Thursday, February 9, 2012

DIAURA One-Man, 2/5

Time for another DIAURA one-man. Although, truthfully, I haven't seen DIAURA in quite awhile. Even skipped my last chance to see them so that I could see THE GALLO instead. Originally, I wasn't planning on going to this show at all because it's on a Sunday, and Sunday shows are a huge hassle for me. If they run too long, I have to leave the show early, meaning I have to check the time constantly during the show. Furthermore, the last cheap and convenient train home stops running around 8:00, so I have to make a very complicated bunch of transfers to get home, ending in a taxi ride. And all that costs about twice as much as it would have before 8:00 (we're talking close to $50). Unfortunately, spending the night in Tokyo isn't an option because trains don't run early enough for me to get to work on time if I do that. So it's an ugly situation.

But I'd said no to so many Sunday concerts that I was starting to feel like a jackass, since MelJay doesn't really have a problem getting home on Sundays. I finally gave in on this one because I felt guilty.

But I'm glad I picked this particular show as the one to give in on, because it was a lot of fun!!!

The show was at Black Hole, so we decided to just spend the day in Ikebukuro's Sunshine City.  We went to El Torito for more Mexican deliciousness, and I got a an amazing taco salad-like thing:

Then, after that, we spent a really long time chilling in La Maison, which is awesome because they have fancy tea and cake.  I got earl grey tea, and then indulged in this amazing new cake they have.  It's a chocolate tart with mixed berries.  I can't remember the last time I had rasberries and blackberries, so it was super awesome.  And it even had a strawberry macaroon on top (which is good, because I've had a sudden addiction to strawberries and everything strawberry-related lately)!  Look at it's beauty!

While we were enjoying our tea, we were glancing at DIAURA's blogs to see what they had to say about the upcoming show.  Now, here I was, sick with a cold and prepared for a really miserable journey after the concert.  Nonetheless, I was trying to make myself look forward to the show because DIAURA are a lot of fun and stuff.  Unfortunately, yo-ka's blog said something like, "I'm sick... could this... could this be the flu?!"

Greeeeeat.  Our lovely front-man was sick enough to think he was coming down with the flu again.  Just great.  I finally give in on a Sunday show, and then yo-ka and I both wind up sick.  Then again, when we saw yo-ka at the Bisexual tour final, he had only just come back from having the flu and he seemed 100% fine, despite his later insistence that his performance was lacking.  Maybe... he could still do a good job...?  Even with potential flu?  As long as he didn't give the audience the flu, of course.  Then I'd have to kill him >__>

Well, we finally got off our asses and went over to Black Hole and joined the line outside.  I felt bad because a lot of people had obviously ditched their coats and bags and were standing there freezing so that they wouldn't take up too much space in the venue.  Unfortunately, I couldn't do that because of the possibility that I would have to run for my life, so I had to bring in my big puffy coat and my backpack and my purse and stuff.  Sorry, Black Hole.  As soon as we were inside, I made sure to shove them as far into a corner as possible.

Our tickets numbers weren't great, but not the worst either, I suppose.  Maybe 2/3 back in the audience.  We bought the tickets kind of late, and then the show sold out kinda suddenly after that.  They had a one-man really recently before the show, so I'm guessing some people were hesitant to jump on another one so fast.

Unfortunately, no one in DIAURA posted the setlist for the show.  Which is balls.  I was counting on Yuu to post it, but he never did.  So we're just gonna go straight into my usual one-man ramblings, since I'm so terrible at explaining one-man shows, lol.

First of all, look who had a costume change!

They're all... shiny and leathery.  And yo-ka's got diva feathers, hahaha.

 Personally, I'm really glad about the costume change.  The marching uniforms they had before were kinda "meh" in my opinion, and they were covered in ugly gold.  Black and silver suits the band much better, and I approve of yo-ka's feathers.  Plus, yo-ka dyed his hair back to silver and black, which I think is absolutely the best hair color on him (it was lemon yellow the last few times I saw him and... I dunno, even though he was often a lemon-head in Valluna, I've never cared for it on him).

Anyways, after starting late (as usual), I think DIAURA came on stage to a new song.  Or I could be insane.  I dunno.  I don't think I recognized it, though.  Yuu keeps trying harder and harder to seem like a supportive band member, so he jumped on the crate and threw his fist at us, but I still think he'd rather just hide in the back, lol.  But at least he's trying.

Of course, I was immediately trying to see if yo-ka seemed sick or not.  He was fine as far as I could tell.  He came on stage in a screaming rage as usual, jumped up on the crate, growled, and dove right into the first song like it was nothing.  He seemed 100% to me, and I was baffled that he would think for a moment that he had the flu.  But I'll admit, about halfway through the song, he started to seem kinda "foggy."  It was only during the second-half of the first song that I ever noticed it, but he definitely got really vague and hazy for a few minutes, and I started to worry that he wouldn't come out of it.  It's not like him to lack concentration like that.  But I think he finally got the adrenaline rush he was looking for, or maybe the caffeine set in, and he got so hyper after the first song that I would dare say it was one of the most hyper performances I've ever seen from him.  Way to rock the potential flu, man!

After the first song, they went into DICTATOR.  Except there was no pause.  The first song just turned right into DICTATOR, so the audience was like, "bwuh?!"  This was kind of a trend for the rest of the performance.  Virtually no breaks, and a lot of songs got cut up or sliced and blended in strange ways.

Yo-ka was definitely hyper as fuck, though.  During one of the early songs (which was also a new song I didn't recognize), yo-ka got so hyperactive that he started doing what I can only assume is his workout routine at the gym.  It was like there was an invisible punching bag in the air that only he could see, and he was doing tae-bo with it.  And I don't mean that he was just punching at the air.  I mean, it was like a precise work-out that he was doing with... whatever he was hallucinating about, I guess.  Maybe it was some ex-girlfriend's face, who knows, hahaha.  But it was pretty funny, watching him punching furiously at nothing for an entire song.  He must've had a lot of extra energy to expend.

Aaaaah, let's see... so there were tons of new songs.  There was this one that wasn't given a name, as far as I could tell, and I have no idea if it's going to be on the band's upcoming first album or not.  All I know is, it doesn't sound anything like DIAURA's other songs, from what I can tell.  It started out with this robotic voice in English saying, "caution: a virus has been detected."  Yo-ka's flu...?  But then the song turned into this weird... I don't know... I don't know how to describe it without hearing it again.  It was like... kind of perky?  Except it was good?  It kind of reminded me of the kind of song LuLu would put out (and I don't just mean because of the "virus" thing).  It was really catchy and fun, except it wasn't annoying at all.  The whole time I was like, "huh... I'm... enjoying this for some reason."  It involved this extremely bizarre furi, though, that most of the audience didn't seem to know, so yo-ka guided us through it.  You put up your right hand above your head, palm facing yourself.  Then you put up your left hand and put it over your right hand.  Then you flip them both out so that they're facing away from you.  Then you move them down your body in a little zig-zag.  And it ends with using both your fists to punch the air like you're going "yes!".  It was weird how well it fit the song.  I don't know, I really don't know how to explain the song.  All I know is, after it was over, I really wanted to hear it again, and I'm frustrated that I can't.  It was really enjoyable, whatever the hell it was.  Also, by that point, yo-ka ditched his feather-coat.  Turns out that ruffly part underneath it is actually a sleeveless, button-down vest, but the buttons are hidden by the ruffles.  Who knew.

Other stuff, other stuff... Ah, well, there was a dog pile as usual, but MelJay and I were in the unfortunate position of being just far back enough that a few rows in front of us didn't move forward.  Near as I can tell, it's still acceptable concert etiquette to shove people out of the way and bust through the crowd to join the pile (girls do it every time), but I've always felt awkward and uncomfortable doing it, and I've only busted through a couple times in extreme situations (like the first time I saw UnsraW, lol).  So we kinda just stayed back and watched the whole thing, which was a unique, new perspective for me.  I felt bad, though, cuz yo-ka kept looking at me like he couldn't believe I hadn't come forward.  Between Valluna and DIAURA, I've probably seen yo-ka perform about fifteen times, and I never fail to join a dog-pile.  During Valluna, I was even "lucky" enough to be one of only three people who caught yo-ka at a rather sparse show.  I caught him by the ass, thank you very much, and he proceeded to kick and flail in my arms while laughing hysterically.  To put it in a way that is in no way meant to sound dirty, yo-ka's gotten used to that curly-haired foreigner getting her hands all over him.  But it was definitely interesting to watch the process from the back and see the silly humans throwing themselves at each other.  Even funnier was watching yo-ka stage-dive from a distance.  You know, I've always known he's kinda spazzy when it comes to stage-diving (why else would he think it was okay to stage-dive into a near-empty audience and aim himself right at two surprised foreigners?), but from far away, it was hilarious.  At one point, he actually decided it was a good idea to somersault into the crowd, then attempt to somersault head-over-ass-backwards across the audience as they were surfing him.  Genius.

After one song, yo-ka suddenly left the stage without a word, and everyone was really surprised.  But then he came back with his guitar, so it was like, "ah, of course."  Anyways, they started to play a new song with yo-ka on acoustic guitar, but the song suddenly came to a screeching halt about fifteen seconds in, and in the middle of a sentence.  Whoa, whoa, what?!  Shoya and Kei both whipped their heads around, looking for the source of the accident, when Yuu suddenly began playing a whole new drum beat.  Then yo-ka started strumming the guitar and, in his best Mariah Carey, melodramatic style, started singing Happy Birthday.  Oooooh.  I knew Shoya's birthday was earlier in the week, but I thought they already celebrated that, so I was confused.  But the audience quickly joined the singing, and it turned out the song was for Kei.  Ooh, I didn't know it was Kei's birthday!  So everyone was like, "happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Keeeeei!"  Then yo-ka suddenly stopped playing guitar and everyone was like, "huh?"  Then yo-ka pointed at Shoya and, in a hilariously high-pitched voice, sang, "and Shoooooyaaaaa!" .......... "happy birthday to you!"  Later on, Shoya blogged and admitted that he was really pissed off when yo-ka and Yuu first started performing Happy Birthday, because he thought the two of them planned a surprise for Kei without him.  It took Shoya a moment to realize the surprise was for him too, lol.  Kei, on the other hand, wrote something on his blog that basically translates to, "I thought the song stopped due to a typical fuck-up from Yuu."  Pfffffffffffft, OUCH!  Geeeez, Kei, hahahahahaha.  Anyways, yo-ka brought out a cake for Kei, and Yuu crept out from behind his drum set and fetched a cake for Shoya.  The fans had gifts for them too.  It looked like they both got fan-made scrap books full of pictures and messages and stuff.  Kei's had a big, sparkly-embroidered portrait of him on it, so he propped it up on his equipment.  Of course, as usual, Kei looked somewhat embarrassed and stiff about the whole thing, but I think that's part of his endearing charm.  Shoya just took everything in stride as usual.  Kinda hard to disturb him, I think.  Yo-ka and Yuu had gifts for them too, but I don't really remember what they got.  Kei did an MC and thanked everyone, but the audience kept yelling out, "Nansai?!  Nansai?!" ("How old are you?!  How old are you?!").  Looking embarrassed, Kei was just like, "well that... that's not important."  I do wonder though, lol.

Also, they went back to the song they started with and it was indeed a new song.  So there's now another song in which yo-ka plays guitar, other than Kesshou. After they played it, Kei went up to the microphone.

Kei: We played a new song.  Did you guys notice?
Audience: Haaaaaaaaaaaai.
Me: *facepalm*

Other stuff... Yuu did a drum solo.  That's the first time I've ever seen him do one.  It was definitely a unique solo.  It started off with a lot of focus on percussion and strange rhythms and timing, before moving towards the pedal side of things.  I consulted drum-expert MelJay on it, and she agreed that it was a very unique and interesting solo, although she caught a couple instances where Yuu probably made a mistake.  So maybe's Kei was right, hahaha.  Just kidding, Yuu!

The band played another new song, and they told us during an MC that it's called Miss Psycho (not sure if I'm spelling that the way it's intended or not).  They also told us they wrote the song in only thirty minutes, while sitting around smoking.  Um... great?  That's not something you usually want to admit to your audience, lol.

Another just, like, random tidbit I wanted to throw in here, concerning yo-ka's behavior...  As I've mentioned a few times, I've been going through the horribly laborious process of labeling everything on this blog.  In doing so, I've been reading all the posts, meaning I've recently re-read every story I've told about Valluna.  While reading it, I thought to myself, "hmm... I guess I really do describe yo-ka differently now.  I guess he's changed."  I didn't think that in a negative way, it was just an observation.  His behavior as a front-man has changed.  During Valluna, yo-ka played the role of a deranged monster, twitching and shaking and bugging his eyes out and lashing out suddenly at girls with intent to cause harm and fear (like pulling their hair.  Or, in one case, hitting my friend Ashley over the head with a mannequin, lol).  In DIAURA, which stands for "Dictatorial Aura", yo-ka takes on a more, well... dictatorial role.  He's traded in the "monstrous" side he had in Valluna for a furious, domination-type performance.  He doesn't pull hair anymore, but he'll scream at the audience until he's red in the face until he gets what he wants.

So I had been thinking, that is.  But all that changed at this show, when yo-ka decided to make a liar out of me.  I'm just gonna assume he took an ass-load of caffeine before coming on stage, because that "monster" side of yo-ka was out in full force for the first time since... well, it was kinda there the first time I saw DIAURA, and then never again.  So... at least six months, lol.  The twitching, the seizing, the spazzing, the face.  It was all there.  Yo-ka didn't give two shits about his hair and spent half the show making it explode with his hands.  His face for most of the show looked something like this: (O__O)  At one point, he grabbed his own neck and started strangling himself while shaking his head like he was being electrocuted.  I haven't seen him do that in years.  He was getting so worked up that he was getting downright insulting, just like the old days.  He was yelling at the crowd to scream, and we kept screaming, and he kept yelling for us to scream louder, and we kept screaming, but it was never good enough.  Finally, yo-ka lost it and screamed, "BAKA YAROU!", which would basically translate to "YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES!"  Now it was the audience who looked like (O__O) .  I wanted to go up to yo-ka and pat him on the back and tell him to calm the fuck down, lol.

I just found it interesting that the maniacal side of yo-ka is still there, despite his new "dictator" image.  I wonder why it came out at this show, and not at other shows.  Even more interesting is the fact that, the night I wrote the above few paragraphs (yes, I don't write a blog post all in one go, I'm far too lazy for that), MelJay told me a video was up on YouTube showing DIAURA performing MASTER live.  It's a bit dated now (about eight months old, before Yuu became official), but it shows that more monster-like side of yo-ka that I was talking about.  It makes me wonder, then... is yo-ka's change in performance style due to wanting a different image for DIAURA, or has it changed during the last eight months because of DIAURA's natural progression away from Valluna, or is the video I'm about to post just particularly wild because yo-ka knew he was being filmed, and he's a ham?  Well, either way, this video's awesome (despite the terrible sound quality), and might prove once and for all that I'm not lying when I say yo-ka has abs of steel, even though you can never see them in pictures:

Anyways, I don't care what yo-ka's performance style is as long as he puts on a good show.  And he always does, without fail.  It was more just an observation on my part, as someone who's familiar with him from both Valluna and DIAURA.

Man, I've gone off on a ridiculous tangent here.  Sorry, when I'm bored, I ramble.  Uuuuh, back to the show.  Shit, now I've totally lost my train of thought.  Oh, right, I mentioned Miss Psycho before.  So that's another new song, but it doesn't seem to be on the new album.  Alsoooo... ah, right, I remember where I was going with this.

Okay, so the band left and then we cheered them back for encore, of course.  And then they played some songs, and they left, but we cheered them back for another encore.  So then they played some more songs, and we were all like, "yay!"  Then all the band members took a big bow and waved their goodbyes and tossed picks, and then they left, and the staff finally pulled the curtain closed.  But the house lights still didn't go up for about thirty seconds, so the confused audience started calling for encore again.  But then, after we'd called encore a bunch, the house lights went up.  Aaaaaw.  The audience was like, "eeeeh?!"  MelJay was like, "well that was awkward."  I just shrugged and started heading over to my stuff, happy that the show got out early enough that I could safely make it home without having to run or leave early.  It was only about 8:20 at that point, and I didn't need to leave until at least 9:00.

However, a lot of fans weren't taking "no" for an answer.  About half the audience was gathering up their stuff and heading out, and the other half was standing around, still calling for encore, even though the house lights were up.  Hmmmmmm......?  As I was putting on my coat, I turned to MelJay and said, "you know, one time Valluna pulled a stunt like this.  They made it look like the show was over and then, after a lot of people had already left, they suddenly did a surprise encore.  I would've missed it if I hadn't been at the bar."  Was it possible DIAURA - which is 3/4 made of Valluna, if you count Yuu being Valluna's original drummer - was pulling the same stunt?  Unsure, we hovered near the door, waiting to see what would happen.  There was a staff guy standing next to the door.  After a show, the staff usually yell at us to leave calmly and not loiter too much and stuff, but this guy wasn't saying anything.  I kept glancing at him questioningly, but he just kept looking away like, "no, no, I have no opinion on this, stop looking at me..."  It was fun to see how uncomfortable I could make this guy.

But then Black Hole did the usual announcement over the loudspeaker when they're trying to get a stubborn audience to budge: "Today's show has ended.  Please leave the venue, blah blah blah Japanese Japanese."  But I was like, "uuuh........ wasn't that yo-ka...?"  He was trying to disguise his voice by making it kind of high-pitched and whiny, but it was totally failing, and I don't think anyone was fooled.  The crowd continued to call for encore, while I continued to torture the stone-faced staff guy with my eyes.  But MelJay and I were like, "this is bullshit, that was so totally yo-ka saying that message."  After another minute, the "guy" repeated the message about the show being over, and we still didn't move.  At this point, fans who went outside were creeping back into the venue to see what was going on.  MelJay was like, "I bet yo-ka's bullshitting this long just so the people who left will have time to come back."  I was like, "I think yo-ka's just a smartass."  The mysterious "guy" started to give the message again, but he was starting to crumble.  It kinda went like: "Today's show has ended.  Please leave the-BAHAHAHAHA."  Yo-ka started laughing hysterically in the middle of the message.  He tried to keep talking, but he couldn't stop cracking up at that point.  What a dumbass, lol.  By then, even the audience was laughing.

After that, I think yo-ka realized not a single person was fooled, and they pulled open the curtain for a surprise encore.  I think they played a new song.  And after that song, yo-ka was like, "remember Miss Psycho?  Do you remember?!  Remember it!  Remember it!  Remember it, goddamnit!"  And then they played Miss Psycho again, I suppose to force us to remember the furi and stuff.  Two times in one show, and I honestly still don't remember what Miss Psycho sounds like, or how the furi goes.  Sorry, yo-ka.  Don't kill me.  After Miss Psycho, the band waved their goodbyes and left for real.  The house lights went up immediately, and Mr. Stone-Face staff guy was finally yelling for us to get the hell out.  At that point, it was still only 8:40, so I was fine, and we headed back to the station, shaking our heads at DIAURA's silliness.

As expected, my journey back was no fun, but it could've been worse.  I got stuck at Kita-Senju Station for about forty minutes, but they have a Starbucks there, where I discovered they currently have apple-caramel scones.  Oh fuck yes.

After catching a cab at a station near my apartment in Gunma, I safely made it home, extremely pleased with the overall experience.  I don't want to give in on Sunday concerts too often, just because they're expensive, but there are definitely times when it's okay to do it.  This was one of those times, and it was super awesome.  DIAURA, you guys never fail to put on a great show.  Keep being awesome.

And now back to finishing up the labeling!  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayfuckmylife.


  1. Wow, I was pretty mesmerized by yo-ka' abs. He really shouldn't hide them from the public. Hehe it seems like you are always going to see Diaura.

    Well, since I was reading your blog, I was struck by the thought to check Diaura's website to see if they were going to be playing while I'm in Tokyo. They are I believe, but they are also going to be in Okayama next week!!! Wow! and that's as their two-man bisexual tour with Lyacon. Pretty crazy.. but I think I'm gonna see if there are tickets left. The venue looks like it will barely fit 100 people lol. Well, I guess that's one of the few benefits of living in the boonies. It's on a wednesday, which is my half day, but I will have to freak out about getting home too lol.

  2. Aren't his abs crazy?! No one ever believes me because you can't see them in his horribly bleached pictures, and there isn't a whole lot of video of DIAURA out there. But they are indeed quite mesmerizing. And if you get the chance to see DIAURA, you totally should! DIAURA's a lot of fun! And their Bisexual tour is hilarious. The two bands are friends, from what I can tell, so there's a lot of lolz! Maybe take a risk ^_~

  3. I flailed when I saw the title of your new entry. I totally am way too excited about your blog I swear..

    Personally yo-ka's abs creep me out. They're just TOO sharp. Yes, creepy. His arms too. How his deltoids are bulging out and.. ok I'll shut it. Its not like he ain't a fine piece of a human being. Plus he's a funny idiot.
    (And is it me or is Shoya so totally adorable? Says me who do not like the shy type normally, which is why I'm asking XD)

    I wanna dog piiiiile!

  4. Anchu, it`s not just you! I think Shoya is absolutely adorable! And since Kita doesn`t have much of a preference about where we stand during their shows, I almost always have us stand by him. Shoya is kinda shy sometimes (like he`s shy about seeing seen without his makeup) but he also has a really funny and even a defiant side to him. And he always tries to physically drag us towards him during dog piles :-) Sometimes Kita and I joke that he`s like a baby Toshiya (from Dir en grey).

  5. @Anchu: As MelJay just wrote from a computer right next to me, Shoya is definitely adorable as all get-out. He's very smiley, and he really likes to interact with the crowd. He IS shy, though, and he kinda freaks out when yo-ka tries to include him in an MC. However, no matter how you look at it, Shoya's freakin' adorable <3 As for yo-ka, believe it or not, I agree with you about his muscles' creepy factor. But not because of the size of his muscles. I used to mention this back when yo-ka was in Valluna, and it's still the case, unfortunately, but yo-ka has the freakiest veins ever because of his muscles. All over his abs, his shoulders, his chest... and when he screams, they all bulge out. It totally freaks me out O__O But I'm glad seeing DIAURA's name in my blog entries makes you excited ^____^

  6. Aaaaw, that Toshiya's always been an adorable teeth-disaster goof ball.. if Shoya's anything like him he oughta be cute. I have a hard time imagining him being defiant cause he seem too shy for his own good and just all fragile (I think I remember Kita saying he couldn't drag some of you in the audiance forward due to lack of strenght XD that's even more..cute). But yey for him opening up during performances!

    Oh I like yo-ka's veins alright when it comes to his fore-arms (oh lord fore-arms..), but the rest is just kind of too much. He's such a dry fella. No wonder his muscles are like steel, there's no fat on them to make them squishy!

  7. Shoya's defiant side is actually really funny. We got a comment DVD from them recently where yo-ka kept "asserting his dominance" by standing in front of Shoya. Annoyed, Shoya swatted at the back of yo-ka's hair. I was shocked that Shoya even dared, but much less shocked when yo-ka whipped around, grabbed Shoya by the collar, and shook him, hahaha. So Shoya is sometimes defiant, but maybe at bad times, lol. But during shows, he dominates his side of the stage. He definitely has a "c'mon, bitches" side to him, even if he's all smiley and adorable the rest of the time.

    And I think yo-ka has actually put on a little squish since that video was taken. MelJay and I were both like, "hoooly shit, yo-ka's skinny in this video" after watching it. I think he's always on a diet, which is the problem. He had a blog entry recently where he had a huge sugar craving and rant out in the middle of the night to get a jelly cup. He called the entry: "my night of getting fat." But lately he's looked a bit healthier. That video's the only time I've seen his chest bones like that. Maybe he's finding the middle path, lol.

  8. Well, I decided to risk it! My ticket number is like 75, so that's not too bad.. although I couldn't find where it said the capacity of the livehouse on their website. Anyways, it's super small, so even if it's way in the back, I'll easily be able to peer over the short Japanese girl's heads.

    and yeah, yo-ka seems really skinny in that video up there. He could stand to put on a little cushion lol. v-kei artists are probably the most paranoid guys in Japan about putting on weight.

  9. 75?! Daaaang, that sounds great, even for a small venue, lol! You're gonna have an AWESOME time! And VK guys need to lighten up about their weight. Lately, I've been surprised by how many "heavier" VK artists there are, and yet, it seems the more "chunky" performers we see, the more painfully skinny ones are appearing too. In the end, I just feel sorry for all of them :-(

  10. Sounds like there's some polarity going on with VK guys...

    I laughed hard when I read about Kei's blog post.
    Adrenaline is a wonderful thing, you feel absolutely nothing until it's gone and then everything hits you hard.

  11. Yeah, adrenaline's great. Like when you get a concussion during the opening band at a Dir en grey concert because you're too busy watching Die drinking beer in the balcony that you don't notice a full-grown man landing on your head, but then you still rock out for several hours and don't notice the concussion until you get home and start speaking in gibberish. Adrenaline's AWESOME XD

  12. Well I do wonder what kind of diets vk guys do, cause it seem to me they go the idiot-diet way. Almost nothing to eat, but when they do it's cookies and ice-cream, because they crave them too badly at some point, they can't hold back.

    And we need more DIAURA on youtube, there's way not enough. Just like gyaro, I need more T.T I hate getting into conbini-bands..

  13. Yeah, some VK guys have stable diets, and others....... not so much. I remember Jin from UnsraW always looked... "under the weather", if I may put it delicately. And he always had a million excuses for it when asked about it, all of which avoided the real issue. Eventually, he must've finally cracked. He went to the home of a band mate and had dinner with UnsraW. During that meal, he had so much food that every single one of his band mates blogged about it later in complete disbelief. Madoka apologized for the fact that his fridge doesn't have a "fourth dimensional pocket." I feel bad for these guys, that they diet and binge like that :-/

    And lol, combini-bands XD That should totally be the nickname for these guys. I thiiiiink DIAURA have quit their day jobs by now, at least. They're having a one-man at LIQUIDROOM soon, which is a really big deal (1000 capacity), and they play continuously now, and tour the country. As for THE GALLO............ yeah. Combini-band all the way XD

  14. Well! I went to the concert~ it was great of course. But.. I was a little disappointed.. Not with DIAURA, but with the audience`s reaction to DIAURA. I`m pretty sure 3/4 of the audience were their for Lycaon. DIAURA went first, so the audience wasn`t really warmed up, and there was no dog pile!!! I was shocked. Yo-ka was awesome, but he seemed kind of reserved compared to how u usually describe him. It almost seemed like DIAURA was an opening band for Lycaon.

    Lycaon played for much longer. I`d kinda been stuck in the back for DIAURA, but I finally shoved my way to the front when I saw other girls doing it during the Japanese-style moshing. And then there was a dog pile which was fun. And we got lots of water spit on us. I got blasted full in the face by Hiyuu:)

    There was only one encore.. I think. And it was just Lycaon. I was really confused. Some people started to shout for Yo-ka afterwards, but the lights had gone up and stuff. And it was 8:45 so I had to run. I don`t know if they did an encore with DIAURA or not... so sad:(( And I didn`t get to see the fanservice between Yuuki and Yo-ka. Nooooooo......

    sorry this is really long:p

  15. I have been soooo confused by the Lycaon vs. DIAURA hierarchy, and I haven't been able to come up with a single explanation for why the power shifts between the two bands depending on where they go. For example, when I saw them on the Bisexual tour last time, DIAURA was like an "opening band" for Lycaon for many, many shows. Then, a few shows before the tour final, the two bands suddenly swapped, and Lycaon became an opener for DIAURA (who got to play much longer). Even DIAURA mentioned on their blogs that it was weird that they were suddenly headlining. By the time I got to the huge New Years show with seventeen bands, I thought either Lycaon or DIAURA would headline, and whoever didn't would be second-to-last. And yet, in the end, Lycaon went waaaaay before the headliner, which wound up being DIAURA, so DIAURA got the encore. Which is kinda crazy, I think. As expected, tons of people left after Lycaon. In general, I've been very confused about the power levels of the two bands in relation to each other. The bands don't seem to understand it themselves.

    My theory (and this is really just a theory), is that Lycaon is way more popular outside of Tokyo, but the closer to Tokyo the bands get, the more DIAURA gains the upper hand. It's really quite strange. It's possible yo-ka was more reserved because he knew it wasn't really "their show" (although I've seen yo-ka do an awesome job at really dead shows). I know he's been sick lately, which could've had something to do with it too. I know what you mean, though. I remember seeing a show where yo-ka was "reserved" once, and it was soooo weird! Yo-ka just seemed mad at everything, and practically stormed off. Turned out he had the flu, though, lol. As for the short encore, that sucks >__< Maybe we had the huge encore at the one I went to because it was the tour final. But if people shouted for yo-ka, maybe he had been coming out at other shows and they really did expect him to show up. I wonder why he didn't. He blogged later saying the show was awesome and that he had a great time, so... I guess it'll just remain a mystery O_o

    Well, I hope you had a good time nonetheless! If you ever manage to see DIAURA in Tokyo, on their own turf, maybe you'll finally get to join one of their badass dog-piles! :-D

  16. Actually, when yo-ka talked about the show you went to, he was like, "next time, should I stage-dive?!" Hah, he knows he should've done it, lol. Hopefully he'll keep that in mind next time!

  17. I have the impression that band men can only afford quitting their day jobs when they begin to be covered in mainstream media (as little as they're featured. Like in actual talk-shows.) Even though they reach that point mostly when they've shredded their visuals. Poor guys.
    But yeah gallo eating at mcdonalds even though they know fans will be there, smell like a conbini-band.

  18. Lol, The Gallo needs to learn how to hide better. They're definitely one of the poorer indies bands I've encountered (they couldn't even sell out a FREE show recently!), but I feel like they need to sniff out a McDonald's in a place where fans won't run into them, lol XP It's like, yeah, you guys are poor, but you're also making things unnecessarily awkward for yourselves XD

    As to whether or not DIAURA have quit their day jobs yet, it's hard to say, but they've been on TV a little bit, and I think they mentioned they're going to be on TV again really soon (real TV, not internet TV, lol). It's hard to tell how much of this is their own popularity, and how much of it is Galaxy pushing the hell out of their only band. Because, yeah... for some reason, DIAURA is Galaxy's only band, lol.