Friday, March 30, 2012

Blah Blah Blah Tourism

I'm not much of a tourist.  I never have been.  If it sometimes seems like there's contempt for touristy stuff on my blog, it's because there is.  Personally, I've always felt like the benefits of tourism are superficial at best, especially in a country like Japan that only shows tourists what Japan wants tourists to see.  I've always been the kind of person standing in front of a historical statue going, "yup... that's a rock... a nice, human-shaped rock...  Hey, let's go to that weird flea market on the edge of town and buy unfamiliar candy!"  So, generally speaking, I have a hard time getting into looking at stuff.  One time, a friend dragged me to a temple in Japan.  While she was taking pictures of it, I was off playing with the temple's friendly, pregnant cat.  Later on, my friend was kind of mad at me for doing something so useless when I could've been looking at the temple.  But I fail to see how staring at a building is any more useful than playing with a kitty.

But, every now and then, I get pulled into some tourism.  In this case, a friend from America was visiting, and she's interested in the touristy stuff.  I just tagged along, taking pictures because I figured some of my blog readers might find some of it interesting.  So, for those of you who find buildings interesting, this one's for you.  And for those of you who find other stuff, like food or really cool animals interesting, I slipped some of that in as well.

So let's get started...

These pictures are kinda random...  Also, remember that you can click on them to enlarge them quite a lot.

We were at some temple thing...
Tokyo Tower behind it.
I think it's one of those purification thingies...?  MelJay seems interested in it, lol.
This made me laugh.  Not because George Bush planted a tree, but because...
The tree looks really stunted, lol.
Statue of some lady...

Another statue.  I think this might've been a tombstone, actually.

I like this one.  It's shiny.  I could see myself in it like a mirror, lol.
Big-ass temple.
The temple grounds.
More shots of the temple grounds.
Steps leading up to the temple.  Temples should be handicap accessible, don't you think?
The people of the world have a lot to say.
The people of the world also like to dress up statues and give them pinwheels.
They really like to dress up statues.
Inside the temple.
Some people were attending the service going on in there.
Dogs... dogs everywhere...  Japan sure loves Shiba Inus.

 And now for some panoramic shots of Tokyo, taken from high up in Tokyo Tower:

I think that's the temple we were at, lol.

Super tasty ramen that we ate out in Hamamatsucho.  This picture was taken before I dumped a gallon of pepper in it.
Out by the Imperial Grounds.
Ditto.  And yes, there's a swan in the water.  We'll get to him.
Chillin' on this bridge, yo.  MelJay's the one in the purple coat, lol.
I took this exact same photo back in 2005, when I was still a young, bleach-blond high-school student.  I think I was still a freshman at that time.  It felt weird to see this same building from the same perspective six or seven years later.  It hasn't changed at all.

You can't enter the Imperial Palace, but you can, uh... go up to it, I guess.  They also had a line for people to write down their well-wishes to the emperor, who was having surgery.  I shrugged and did it, cuz why not, I guess.
How many more pictures of fucking water can I get in here...?
Actually, I can get plenty more pictures of water in here, but that brings us to my favorite part of this post.  Are you guys ready for...


Fuck.  Yeah.

Here we see a pond of black and white ducks, gathering for the impending Apocalypse.  They seem harmless from a distance, but wait until we get closer.............


We barely fled with our lives.  They say if you stare into the eyes of the Heavy Metal Demon Ducks for too long, you become a Nickelback fan.


Anyways, we need something lighthearted to end this post with.  How about pictures of pretty food?  These pictures weren't taken during the tourism activities, but they need to go somewhere, and what better place than here, in the post-victory landscape of our survival of the Heavy Metal Demon Ducks?

First thing's first... Mexican food.  Cuz fuck yeah, weird taco salad/chip thing!
Sakura is here!!!  I got this sakura cake at a Starbucks!
And holy shit, pancakes.  Jonathan's has customized pancakes on their menus now, so I made one with strawberry sauce and chocolate sauce, with mixed berries on top.  It was amazing!
Okay, well, that's all I've got for today.  Hopefully I'll be back soon with some other stuff.  My next scheduled show isn't for another week or so, but it should be veeeeery interesting.


  1. wow a new layout!

    I know what you mean about touristy stuff.. the first two times I went to Japan I traveled with my sister, who is an Asian Art History major. That should tell you how much time we spent in temples, museums, and old dusty buildings.

    That sakura cake looked so tasty I had to go out and get some! and it was, indeed, delicious.

    1. The old layout got way too boring for me, lol XD

      And yeah, I can imagine how those first couple trips went. That must've been... pretty lame, lol.

      And I love the sakura cakes so much! But I'm mad at Starbucks cuz, near as I can tell, they're not getting sakura lattes in this year. That. Sucks >___<

  2. I wish my nearby Starbucks had sakura cakes and lattes, they look goooood.

    Demon ducks.....I swear there's probably a movie about that out there. I mean, they have killer clowns from outer space I think demon ducks would be a step down from that XD

    The layout is a nice touch :)

    1. They don't have the cakes, at least? :-( None of them have gotten the lattes so far, and I'm staring to think they're not getting them this year >__< But I think they should all have the cakes :-)

  3. Call me odd,but I find japanese temples and statues absolutely gorgeous.Nice new layout by the way ; ).

    1. Oh, I definitely think the temples and statues are pretty, I just don't like to spend all day looking at them, lol. I usually wanna go run around doing other stuff too, but sometimes I get forced into a whole day of tourism, and I go kinda crazy, lol XD