Friday, March 9, 2012

That Feeling...

...when it's a Friday, and you've been sitting in a staff room for hours staring at the increasingly boring world of the internet and thinking, "what if I was at a concert right now...?"

Actually, I just have really itchy fingers.  Which do I love more, going to concerts, or writing about concerts?  We may never know.  Let's say it's 50/50.  Sometimes I wish I had something else to write about in addition to concerts, so that I'd have something to write about at times like this, when it's not yet the weekend, and I'm antsy, and I want to go home, and the internet's boring, and my fingers are itchy.

I guess that's why the occasional video game review or rant appears on here.  But what do I do at a time like this, when I have a massive buildup of words but nothing to say?

Normally, I would draw.  Can't do that here.  Can't listen to music.  I'm writing a story in a closed window, but the dialogue format makes it too suspicious, so I only write a few sentences at a time.









Well, that was useless.

I wish I had a writing job, like for a magazine or a newspaper, or even a website.  Then this wouldn't be such a problem..............


  1. lol i feel ya. At my main school my computer is in the back corner, so as long as my JTE is busy, I can do anything and no one can see hehehe.
    But this Tuesday I have a whole day of nothing.... and at that school I'm stuck in the middle where everyone can see what I am doing. So I will probably just have to study Japanese... for 8 hours lol

  2. My computer is ALWAYS where everyone can see it =___= I swear it's a conspiracy against me, though I've heard it was my predecessor's fault somehow. Nonetheless, I do whatever I want. I know i shouldn't, and it makes me look like a jackass, but it's that or I go psychotic. I mean, the school already agreed I could stay another year, so I guess they're not that sore with me for spending all day on Facebook and blog-writing. Every now and then I study Japanese or make a worksheet to throw them off the scent, but generally I'm just dicking around, and they know it *sigh* I'm an useless employee XD

  3. Psst!

    We take concert reports, too. So if you're not opposed to journalism...

    1. Are you a staff member for Shattered Tranquility? I actually looked at that recruiting post one time, but I was hesitant to do anything without being able to ask someone who knew more about it. Would you, perchance, be such a person...? :-3

    2. That I am :D Do you have MSN or AIM? Those are the two I usually use!

    3. Whoooa, now I'm self-conscious, hahaha. Hmmm... I used to have AIM, but I think I lost it when I got a new computer... What to do, what to do... Is email too inconvenient? Probably, lol XD If so, I could probably just download AIM again XP