Thursday, February 23, 2012

Indies, Takadanobaba AREA, 2/19

This indies post was written with love.

You may be thinking, "well, that was fast."  It wasn't, but it was so soon after my last, frustratingly loveless post that even I thought, "well, that was fast."  We'll get to that later.

There was an interesting little spin on this show for me.  The show was on a Sunday, and I never go to event shows on Sundays.  However, I actually took off a day of work on Monday.  The reason was that a friend from college was visiting Japan, and she was interested in going to an indies show because she's read some of my blog posts in the past, and because she's had the "joy" of coming over to my apartment in the past where MelJay and our other JRock-loving housemates would overwhelm the place with the stench of visual-kei (yes, you read that right, MelJay and I used to live together.  No, we're not lesbians).  I suppose after all that, I'd be interested in finally seeing what the hell it's all about too.  My friend also brought her friend with, meaning we had 100% fresh eyes at this thing.

I think I was excited for this show long before it happened, which is unusual for me.  I can't even put my finger on why, exactly, that was.  I like some of the bands, like BORN, but it was more than that. I'm just not sure what.

I should also add that it was a good thing the show was on a Sunday and not our usual Saturday, because my friends and I got utterly shit-faced on Friday and ran around Tokyo.  Word of advice: five highballs, a long island iced tea, and a can of chuu-hai does not a good night make.  You will have an incredible six hours, and then find yourself sitting in a McDonald's with an untouched cup of coffee and your head on the table, and then sleep through your stop on the train ride back.  Classy, I know.  Despite all that, MelJay and I still hung out in Tokyo on Saturday.  Our friends, on the other hand, were the smart ones, and they stayed at the hostel and slept.  It's times like that I thank the lord that I never, ever get hangovers.  Ever.  Not even after... all that.

Well, my drunken frolicking aside, I think we were all back to normal by Sunday.  Thank goodness.  The only thing was that we did a lot of sight-seeing stuff before the show, like going to Senso-ji in Asakusa and stuff, so we were a bit tired before the show.  My feet hurt a little, but I wasn't gonna let that get the best of me.

Soooooo we got to the venue, and our tickets numbers put us at the ass-end of nowhere.  Oh well.  By the time we got into the venue, we were pretty far back on the second platform, but I didn't mind cuz I figured the stuff at the beginning would be less my cup of tea than the later stuff.  Weren't really tall boys or anything at this show (with a couple exceptions) so I could see just fine.

First band up is ROYZ:

I wasn't expecting to like this band.  I also wasn't expecting them to be first (I thought that honor would go to Black Gene For the Next Scene but, as usual, my "inspiration" failed for most of the show and I was wrong almost every time).  The hair colors going on in ROYZ were quite... loud.  Their right guitarist had purple hair pulled back into some kind of Super Saiyan x troll doll combination.  It almost looked fake.  If it wasn't fake, then I'm guessing a whole bottle of carpenter glue when into it.  Sound-wise......... perky, electronic-y pop stuff.  With some rock elements.  Like, really not my kinda thing, but not bad for what it's supposed to be, I guess.  I was impressed by how excited the audience was.  Seemed like the whole venue was on their feet and all "fuck yeah" about ROYZ.  Well, it was funny cuz people in the audience were either excited as fuck for ROYZ, or they were sitting in the back in a complete dead-pan, looking like they wanted to kill themselves.  Some girls had their heads on their knees and may have been asleep, lol.  From the vocalist's MC, I gathered that ROYZ is pretty popular and doing nation-wide tours and playing at some pretty big venues.  Guess they just went on first cuz they were the show's black sheep (or... purple sheep...?).  ROYZ's stage presence wasn't bad, but the vocalist seemed, like... tired to me, or something.  But maybe he's just always like that.  Also, their drummer, daaaaaaaaaaang.  Welcome to the gun show.  The arm muscles on him are fucking terrifying.  That's a guy you don't want to get in a fight over an onigiri with.  He was the best part of the show, though.  While Vocalist seemed sleepy, and Guitarist seemed to be collapsing under the weight of his hair, Drummer was a smiling, bouncing, excited super nova of drumming muscle.  I just watched him for most of the performance.

It was interesting for me because of my college friend and her friend being there.  I felt like I was a vicarious virgin, seeing an indies show for the first time through their eyes.  For the first time in years, I was suddenly struck by the strangeness of it all.  The fit men in make-up... the tiny stage... the synchronized audience participation... the clock-work patterns... the saizen... the hostess girls... the guitarist's ridiculous purple hair...  But it also gave me an appreciation for the experience, which is something I've been lacking lately.  It was like getting smacked in the face with a tuna by someone screaming, "This is what you do!  And this is what you like!  And this is how it is!  So man up and enjoy yourself, you fucking asshole!"  So I wouldn't say I particularly enjoyed ROYZ, specifically, but it was the beginning of an upward happiness trend that continued for the rest of the show (with explosive results, but we'll get to that later).

Next act up was finally Black Gene For the Next Scene:

So this band is the new project of Rame, the bassist of VIDOLL.  Which is a big-ish deal, if you know JRock, since VIDOLL was a major band (that was formed by Rame in the first place).  So that's pretty interesting.  Furthermore, their drummer Sala has been in bands like spiv states and Megamasso.  As for the vocalist, I encountered him for the first time at the New Years show as EROS, the vocalist of XodiacK.  Oh, wait, pardon me... according to their site, he is just EROS.  He isn't a vocalist.  He's literally "the absolute EROS."  Right.  Well, he's not EROS anymore (for the first time since 2000, from what I've gathered).  He's now going by the name Ice.  Why is his name Ice?  According to his blog, it's because he likes ice cream (which is usually just called "ice" in Japanese).  If you think that's lame, you're missing the cherry on this ice (cream sundae).  See, in Japan, band member positions are written with abbreviations.  Vo. = vocalist, Ba. = bass, Gt. = guitarist, and Dr. = drummer (which is why many drummers look like they have a PhD in Japan).  Then the abbreviation is put in front of the performer's name.  For example, bassist Rame is written Ba. Rame.  So Ice is Vo. Ice.

Vo. Ice

Get it?  GET IT?!! 

So Ice, then EROS, made quite an impression on me at the New Years show by literally demanding that the spot savers in the audience move their shit and part the crowd so his fans could have a mosh pit.  Then he told the audience that anyone who wasn't there for XodiacK could basically get fucked (or, more specifically, that they should just leave).  Daaaaaamn.  Dude's got balls the size of Neptune.

And now we're encountering this guy in his side project (since XodiacK isn't officially over).  There are some noted differences between Ice's two bands.  For one thing, if you can disregard the picture above, Black Gene isn't particularly visual-kei, unlike XodiacK.  Despite what the picture might lead you to believe, Ice was in jeans, for goodness' sake.  The other thing is the music itself.  I don't know much about either band, but it seems XodiacK was more like a metal band, and Black Gene For the Next Scene is more like a hard rock and electronic fusion band (which isn't what VIDOLL was like, right?  I don't know much about VIDOLL, but I get the feeling Black Gene isn't like VIDOLL at all).  A lot of people have responded negatively to Black Gene's musical shift away from stuff like XodiacK (and VIDOLL?), or have at least been like "meh" about it.  I'll admit, listening to Black Gene samples, I thought, "hmm... not as interesting as XodiacK."  But live, well... live, they're a lot of fun.

Which brings us back to Ice's, um............ personality.  Because, let's face it, at an indies event, personality is just as important as music for reeling in a new audience.  Let's just say, if there was an award for audience domination, Ice would have to fight yo-ka of DIAURA over it.  I've never seen a vocalist take over a crowd like Ice did.

See, the difference between ROYZ and Black Gene's audience reaction was huge.  When Black Gene came on stage, the audience certainly didn't look away or sit, but no one really gave much of a response (other than the people who actually came to see Black Gene).  For the most part, people just stood and watched politely but didn't participate or give much of a crap in general.  It was actually kind of sad and awkward after the massive response ROYZ got, to see Black Gene doing their best to rile up a crowd who looked like they were watching paint dry.

Ice was not okay with this.

When it was time for MC, Ice was like, "So... it seems most of you haven't see us before.  Yeah, clearly you people haven't seen us before."  See, most of the time, a vocalist will ask who hasn't seen the band before.  But Ice wasn't even going to bother with that.  If we weren't interested, it obviously meant we just didn't know the songs.  Couldn't possibly be any other reason than that, because Black Gene is so awesome, right?  This is obviously how Ice saw it.  So Ice took it upon himself to tell the audience how the furi and movements were going to go for the next song.  And Ice told the audience they were going to do those moves... or else.  But Ice was demanding with charm, so people were listening.  To make sure the audience was paying attention, Ice demonstrated the moves to the next song for us.  For the next thirty seconds, Ice ran back and forth across the stage, leaping, doing furi, and adding sexy noises to his jumps because why not, I guess.  His band mates looked extremely amused.  On the other hand, the audience seemed quite intrigued.  After his "demonstration", Ice was like, "so you're all gonna do that, and you're all going to have fun, god damnit."

And the crowd started to respond.  As Ice strutted back and forth across the front of the stage like an angry puma, more and more people started yelling or throwing the horns in response.  Ice yelled that we were going to participate, and we were going to do all the moves, and we were going to have so much fucking fun we were gonna explode.  Well, that's not an exact quote, but you get the idea.  Still on the prowl, Ice screamed for everyone to get out their towels.  Normally, when a vocalist demands that, it means they want the audience to get out the band's own towel.  But very few people in the crowd had Black Gene towels.  Usually, when a band gains some new fans at a show and then asks for people to use their towels, audience members without the band's towel will just raise their fist and imitate the gestures of the people who do have towels (like rotating their fist in a circle to imitate swinging a towel around).  But the more Ice yelled, the more towels went up.  Towels for other bands.  FEST VAINQUEUR towels... BORN towels... MEJIBRAY towels...  Almost every audience member with a towel lifted their towel, regardless of band.  Some turned their towels backwards to hide the incorrect name, but many didn't bother.  Ice literally led a crusade on that crowd and conquered it.  LIKE A BOSS.

And you know what?  The whole audience participated for the rest of the performance, and it looked like they had a fucking good time.  So thank you, Ice.  Well played, sir.  Well played.

As a slight nod to the world of psychology, I'd like to mention that Ice never once got down off his crate for the entire performance, except to jump around during the MC.  Not once.  I checked.  And I think that's hilarious.

The next band up............. believe it or not, Lycaon went third out of six.  Freakin' madness:

I didn't expect Lycaon, so I was a little shocked when some of the girls on saizen started screaming "Yuuki!" at the top of their lungs.  I was so surprised that Lycaon was going third that I loudly went "eh?!" in the silence.  A girl behind me found that very funny and laughed and imitated me.  Bitch.  Nah, I'm just kidding, lol.  Nonetheless, all around us, people were like, "Lycaon?  Lycaon?!"

As opposed to their usual, more rousing introduction, Lycaon was already on stage and playing before the curtain opened.  They started off with a slow, sultry song.  I hadn't realized they had a costume change, so I was a little surprised.  My god, Yuuki's... he... he's... he's wearing a shirt.  What the fuck is this?!!  Kidding, lol.  But it's time he got rid of that boa.  That thing looked like a wet weasel by the end of every performance, lol.

Now, I noticed right away that Yuuki seemed....... hmmm...... not himself.  Which is strange because, for all intents and purposes, he was putting on a really good show.  He was being even more seductive than usual, and yet... something was strange.  And his band mates seemed weird too.  Satoshi seemed like he was off in his own world, and Rito was staring at the wall next to him like it had erotic cave paintings scribbled on it.  Hiyuu was as still as a statue.  And yet... somehow, they were all having a good performance.  Like... Satoshi would be gazing vacantly at nothing, and then he'd suddenly have a huge burst of energy and jump up onto the crate and have a big guitar solo.  Furthermore, the band was playing all their fastest, jazziest songs.  Meanwhile, it seemed as if Yuuki was actually rocking out more than usual, and he even spent half a song with the microphone stand flipped over his shoulder.  However, each sudden flurry of headbanging always seemed to end in a sudden meltdown of exasperation.  Like Yuuki kept periodically thinking "fuuuuuuck" in the middle of nowhere or something.

During the MC, Yuuki put one foot up on the crate, wrapped his fingers seductively around the microphone stand, leaned forward in a sensual pose, and told the audience that when he woke up that morning, snot was running in rivers out of his right nostril.

Thanks, Yuuki, you sexy motherfucker.  He even pantomimed snot flooding all over his face.  Real fuckin' sexy.

Now.............. I'm gonna tread some thin ice here and give my own theory on why Lycaon all seemed like they had their heads in the stratosphere (because I somehow doubt they were all sick, and I'm not sure I believe Yuuki's story either).  See, believe it or not, Lycaon and DIAURA's Bisexual tour is still going on right now.  This show at AREA was just a pit-stop in the middle for Lycaon.  The day before, the band was having a Bisexual show with DIAURA that was the last one for awhile.  Now, I know Japan.  I know what it means when Japanese people reach any kind of milestone (like puberty).  They drink.  And they party.  And they drink some more.  And they make asses of themselves, usually with several drinks in their hands.  My theory is that Lycaon and DIAURA had a Bisexual party the night before, and Lycaon were hungover as fuck.  I'm certainly not accusing them of it since I have no idea what the hell Lycaon and DIAURA really do on a, ahem, Bisexual tour, but it seems a little strange that the whole band was out of it.  Plus, the way Yuuki kept headbanging and then suddenly sagging into exhaustion looked like the telltale signs of a headache to me.  Or the telltale signs of a fucking good night.  Plus, he spat about a full bottle's worth of water on the audience right after saying he was sick.  Somehow, I doubt he's that much of a jerk.  Deep down, he knows he's not really sick.  Then again, last time I saw DIAURA, yo-ka thought he had the flu and still spat all over the audience.  But he might really be that much of a jerk.  Now, the less exciting possibility about the performance is that Lycaon was just tired from the long tour.  But, I dunno... I saw them on a Bisexual tour final one time and they were just fine.  They were kind of insane, actually.  So let's just assume they had a damn good night and pat them on the back for it.

The other weird thing I wanted to mention about Lycaon is that Yuuki decided to stage-dive a few times but, for some reason, the roadie was absolutely not okay with this.  I have no clue why, because Yuuki stage-dives all the time and it never seems to be a problem.  If anyone reading this was at the show and was closer than I was, lemme know if you had a better view of this and can explain why the hell the roadie wouldn't let Yuuki stage-dive.  Every time he did, he'd crash-land into the crowd and then find the roadie's hand wrapped around his arm and already yanking him out.  The audience barely had a second to hold him up before the roadie would pull him out.  At one point, I think I even saw Hiyuu pull Yuuki out.  The weirdest one was when Yuuki jumped in and the roadie lunged for him so fiercely that he wound up snagging Yuuki around the chest and yanking him back by his lungs.  Based on the expression on Yuuki's face, I would say that was extremely uncomfortable.

So, actually, despite the oddity of it all, I thought Lycaon had a really good show.  Maybe I was alone on this one, but I was very amused.  As always, Lycaon's music has never been to my liking when I listen to it outside a live house, but I always really enjoy their performances.  It's like being in some kind of lolzy night club.

So who's next...?  I think the next band up was FEST VAINQUEUR:

I... I... I... really don't like the vocalist's voice.  I can't even try to sugar-coat it.  The moment he started singing in that high-pitched whine, I literally cringed.  And I'm using "literally" in the "literal" sense.  I turned to Melissa with a look on my face like I'd just swallowed raw horseradish.  I mean, I've seen FEST before at the BORN two-man and I kinda remember not liking the vocalist's voice, but this time it felt almost unbearable for some reason.  It's really a shame for me because, musically-speaking, there's absolutely nothing wrong with FEST.  Their music is fine, and the instrumentals seem fine, and their performances are alright, but the vocalist's voice is like nails on a chalkboard for me.  This caused the usual problem where I became disgruntled with what's on stage and then noticed that my feet hurt.  I just had to wait until it was over.

The next band up was MEJIBRAY:

I was really surprised they went on so late.  Every time a band ended, I was like, "the next band's gonna be MEJIBRAY."  But I was wrong every time.  This time I knew I had to be right because the show was being hosted by PS Company, so BORN had to go last.  Leaving only MEJIBRAY.  But I knew it wasn't just me.  I heard other people between bands being like, "it's probably MEJIBRAY next."  So I guess we all had poor "inspiration" at this show.  I was surprised they went on so late, cuz it seems like they've been struggling lately.  Whatever, maybe bands just draw straws over this shit.  Unfortunately, despite knowing it had to be MEJIBRAY next, MelJay and I couldn't seem to figure out how to move forward.  There were so many people sitting on the stairs, and so many people crowding around the pathways to the front that we just gave up and accepted that we could rock out just fine in the back.  And, to be honest, it's actually easier, since there's more room.

To be honest, I can't recall too much of MEJIBRAY's set because I spent too much time headbanging and stuff.  I'd gotten really tired of standing around doing basic furi, and I was starting to feel really pent up.  I basically told myself, "you will be excited about this, you dumb bitch."  Overall, I think it went well.  The band didn't look depressed or anything, and Meto's face has gotten closer to looking like this: D: than ever.  They also played Apocalypse, which really surprised me.  I hadn't heard that song live yet.  It's only two minutes long, but it's pretty awesome.  Like I said, I'd say more about MEJIBRAY, but I mostly just remember what my own hair looked like.

Oh, and the girls in front of me suddenly noticed Tsuzuku's ring-shaped chest implant and freaked out.  They were pulling down the front of their shirts and pointing at their chests and shrieking in horror.  Good job, Tsuzuku, lol.

Our last band up was BORN:

Setlist via guitarist K:

with hate
Ranshi ℃
Grave Dancer Punish


I don't know why, but I got really excited about seeing BORN.  I'm not saying that because I don't like BORN or something - I really enjoy the epileptic air-punching-ness of their music - but they don't put on particularly rousing performances.  At least, not anymore.  They used to, a few years ago, and then they just started seeming tired... and a little dead inside.  And yet, I hadn't seen BORN in several months, and I was feeling more pent up than ever.  Pent up in a way I hadn't been in a long time.  The kind of pent up where you can feel it crawling under your skin, like tingly lightning try to burst out through your flesh.  MelJay was tired and starting to get really "blah" about the show, and - in contrast to how things normally are these days - I was the one being like, "but it's BOOOOOORN.  C'moooooon!  Get uuuuuuuuup!"  The thing is, the BORN fans around us were festering with an addictive excitement.  Girls were wrapping their red BORN bandanas around their wrists like they were going into battle, and a few girls actually wrapped them around their faces like they were going to rob a bank.  How could I not get excited?!

When BORN came onstage, however, I realized I'd been right to get pumped up about the show.  As each member came on stage, I was struck by the overwhelming look of pure "fuck yeah" on their faces.  Rather than BORN's usual disinterest or forced excitement, the members of BORN had their fists up and a nasty glint in their eyes.  Then Ryouga came onstage, and I almost didn't recognize him.  MelJay actually told me the same thing after the show: that Ryouga's expression was so different from usual that he seemed like a different person.  Ryouga's face basically said: "I'm about to fuck some shit up."

And fuck some shit up, we did.  Personally, I may have gotten a little too excited about BORN.  I jumped and danced around to such an unnecessary degree that I actually made myself nauseous.  I was like that kid who gets so excited about Christmas presents (or, in my case, Chanukah presents, I guess) that they go running down the stairs, trip, and vomit all over the carpet.  Except we all know that kid gets the fuck up and runs to the presents anyways and squeals in delight when they find a PS3 or something in there.  Man, I want a PS3..............  Anyways, yeah, that was me.  Nauseous but fucking happy.  I had so much room in the back that I wound up dancing around this little one foot radius of space that I had.  I found it impossible not to hop back and forth, even when no one else was.  A few times I turned to MelJay and did a silly dance move, just because I could.

But hell, who could blame me?  Ryouga was on fire up there.  He was like a thrashing, seizing, dancing ball of energy.  Every song was faster and faster, and Ryouga was screaming till he was red in the face.  It was almost comical watching Ryouga spazz around the stage.  Because of the band's high energy, the songs were even more high energy than ever.  Imagine Radical Hysteria on speed, and you've got an idea of how this shit went down.  They played this one song........... okay, if any BORN fans can help me out, please do, because I've fallen out of the loop on their music and haven't updated my music in about six months (for shame).  They played a song that was basically a remix of one of their old songs.  As in, like........... a dance remix?  It was weird because sometimes drummer TOMO didn't actually have to do anything.  He'd play drums a bit, and then a techno drum track would take over.  It just felt weird because snippets of a familiar song kept happening, but... they were different somehow.  All I know is, it was really fun, whatever it was.  I'm wondering if it was Grave Dancer Punish, cuz of the "dancer" part.  See, I don't know if the whole audience was doing this, but the circle of about fifty people around me took the fist-punching gesture and turned it into a dance move.  They'd take their right hand and punch up to the left, then take their left hand and punch up to the right.  It felt like some kind of aerobics dance, but it was really fun and fit the weird beat of the song.  So yeah, if anyone actually knows what that song was, and what it was a remix of, lemme know.  I feel like it was a remix of something off DOGMA, especially because it had a lot of "whoa"s and "yeah"s that Ryouga kept making us yell back at him.  Then again, what BORN song isn't about 85% "whoa" and "yeah"?  Just kidding!

Edit: I just double-checked using my mad internet skillz.  The song was definitely Grave Dancer Punish.

Anyways, the really nice thing about the band's high energy wasn't even just that they actually cared about being on stage for once, but the fact that there was love and puppies and rainbows exploding out of them.  I always got the feeling the members of BORN kinda... don't like each other.  They never interact, never goof around, and never so much as look at each other.  And that's fine, I mean, band members don't have to be friends.  As long as they can make music together, it doesn't matter.  And yet, it's still sad to think that five guys who don't like each other are forced to spend so much time together.  I mean, that would just suck.  So I was surprised to notice that the members of BORN were actually, like... being friendly up there.  They were smiling at each other, nodding to each other, going up to each other to play instruments together...  At one point, guitarist RAY got a little too close to Ryouga's cloud of hyperactivity.  He moved next to the crate and looked up at Ryouga, who then grabbed RAY by the head and dragged him closer.  Then Ryouga started mussing up RAY's hair and grabbing his face and squishing it while RAY made a face like a baby trying spinach for the first time.  I mean, the whole thing was just strange to me, since I've never seen the members of BORN interact in any way, shape, or form. K got so excited, he just bent over and started spinning in rapid circles at one point.  Honestly, BORN was unrecognizable at this show, and I mean that in the best of ways.

For me, it was just too much fun to not go a little crazy.  All that room in the back... I not only took part in the side-to-side jumping, I actually instigated it a few times.  I jumped around so much, I actually felt the need to go up to a foreign girl after the show and apologize in case I ran into her a few too many times.  I just felt this incredible desire to match the band's hyperactivity with my own.  Or something.

Anyways, when it was time for encore, the band left, and everyone called for them to come back.  As usual, this involved a lot of snarling and growling and bizarre animal noises from the crowd, which made one of our indies virgin companions come up to me and ask, "why is everyone barking?!"  I actually wasn't sure what to say to that, lol.  I explained that the audience just gets really excited, so they growl the names of the band members and stuff.  After a few minutes, the lights went up, and RAY came on stage alone with his guitar.  Then, smirking, he told us we weren't yelling good enough, so the band wasn't gonna come back.  Then he left the stage and the lights went back down.  Hey!  HEY!!  Come back here, asshole!  The whole crowd was mortified and started yelling as loud as possible for encore.  Thankfully, the whole band came back about thirty seconds later, RAY still grinning mischievously.  Yaaaay!

Now, a strange BORN show should only have a strange ending.  I'm still not sure what the hell happened here.  The show was over, everyone was cheering, the band was yelling back at us and throwing their fists, Ryouga was up on the crate shouting and making the same face as an angry mountain lion... and then Ryouga just fell off the crate.  He didn't misstep from what we can tell, and he didn't jump off.  As MelJay put it, he just kinda "melted" off the crate.  Like his over-caffeinated brain just suddenly decided to stop firing signals to his bones and muscles.  So Ryouga "melted" off the crate and fell to the floor in what looked like a very not-not-painful fall.  His band mates were quick to run in front of the crate to hide him from view while Ryouga was most likely squirming on the floor.  Honestly, Ryouga didn't get up for at least a minute.  When he did, he was clutching his head and making a face like a pissed off wolf bearing its fangs.  Then he stumbled off the stage, still clutching his head, and that was the last we saw of him.  His band mates followed him out.  Later on, Ryouga put a picture of one of his "chekki" photos online.  I don't know if that picture was from before or after the show, but Ryouga had a big bruise on his cheek.  But he didn't say anything about the fall, and just gushed about how much fun the show was.  I honestly have no idea what happened.  I'm wondering if Ryouga had some crazy adrenaline rush for the whole show, and then lost it the second he knew the show was over.  Sort of like he had a miniature fainting spell or something.  Who knows.

So yeah, basically, BORN was totally awesome, and exactly what I needed!  I think......... I spent so many months not caring, that it all finally exploded out of me.  Like, I never actually stopped "caring" about what I was doing, but I was bottling up all that caring and putting it somewhere out of the way where it wouldn't bother me or anyone else.  But then the caring kept building and building and building and, by the time BORN was on stage, I was pretty much exploding.  Add to that the fact that BORN was in such a great mood, and it was like I got electrocuted back into giving a shit.  So, thank you, BORN.  You were the last band I expected to pull me out of my funk, but you managed it.  Good job!

Sooooooooo that was the show.  I hurt all over by then, but I didn't care.  It was nice to suddenly care again.  Maybe because I wrote that big post on my blog and got all that off my chest, I was able to start caring again.  Of course, I could lose my "care" at any moment, but at least the show reminded me why I even do this shit in the first place.  Why do I do it?  BECAUSE I JUST FUCKING DO, THAT'S WHY.  It doesn't matter why I do it.  I found something I like to do, and something I like to write endlessly about, so I just fucking do it.  Enough over-thinking and analyzing.  Enough looking.  Enough seeing.  Back to doing.  Back to caring.

Oh, and stay tuned for a bullshit tourism post with shit like Tokyo Tower and stuff.  Yawn, I know, but this blog needs that kinda thing occasionally too, I suppose.


  1. Great post! That show was soooo awesome, wasn't it? I'm really glad we went. You made me lol a bunch XD

    But yes, all I know is that Mr. Ice there has me intrigued and I'm super excited to see them again. Their music seems like it's not really my kind of thing, but Ice totally made me not care and forced me to have fun. That's they way things should be. I wish more vocalists would have those kind of dominating skills.

    Also, poor Ryoga being too excited or whatever. That REALLY looked like it hurt >___> I'm kinda glad he never mentioned it because that probably means he wasn't hurt toooooo badly XD

  2. He didn't have any more brain cells to lose anyways. Kidding!

  3. I wonder why they only played 8 songs,they usually played 14 at a live if I'm not mistaken.Awesome review as always

  4. Have you seen what happened in the front when Ice told us to run from right to left to right? I'd say about 20-30% of people in the front area landed in a heap on the floor, me including XD They were awesome, though. I actually enjoyed each and every band that night.

  5. @Emotional Days: Usually, at an event, BORN plays less songs (we're talking about BORN, right, lol?). If it was a three-man or a two-man they might play more, but there were too many bands, and most of them got to play at least five songs. By the time BORN was done, it was already 9:30, and most venues kinda kick everyone out around 9:30, lol. Even if BORN wanted to play more, the staff was probably like, "noooo."

    @crimson: Pffffffft, OMG, I missed that XD See, Ice, that's why you shouldn't boss everyone around so much, hahaha. No, but actually, that's awesome. I'm glad he got everyone to participate. I mean, as bossy as he was, I think he genuinely wanted everyone to just have a good time, and he accomplished that. Regardless of how their music is, I think they're reeeeally fun live. I'm actually seeing Black Gene again on March 10th for a three-man show (with DIAURA and K-K-K-K-Kisaki).

  6. Ew Kisaki.

    Anyway, glad to see you're back to being a Care Bear.
    Or not quite.
    I wanna have mad fun at a concert tooooo! D:

  7. Now I really wanna see Black Gene.. and Born.

    Anyways, I was super impressed by Lycaon at that last show I went to so I can`t wait to see them again. I actually like Lycaon`s music on cd, although the first time I heard them Yuuki`s voice kind of annoyed me. They were wearing those same outfits at my concert so I was a little disappointed~ I wanted to see more skin!! lol. But he did keep ripping his shirt open so that was pretty awesome.

    hmmm.. it`s quite possible that they were hungover. Kind of sounds like it:p

  8. @Anchu: My sentiments exactly >__< Somehow, in all these years, I've managed to avoid running into Kisaki. However, his band is hosting the three-man, so... we'll probably leave before having to face him, lol. Although MelJay says she wants to at least get a good look at Kisaki's face before we leave, hahaha XD Did you know you can count the layers of make-up on Kisaki's face to determine his age, just like the rings of a tree?

    @lovetoday: That's my exact problem. Yuuki's voice. I have a hard time getting past it. Live, it's really not bad. On a CD, I struggle. Like, I WANT to like Lycaon, but Yuuki's voice...... I dunno....... But I've always enjoyed them in concert for sure. They're super awesome performers.

  9. It's wonderful to read that I'm not the only one who thinks that all the Visual Kei drummers out there have their PHDs XD

    Wonderful report. Its also wonderful to hear you're getting your care back :)

  10. We have Shinya of Dir en grey to thank for me noticing the PhDs, lol XD His fan magazine column is always called Dr. Nemunemu no Daigyakushu. And one day I realized he might put the Dr. there to mean "drummer." Or... "doctor"...? And then I was like "whoa" and couldn't un-see the PhDs on every VK drummer after that, lol XD

  11. What, seriously?... You're right. Thanx for the enlightening! XD (concerning Shinya).
    Bah, can't believe my year is over and I was at, like, two indies shows only. O_ö...sux.

  12. Oh no! I can't remember, were you studying abroad?

  13. Kisaki's band... I actually liked them...until they released that Hitler song. That was absoluttely disgusting

  14. Hitler song?! What?! OMG, what was that?! How did he use Hitler in a song?!

  15. Ah, wait, I found it. The song is called "A. Hitlor". Lol, he spelled Hitler wrong. But it's spelled right in the lyrics. Weird. The English parts don't look very nice. "Hail a person." Eeeer... I'd rather not hail Hitler, thank you. I wonder if the Japanese parts are offensive or not. I can't seem to find the song in anything but Romaji, which is too much of a pain in the ass to translate. I'd understand it if the song was written ironically, but if it's just written for the sake of shock value, then Kisaki needs to get some new ideas. Cuz that's just stupid. And not even unique. The Nazi thing is so done to death in JRock, and needing to resort to it these days just says, "I'm old and out of ideas."

  16. If you've seen the song written in its original Japanese, by the way, I'd be interested in seeing that. I'd like to see just where Kisaki's band thought it was going with that song >__>

  17. Here it is.

  18. First of all, I found your blog via Google.. aaand I instantly went to the FEST VAINQUEUR tags. XD
    I follow them since their were still known as SINCREA and I personally like HAL's voice a lot. I think it's really unique. Since they are my all time favorite band, I wish I could see them live too before TOMO leaves. :'(

    Oh, and I can imagine how awesome MEJIBRAY was! Lol at Tsuzuku for scaring those girls. Well done! d( ̄▽  ̄*)

    1. Lol, sorry for dissing HAL's voice XD But thank YOU for not being angry about it! I love seeing mature JRock fans, lol. Sorry to hear they have a band member leaving :-(

    2. Don't worry about it. (^ ^)v Everyone has different tastes in music. It's not like if I get angry, you will start liking his voice. XD
      It is indeed sad that he's leaving. TOMO's guitar skills are amazing. :-)