (yes, this is an oshare-kei band.  The reason I'm going to see Awake will be explained later, but let's just say it's going to be an extreeeemely interesting performance).  Show also includes acts like Elm and LuLu (are they major...?).

12/29, major, SHIBUYA-AX, D tour final (squee!).

12/30, indies, Ikebukuro Black Hole (New Year's special).  Bands of interest: DIAURA, Lycaon, AUBE, Para:noir (Shou from UnsraW is their support drummer now!), DEPAIN, The Gallo, DEZERT.  For the record, there will be sixteen bands in total.  Other bands include BLOOD, FEST VAINQUEUR, LuLu, Luzmelt, MEJIBRAY, MoNoLith, SCAPEGOAT, XodiacK, Velbet, and a surprise band.

So yeah, of the eleven days I'm spending in Tokyo, five of them have shows.  And most of those shows are of the exhausting variety.  Two one-mans, a major concert, and the 12/30 show starts at noon and literally goes for the entire day.  And the 12/25 show will be exhausting simply because of the mass amount of oshare-kei bands that will probably be there, and the fact that I have to look in the mirror and face myself knowing that I'm going to a show to intentionally see an oshare-kei band.  All will become clear when I write about it later, and hopefully some of my dignity will be spared when I explain myself

But hell... this is gonna be a crazy winter break.  I suppose I wouldn't have it any other way.

Anyways, I'll try to have the Vampire Cafe post up in a day or two!


  1. I suddenly want a cat.... XD

    Sounds like you got your holidays planned out. Enjoy them all and can't wait to hear about it :)

  2. Okay, that's what I thought. Cuz I categorized them with the rest under "indies" but then I was like, wait...... I thought they were major, lol. Music is complicated! >__<

  3. Aaaaah, Kitties! I remember when you blogged about a Cat Cafe before a long time ago, and I was so excited about it. I love kitties so much! Doraemon is sooo cute sleeping on the laptop! Just another reason I need to visit Japan someday.

    Your blog has taught me so many new things about Japan, I really, really appreciate it. Of course I love the indies and concert posts, but I love the posts about Japan(and food ^_^) just as much.

    Keep up the awesome work. Thank you, Kita.