Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Indies, Takadanobaba AREA, 3/4

As opposed to the extremely positive indies post I had last time, this one is going to be fairly unhappy and frustrated.  Some of that is my own fault - I thought I'd try to go to an event show on a Sunday, and I learned my lesson pretty harshly.  But don't be surprised if this blog descends into shit-flinging and sarcastic commentary.  Or, for those of you who read this blog when I studied abroad, don't be surprised if this whole thing devolves into my old "bad attitude" style.

The reason I even bothered with the show was because my old concert partner, Ashley, returned to Japan.  I went to forty-four shows the year I studied abroad, and Ashley was probably with me for at least forty of those.  I originally didn't plan on going to this Sunday event show, but I knew Ashley was going, and there was a lot of nostalgia there for the two of us (ALSDEAD, Para:noir, Shou from UnsraW, yo-ka and Kei of DIAURA who used to be in Valluna...).  The show was being hosted by PS Company, so I thought maybe I could make the gamble, because I don't stay for headlining PSC bands, except for BORN.  Except then I noticed that not a single band listed for the show is a PSC band.  What the fuck is up with that?!  So the way I convinced myself I could make it work was that the band DuelJewel was playing, and they've been around since freaking 1997.  Seniority should've put them at the end, at the very least.  I thought maybe this one time, I could get away with a Sunday event show, even if it was a bit of a gamble.

Well, let's just get on with it.  MelJay and Ashley and I spent most of the day at Gusto, where I proceeded to see how caffeinated I could get without exploding.  The answer is: very.  Then we went off to Takadanobaba, where MelJay and I decided to blow 300 yen and put everything except a few key items into the lockers because, damnit, having my shit with me at shows has been seriously annoying lately.

Anyways, we went to the venue and joined the line.  The show was sold out, so it was pretty crowded once we got inside.  We took a spot near the back, partly because we didn't know who was gonna play first, and partly because it was crowded.  Uuuum, yeah.

First band up is ALSDEAD:

Though we were never huge fans, ALSDEAD was certainly nostalgic for Ashley and I.  They were at the first indies show I ever went to, which I was invited to by Ashley in the first place.  We saw ALSDEAD tons of times together, back when the band was still visual-kei.  As I've mentioned before, the band has taken a more serious turn, opting for regular clothes, and more "serious business" music.  And, as I've mentioned before, I always feel bad about how much the audience doesn't seem to give a shit about this.  I feel like ALSDEAD is really reaching out and trying hard to be a "real" band, but I don't think the indies girls care all that much.  Sure, their saizen loves them, and people in the audience nod along, but most of the girls don't seem to get into it.  While ALSDEAD isn't particularly my cup of tea, it still makes me sad that their attempts at being taken seriously result in indifference, for the most part.  I felt like they had a pretty good setlist, however, with a couple songs I recognized from the old days, and some interesting songs I didn't recognize that are probably newer.  The band's new bassist (I say "new", but I don't think he's really even that new, just not the guy I was used to before), seemed to be in an extremely cheerful mood, and bounced around with a big, dorky grin, trying to get the audience into it.  In general, the band seemed to be in a good mood, despite the audience's indifference.  Even MAKI smiled a few times.

Next up... Velbet:

Another band that seemed to be in an unusually good mood.  What, did they spike the water in the dressing room or something...?  The band was all smiley and energetic and shit.  Although I've never been the biggest fan of Velbet and their GazettE-ing ways, they're always enjoyable enough on stage, so I participated at least a bit.  Vocalist Riuki was definitely smiley, and had a very strange MC in which he asked the audience to raise their hands if they hated him.  Obviously, no one raised their hand, because that would make you an asshole.

Next up is Para:noir:

Aaaaaand another one bites the dust.  I used to see Para:noir a few years ago when I studied abroad, and they were always enjoyable enough.  They became even more fun this last year and started getting really serious about their band.  Just when I was thinking Para:noir was getting kinda awesome, they adopted Shou from UnsraW as their support drummer, which was like the frosting on the cake.  But, unfortunately, it's over just as soon as things got good.  Turns out, guitarist Yuuya has decided he wants to not just leave Para:noir, but to retire from the music scene entirely.  Normally, a band would just plow on after the loss of a band member, but Para:noir doesn't even have their own drummer right now, so they've decided the band can't handle another member change.  They've decided it's best to just end the band entirely.

So, obviously, Para:noir was a little depressing, since most of us already knew about the impending dissolution before the band took the stage.  Despite the announcement, the band continued on like everything is normal.  In fact, if not for the vocalist talking about the dissolution during the MC, anyone who didn't know about it never would've realized something was amiss.  They played fine, and seemed to enjoy themselves well enough, so I participated and just pretended it was a normal show.  I also had to pretend I hadn't had a completely repulsive dream about the vocalist the night before.  Seriously, don't talk about a band right before going to bed.  You might just have a dream you want desperately to forget, and continually have flashbacks about it while watching the guy perform.  Oh, and Shou was adorable.  He might be the most adorable drummer ever.  I hope he finds another band soon.

Unfortunately, here's where the show takes a turn for the worst.  Any mild enjoyment I may have gotten out of the show up until that point was about to do a complete 180.

See, I needed either MEIJBRAY or DIAURA to play next, if this shit was gonna work.  I had a feeling I could stay up until the last band, so I needed that last band to not be MEJIBRAY or DIAURA.  But then MelJay pointed out that, during the warm up and sound check, there were two distinct guitars playing.


Neither MEJIBRAY nor DIAURA has a second guitarist.  God............ damnit.  My mood completely crashed as I realized my grip on the show's success was slipping.

The next band up is DuelJewel:

Sans their vocalist, who's out with throat problems.  As you can imagine, this was really strange looking.  DuelJewel kept the two guitarists on the right and left, and put the bassist in the middle in front of the microphone stand where the vocalist would've been.  The guitarist on stage left was also wearing a large, cardboard cutout image of the vocalist taped to his coat, and he gave it an affectionate pat occasionally.  Which was... odd, though I understand that it probably feels really creepy to be onstage without your vocalist.  Then the band had pre-recorded tracks of the vocalist singing all the songs, and even had some pre-recorded tracks of him yelling specifically for Takadanobaba AREA.  The stage-right guitarist provided some of the extra screaming himself.  Anyways, the band itself was fine.  The music was enjoyable enough (after 15+ years, it damn well should be, lol), and the performance was enjoyable.  Unfortunately, I was thoroughly miserable as I began to realize things might not work out.  I was really counting on DuelJewel to go at the end.  I wish I'd known ahead of time that the vocalist is out sick (according to the internet, it was announced the vocalist would be out of activities a few weeks ago, but I think this was the first show he didn't actually attend).  Had I known something was wrong with DuelJewel, I never would've attempted the show.  Bands with missing members always get demoted to an earlier segment of the show, even if the band is over fifteen years old.

But wait!  There's hope!  If the next band was MEJIBRAY or DIAURA, there would still be a chance!  I had one more shot at this before everything went to hell!

Except everything did go to hell.  In ways I never could've imagined.

Today, this blog meets DACCO:

If you're a Dacco fan, I apologize for all the things I'm about to say.  Or maybe I don't.  

No, I really don't.

For those of you blissfully unaware of Dacco's existence, it's the new project of Yura-sama and Lida of the popular cosplay band Psycho le Cému.  Now, if you think I hated Dacco because they effectively fucked me over by not playing at the end like a couple of guys from a band formed in 1999 should, you'd be wrong.  I hated Dacco because they fucking suck.  And I apologize if I sound grouchy.  Actually, no, I still don't.

Near as I can tell, Dacco consists of two idiots singing on stage in stupid outfits while some other idiots in track suits dance around like *NSYNC backup dancers high on pixie sticks.  Rather than talking about the qualities Dacco has, let's talk about the qualities Dacco doesn't have:

1. Instruments
2. Musicians
3. Talent

I mean, did I seriously pay 3000 fucking yen to see a children's television show performance of American Idol?  Did I pay 3000 yen to see dancing?


I paid 3000 yen to see fucking bands playing fucking music on stage with fucking instruments.  Since Dacco had none of those things, I instead paid 3000 yen to sit on the floor with my face buried in my knees. 

The audience's reaction was shockingly mixed, considering.  Usually, it seems like even the most hardened of hard-rock loving indies audiences will suddenly start vomiting rainbows and dancing happily the moment something like Dacco takes the stage.  That wasn't the case this time.  About half the audience loved it and went along with it, and the other half just stood there, looking completely unimpressed.  One particularly gothic-looking girl sat down for about thirty seconds before suddenly getting up and storming out of the venue.  My hero.  I think even for some of the indies fans who enjoy oshare-kei music, Dacco was simply too much.

Look, if shit like Dacco wants to go play with shit like Awake over at some oshare-shit concert, fucking go for it.  Some people love that kind of music, and that's their right, and I have no problem with that.  To each his own, live and let live, etc.  But shoving something like Dacco in the middle of a show with things like Velbet and MEJIBRAY is borderline insulting.  Only two bands have ever pissed me off so much that I wanted to undo seeing them, and that was PIECElang, and Smoky Flavor, who I hated so much, I wouldn't even put their picture on the blog.  But Dacco wins.  Dacco was actually worse than PIECElang and Smoky Flavor.  So congratulations, Dacco, you now take the top spot in Worst Acts Kita Has Ever Seen.  To congratulate them (and at Ashley's request), I present to you an improved picture of Dacco:

Yes, I consider a mullet fit punishment.
After Dacco, I was so unhappy, I didn't even bother to get up when they finally left the stage (during which I could hear MelJay and Ashley next to me going, "please leave, please leave, please leave" over and over).  At that point, some bitchy girls tapped me on the shoulder and asked for my spot.  Blearily, I stood up and just let them have it.  I didn't even care anymore.  I knew how the band order was going to go now.

Next band up is MEJIBRAY:

Now with 50% more Star of Satan, and just as few articles of clothing.
Uuuuuuuuuuuuuh, I don't know.  I was only half paying attention.  Seemed like they were in a pretty good mood, though (I'm telling you, they spiked the water backstage.  Either that or ALSDEAD, Velbet, and MEJIBRAY all got into Dacco's pixie stick bag.  The show started with Meto rising zombie-style out of his wheelchair (which made Ashley laugh, lol).  And, unless I'm insane, he did something to the eyes of his teddy bear.  See how, in the picture above, the teddy bear has black eyes?  They didn't look like that at the show.  They were white and weird-looking, like he ripped them out or something.  Anyways, overall, the band just seemed really happy.  In fact, Koichi actually smiled at one point.  Koichi, one of the most transparently moody performers I've ever seen, actually smiled (with his teeth!).  Of course, he immediately yanked his face back into an appropriately indifferent pout, but for a moment there it was like a ray of sunlight came down on the stage.  Uuuuum... they played a song I didn't recognize that I liked a lot better then some of the stuff they've been putting out.  Like, they played Karma and KILLING ME, for example, and I find both of those songs rather annoying after the first couple listens (especially Karma...  Any time I vent my frustrations about MEJIBRAY to MelJay, I start going, "Ka-ru-ma!  Ka-ru-ma!" in the most annoying voice possible to make fun of it).  But the new song didn't make me cringe at any point, so that's a good sign.  I know MEJIBRAY just put out another single, but I haven't listened to it yet.  However, I've seen positive comments about it online, so that's good.  I was starting to feel a little hopeless about MEJIBRAY, thinking they were going to ultimately disappoint me, but I'm going to give them a couple more releases before deciding.  Overall, it was a really fun performance, even though MEJIBRAY only got four songs, compared to the five or six songs all the other bands got (why was MEJIBRAY after DuelJewel and Dacco, again?).  The show ended with Meto wandering towards stage left, staring at something for awhile, and then collapsing to the floor.

Next band up is DIAURA:

Now with 50% more red filters.

Hahaha, just kidding, I fucking left.

If you were excited to read about DIAURA and felt very disappointed that you couldn't, welcome to my Sunday night.  I probably could've stayed for a song or two, but that would've been soooo much more painful, so I just bailed after MEJIBRAY.  It was already 8:45, and raining. 

Of course.

I said goodbye to Ashley, and MelJay wound up coming with me, since she was worried she'd have to leave during DIAURA too.

Of course, I was so unhappy at that point, I couldn't even listen to music on the way home because it was too frustrating.  I mean, I'm seeing DIAURA this weekend, so it's not like the world's ending here, but the realization of my limitations was rather upsetting.  I tried something new on a Sunday, and it completely failed.  And that sucks.  Reality's a bitch.  I paid 3000 yen, the main reason being to see DIAURA, and instead I saw Dacco.  If that experience was put on a loop, it would be one of Dante's stages of Hell.  The real funny part is that I said "DIAURA" when the ticket collector asked what band I came to see, which means DIAURA got an extra portion of my ticket money, and I didn't even get to see them.  Maybe my wasted ticket money can help Kei pay for cat food.

The other thing I'm worried about: why did DIAURA headline at a "PS Company presents" event...?  Is PSC scouting DIAURA........?  Because I don't want that.  I really, really don't want that.  Things... things happen to bands that join PSC.  But let's just assume it's a coincidence, and hopefully the whole thing will just blow over.

Anyways, according to Ashley, DIAURA also seemed to be in a good mood (pixie sticks, I'm tellin' ya) and put on a very good show, although the audience wasn't nearly as responsive as usual.  She also said yo-ka tried to strangle Shoya at one point, hahaha.  Those two need a referee, I swear.  Oh, and I guess yo-ka has wavy hair right now.  And they played that weird, poppy song with the weird furi that I mentioned last time.  Damnit, I wanted to see that again.

Well, whatever.  I tried.  I failed.  I learned my lesson.  Between the ticket money, and the extra $20 I pay for the taxi ride home after Sunday concerts, it was an expensive lesson too.  But at least I learned to never trust DIAURA not to headline, and that Dacco is the worst thing ever and needs to be avoided at all costs, but can be improved with mullets and mustaches.

Anyways, the show I'm seeing on Saturday looks pretty good, so hopefully that'll be a much more positive experience.  See you then!


  1. Why don't I get a snazzy code name? But I still love you for drawing that picture. And if they ever dare to come on stage at the same show as DIAURA again, I will come after them with a chainsaw, I swear. Also, yo-ka didn't try to actually strangle Shoya, he just kinda... grabbed his neck and wouldn't let go... and held on tighter when Shoya tried to move away... Ah, let them fight, it's entertaining.

  2. So... would you like a snazzy code name...? You can choose one, if you want. Just make sure it's a good one, cuz it's foreeeever, lol. And you're right, yo-ka and Shoya are funnier without a referee. Let's see who survives the band the longest, lol.

  3. Hello, this is you're stalker talking.
    XD just kidding. I've just read your blog... for... erm, since just before I went to Japan first time in 2010 I think haha. Anyway, I'm in Tokyo for an unknown amount of time, I'll study until January next year and after that I don't know yet. I just wanted to give a shout out I guess xD < insert cheese >You seem like a really nice person. < /insert >

    Anyway.. I was planning on going to this show but it turned out differently. I feel okay about it now, since the main reason I wanted to go there was to see para:noir before they disband. But if the audience is boring it gets... boring. And if I would be the only hyped up person (on top of that foreignDAMDAMDAM) it would just be.. awkward.. haha.

    I hope I'm not freaking you out by this, bye! XD

  4. Hi, pinku! Nice to meet an old stalker, lol! And, for the most part, Para:noir has a pretty good crowd. The audience might be kinda depressed cuz of Para:noir breaking up, but it's still a pretty exciting show. If you get the chance to see them before they break up, you totally should! :-D And if you ever see me at a show and want to say hi, I promise I don't bite, lol!

  5. I think bands like MEJIBRAY,DIAURA,Voice and L&DS just have good connections and even better managers,that's why they are so close to the headlining band.

  6. I think that's what it is too. Bands have to pay more to headline, so they have to have people in charge of them who can afford it, and know how to get it. In the case of DIAURA, they're Galaxy's ONLY band, so Galaxy can spoil the hell out of them (as opposed to when Valluna was under heretic sound music and Yukika had to spread his attention across five or six bands - although he spoiled Valluna like crazy even then). As for MEJIBRAY, their "good connections" seem to be a new thing. At the beginning, they were always at the beginning and pushed under the rug, and now they're suddenly always at the end. It makes me wonder what suddenly changed... O_o

  7. Sounds like the bands were in high energy mode. Pixies sticks and red bull perhaps?

    Hm.....luck, money, preseverence? Who knows I suppose for the sudden change...

  8. Pixie sticks, Red Bull, and coffeeeeeeee, lol.

  9. oh no:( that`s too bad u had to miss DIAURA. Your blogs are aways so interesting though^^

    Last time I went to Tokyo, before starting to read your blog, I couldn`t find any concerts I wanted to go to because I had lost interest in/knew none of the current indies bands. Now I have so many I must limit myself. I blame you, really. lol

  10. Kita, that's good to hear. ^^ I'm really, reeeaally torn if I wanna go to Lycaon's show the 19th with Paranoir, it's just that I have finals that week haha. On top of that I guess they won't have that much stage time with 12012 and Lin at the same live... <.< It'll probably be sold out before I make up my mind though XD my wallet will be thankful. There are too many concert's I wanna go to this month.

    If I see you sometime I'll say hi! ^^ my one and only concert partner is leaving me in may so it would be really nice to meet new friendly faces :P

  11. @lovetoday: When I returned to Japan after a year back in the states, I felt the same way! All the bands I used to enjoy had broken up or vanished, and I didn't think there was anything left to see! I used DIAURA as a jumping-off point just cuz they came from Valluna, and I looked for bands that used to play at shows with bands I liked, to see if they'd "magnet" some good stuff for me to find. It took awhile, but I definitely feel like my VK cup is full again, lol! But I'm glad my blog was able to help you find some of the bands you want to see! :-D With indies, there's always something worth seeing, you just gotta sift through all the crap for awhile, lol.

    @pinku: I went to my first concert in Japan on my first day of school, so I'm not someone who will say, "don't go cuz of finals" lol. My policy is "if I wanna go, I go." But you probably shouldn't take my advice, hahaha. I'm not the most responsible person in the world XD

  12. Kita, well I'm the same as you then. Haha. Although I try to be responsible.. but mostly fail. I'm already going to an alice nine concert the 22nd so I feel that missing out on ANOTHER night that week is just stupid, but we'll see XD I'll probably go on the one the 24th instead. Another ps company present without any psc bands.. lol XD maybe they mistook velbet for gazette... eeheeeeheheee/lame joke

  13. It's alright, my friends and I made the same Velbet joke, lol XD But seriously, PSC, what the hell is this crap, lol?!!

  14. @pinku I`m going to the psc concert on the 24th!!!! If you go maybe we`ll run into each other lol. I`m mostly going to see Dolly:) and Lycaon. And.. hmm I forgot who else.. oh yeah, black gene for the next scene. I wonder if this concert is gonna get sold out?? My ticket # is pretty high...

    At this moment I have three concerts planned for the one week I will be in Tokyo. I should probably stop there.

  15. This is a little off topic, but you guys were talking previously up there^^ about good managers, and how DIAURA is Galaxy`s only band. I got a hilarious/surprising message from Galaxy`s youtube channel. I think cause I commented on their Terror`s pv? They took down the pv so they said

    `Thank you for always cheering DIAURA of GALAXY company.
    I am sorry for unskillful English.
    Please do not abuse and reproduce PV of TERRORS`

    If they were sending messages to everyone that`s some good personal service right there!! ^^

  16. Lol, my blog is becoming a meet-up spot XD

    Anyways, that DIAURA thing is HILARIOUS. I didn't even know anyone on the GALAXY staff spoke any English, lol. Some bands' managers are out in the open and walk around talking to fans and stuff, but GALAXY's staff is kinda always in the shadows, lol. But really, they shouldn't be saying someone who commented on a video "abused" or "reproduced" the video. It was GALAXY's own fault they let the video get leaked before it was released, lol. It was a mistake on their part, and I understand why they took the PV down, but it's not the fault of someone who commented on it, lol. It was just a silly misunderstanding on everyone's part. But seriously, DIAURA are so spoiled. Personalized messages....... geez......... XD On the other hand, the staff has dragged yo-ka to restaurants with only spicy food, and he can't handle it at all and can't even eat it, so maybe they're not completely spoiled. Then again, the staff also made printer paper with yo-ka's picture on it, so..........

  17. Lovetoday, we'll see how it goes xD the tickets will probably be sold out before I make up my mind haha. ò.Ó which other concerts are you going to? ^^ last time I was here I went to two concerts in the week I was here, so I know the feeling XD

    Kita, sorry for abusing your blog haha XD

    About DIAURA's staff, I smell translation program xD
    but either way that is indeed a lot of trouble to go through for that purpose only, haha.

  18. Abuse away! Comments are a free-zone in my opinion, lol. So long as people aren't writing things like... I dunno, my address, or Nazi propaganda, I don't really care what happens down here, lol.

  19. The comment sections are getting so long.. lol

    I will see DIAURA ^^ on the 26th at Takadanobaba AREA. A little crazy since I don't have much interest in the other bands playing that night... but there's only 5 anyways, so maybe they'll have more playing time.
    On the 1st I will go to Ikebukuro Cyber. Again there's mostly only one band I'm interested in... lol but I'm dying to see them. *Annie's black*

    I think Galaxy might have used a translation program! I tried reverse-translating it and it seemed to make sense in Japanese. Very formal Japanese. But yeah, still good personal service:)

  20. Hey, I've only just started poking around on your blog after finding out how many Gallo shows you go to, haha.
    And this entry seriously made me chuckle. I get your frustration -- and I completely agree with you about DACCO. I haven't seen them but I've had similar thoughts about other bands, like if I wanted to watch a children's show, I'd turn on the TV at 8 am. Not pay to go to a VK live. But this happens.

    When you said you were seeing DIAURA this weekend, were you at Kinema? I was there! I live pretty far away but trek down to Tokyo on occasion. So -- I definitely understand your pain about Sunday shows. They suck.

  21. @lovetoday: Aaaah, I wish I could see DIAURA on a Monday! Have fun!!!

    @Ku: Hey, I was totally at Kinema this weekend! I bet I saw you there! I was the girl with the curly hair wearing a bright red-and-black-striped top. I was with a really tall girl and another curly-haired girl. Where were you? I tend to look around the crowd a lot, so I'm sure I saw you, lol. The show was pretty crazy, wasn't it? Like, I spent as much time laughing as I did rocking out XD I just started working on the post about it, lol.

  22. We probably saw you guys! We definitely saw other foreigners, at least. I just get really shy about talking to other foreigners at shows after some bad experiences with girls snipping at me for it, so my friends and I stuck to ourselves! I was with three others, including a reaaaally tall skinny girl. We were in the front third row for N@H, Megaromania, and Lycaon, then mostly over by the bar speakers for the rest of the show.

    It was a great show! Fabulous. I wrote a tiny post about it, too, but I don't really go into the detail you do. I'd gone for Kenzi without having any idea what was going to happen, so that was... weird, to say the least. XD
    I'll check out your post when you get it up!

  23. I know which one you were :-3 Sorry, I'm not a spy, I just tend to find the audience as interesting as the show, especially if the band is boring me, hahaha. But wow, you've been snipped at? By Japanese girls, or foreigners? Hmmmm... that's not nice. At the very least, if the audience members don't wanna talk, there are ways to handle it other than being rude. Sometimes indies fans are so frustrating >__< But I understand. I don't usually approach people at shows either cuz I'm always worried I'll annoy them or something, lol. You can't tell who's a bitch until it's too late XD

    But yes, I remember after Kenzi I had a handful of coins, (I didn't know it was Kenzi, by the way, and realizing it while writing the post was like bwuuuuh?!), so I sneaked past you and your tall friend to put them away, lol. I only remember that cuz I didn't know if you guys spoke Japanese or English or some other language, so I just said "sumimasen" and hoped for the best, hahaha.

    But yeah, the show was great! I'm over halfway done with writing the post, so it should be up soon ^___^

    1. I'm not worried; it's usually pretty easy to pick the other foreigners out of the crowd! Most of the Japanese fans I've talked to have been nice. Most..! But I meant foreigners. Even just smiling at others on the street in Tokyo sometimes gets me deathglares, and I'm pretty shy as it is.

      I don't remember you ducking by us! But I can be completely oblivious. And I was drinking around that time anyway, which doesn't help..
      We all speak English, but two of the girls are Dutch and one is British, and I'm American, so all very different kinds of English.

      Cool! Looking forward to it. ^^

    2. Has the "reply" button always been there, and I'm just an idiot, or is that new? Because if that's always been there, then I officially fail at everything ever. Despite what the blog would have you believe, sometimes I'm incredibly unobservant =__=

      But yeah, I know what you mean about other foreigners. I went to a show at Shinjuku HOLIDAY on Christmas, and these foreigners in the combini next to the venue glared at me like I'd murdered their children. I was so shocked, I just gaped at them in disbelief. I mean, what the hell did I do?! I'm sorry for existing! Everyone needs to learn how to coexist, lol.

    3. ...and I didn't see this, either, so I'm just as bad, haha!
      Yeah, it's like that. My friends and I liken it to a "GET OUT OF -MY- JAPAN!" sentiment. Like... really guys? We have the same interests, obviously, why can't we get along!

  24. Kita, the reply button has always been there! XD

    I bought tickets for the paranoir show on monday at takadanobaba area=D yaaay. I don't understand why that one isn't sold out yet, but my nr is almost 260 something so I guess it maybe will be.

    We should make up some kind of secret sign to make sure that we know each other first, so we don't get our heads chopped off if we should accidentally say hi to the wrong person, lol XD how silly of people to be unfriendly.. geez.

    1. Woooooooooooow. I'm a dumbass. Fuuuuuuuu.

      Ah, Takadanobaba AREA goes up to at least 450 tickets, lol. Looks like it won't sell out. Probably for the best, though. If it's too crowded, it's kinda annoying, lol. But yaaaay, success!

      And the secret sign would have to be something really stupid, like doing a headstand, lol.

    2. Haha XD

      Reeaally? 450?! I wonder if that is fireproof lol
      But yeah, it will most likely not be too crowded then x3 I like that, because then you can walk out during break and go back in without too much trouble. ^^''

      Oh yeah, a handstand sounds like a great idea hahah.

    3. I've been at AREA shows that sold out at around 450, and it's so crowded you can't sit, move, or breathe. It's torture =__= I like it best when I can run away from bands I don't like, lol.

  25. Hi! My name is Jessica and I was wondering if you will be attending the Mejibray concert on 8/31? I've read some of your Mejibray posts and they said that the fans kinda suck? Is that true for all of their concerts? Because I think their music is really awesome. Also do you know what stuff each member likes? I know Koichi likes Spongebob lol. I'm from Seattle, WA so I was planning on getting some University of Washington souvenirs haha. Not sure if that is good enough...

    1. Hello, Jessica ^__^ Nice to see you on the blog!

      Hmm, so far, I'm not planning on going to the 8/31 show because I have work that day. I mean, sometimes I change my mind last minute and go to Friday shows, but so far I haven't made any plans to attend 8/31. As for the fans, well... yes, it's true they can really suck. But Peachy's gone to a few MEJIBRAY shows lately that I haven't gone to, and she says the fans have been a little bit friendlier lately, like they've kinda mellowed out and gotten the stick out of their asses. One-man shows, in general, are smoother than event shows, because fans at event shows feel like they have to "show off" to the fans of other bands. So one-man shows are more fun, in my opinion. Most likely, everyone at the MEJIBRAY one-man will be pretty chill. As long as you enjoy yourself, I'm sure nobody will bother you! Just have fun :-)

      As for the members, um..... wow, I really don't know much about them. Meto writes his blog in code, so I have no idea what he likes. MiA is only about twenty years old, so he might like "youthful" things. Koichi likes colorful stuff a lot. Tsuzuku...... I have no clue, lol. But stuff from the University of Washington would probably be interesting to them! In Japan, people really enjoy getting foreign souvenirs, so I'm sure that's fine. It's "unique", after all!

      I hope you have fun at the show!!! It'll be great! Are you here for travel, or vacation, or are you studying abroad...?

    2. If you do end up going to the 8/31 show please let me know:) I hope the concert will be really fun~ Is it possible to ask people if I can move closer up before the show starts? Or is it better to do that during the concert? Do you also know if the merchandise is sold before or after the concert at Black Hole? You are so lucky you have been to so many concerts! I love reading your blog haha. Are you from the US originally?
      I am going for vacation but I plan to study abroad in Tokyo Autumn quarter of 2013 so next fall:) So you're an English teacher in Japan? That's so cool!!! Haha maybe when I study there I can contact you and we can go to concerts together! Lol!

    3. Oh yeah I was also wondering if you have any Gazette or Born merchandise you are willing to sell? I asked someone where I can get their merchandise but I won't be able to make any of their concerts sadly so I won't be able to get much merchandise... But she said to go to Like an Edison for Gazette stuff but she wasn't too sure for Born merchandise. Which store do you recommend: Like an Edison Shinjuku, Zeal Link Shibuya, or Zeal Link Shinjuku, or are there any other stores you recommend? She also said Closet Child was a good place? Where did you preorder you Gazette Dision CD if you have preordered it? Haha sorry for flooding you with questions!

    4. Hehe sorry for more questions but... I read on your earlier posts that you attended Sophia University!??? I also plan to apply to Sophia University study abroad program!!!! And your host father was a Sophia professor! That's so cool! I really hope I can get accepted:) If I do, it would be so cool to meet you! Do you have a Facebook or email that's more convenient for you to check?

    5. No problem, I'll try to answer all your questions!

      Well, for the 8/31 show, people tend to not really ask if they can more forward. Everyone just takes the best spot they can get for their ticket number. But it's okay to be a little bit pushy if your spot's really bad and everyone around you doesn't seem that interested. If you see an opening a few rows ahead, just squeeze between people. Just not too much, or they get mad. But, generally speaking, people just stick with whatever spot they can get. However, if people push forward or an opening comes up during the show, just go for it. If everyone suddenly runs forward or something, no one will notice if you jump ahead eight rows, lol. I dunno if MEJIBRAY fans will really do that though. It'll depend on the crowd.

      As for GazettE or BORN merch... Actually, I don't think I own a single thing from The GazettE, lol. I'm kind of a cheapskate, to tell the truth. And I don't own much for BORN, other than the couple things I use at shows (like my towel). But any indies shops in Tokyo will sell tons of GazettE merch, and probably some BORN merch too. If you go to the Like an Edison in Shinjuku, there's a store only a minute away called Jishuban Club that sells tons of used merchandise, and they always have a lot of GazettE, and I've seen BORN stuff there too (especially postcards). Jishuban Club is probably your best bet. There's also a Closet Child down the street from it, but they don't really sell JRock stuff there. Instead, I recommend the Closet Child in Ikebukuro for that, over by Sunshine City. The Zeal Links in Shinjuku and Shibuya are so-so. They're kinda small. The one in Shinjuku's 0101 One has BORN's Vigour costumes on display now, though, so you might wanna check that out! And I didn't order the GazettE CD, but you can probably preorder it at or

      As for me, yes, I'm from the U.S. originally ^__^ And I did attend Sophia! I hope you get in - the school's only a 5 minutes train ride from Shinjuku, lol. Anyways, if you'd like to contact me, I check my email account everyday, so feel free to send me a message! I can answer any questions you have, and find out if we're going to the same shows, hehe. I bet we'll run into each other ^_~