Thursday, April 19, 2012

Food and Flowers

Y'all like food and flowers, right?  I mean, food and flowers are pretty awesome things.  I would like to share those things with you.

First thing's first, food.  I got to go to the army base near Tokyo with some friends of mine recently, and they have a cafeteria with American fast food.  Frankly, I never liked fast food in the states, but when you've been gone this long, you start to crave it anyways.  I was excited to discover that this place had...

1) Taco Bell with volcano tacos:


2) Pepperoni pizza (which I drenched in awesome hot pepper):

3) Holy mother of Cinnabon:

On the Japanese side of things, Mister Donuts is selling sakura doughnuts!

I also discovered this drink:

As for non-food related things... it's cherry blossom season.  I felt like a total tool taking these pictures like a goddamn tourist, but the flowers were there, and my camera was in my purse, so I sighed and took 'em anyways.

Thumb fail.
I suck at taking pictures...
This is the elementary school near my apartment.  WHO THE HELL LET ME TAKE PICTURES WITH MY PHONE?!!
Alright, here's a sakura picture taken with my actual camera:

Yaaaaay!  I finally took a good picture!  Juxtaposed with the old, abandoned train.  I'm officially an ARTIST.
Also, this is what I do to my face when I'm extraordinarily bored:


Hope you enjoyed!

See y'all next time!


  1. I'm..... I'm.. what... what is a volcano taco?! XD
    It looks poisonous hahah xD

    And speaking of sakura donuts, I'm gonna miss the sakura season in the food/drink department >: I love it.

    1. Voclano tacos are extra spicy tacos ^__^ They had them in the states when I left, so I was excited that the one on the base has them too! I think there's extra spice in the meat or something. Although, honestly, they're still not nearly spicy enough for me. First time I tried them, my friend couldn't even finish it, but I was dumping Fire sauce on it. I still do, lol XD

      And I'm gonna miss sakura season toooooo T____T I eat sakura yogurt every morning for breakfast. What will I do when it's over?!! ;___;

      And I removed the below comment because I forgot the "reply" button exists again. I'm so stupid XD

    2. Haha I figured as much xD but, they are sooo red! XD like.. more red than chilly. I can't handle spicy food at all. My stomach dies when I eat food with too much spices in it. Sometimes it doesn't even have to be spicy at all.. o.O but I'm sure that taco would kill me XD

      I knoow right! All sakura things I've tasted are really tasty, and especially the yogurt. I don't really like any other yogurt than that one here. At least not none that I've found so far except the natural one, and that gets boring after a while xD Ah well, we'll just have to cope I guess. D:

    3. To be honest, I don't remember the volcano tacos being quiiiite so red in the states. Like, they were red, but not LAVA red, lol. I was a little surprised when I unwrapped it!

      And I agree on the yogurt. In Japan, I basically eat the completely plain yogurt, or sakura yogurt. It's not even that I don't like the others, it's just... I like the plain and sakura so much more, lol. I just hope sakura season stays through May... :-/

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  3. yummmmmm tasty food. I love spicy food. I don't really have anything interesting to say but I'm incredibly bored cause I have zero classes... just sitting around... But I get paid for it, so I really shouldn't complain. I wanna try sakura donuts! yum yum yum. I think cherry blossom season is pretty much over here in Kochi. I didn't even really get the chance to go see any *sigh*

  4. Wow, those sakura trees are bigger than the ones I was able to see around my area. My school is surrounded by sakura, but they never really got that pretty this year. I think it's because we had a really crazy storm with strong winds right when they were finishing blooming and the wind blew lots of the blossoms away :-/

  5. Whoah that Taco looks dangerous O-o. You have awesome hair btw. ^-^.

    1. Lol, really?! Thank you!!! I always get such mixed reactions to my hair, lol. Some people think it looks like a disaster, and other people think it's cute, and some people think it looks like it needs to be brushed, and some people think it's "pretty" cuz of the ringlets. No one ever seems to agree on my hair, lol. I'm glad you like it! It's nice to hear a positive comment about it for once, lol XD

  6. Unrelated comment is unrelated -- are you going to the event live on 5/12? A friend and I are making arrangements to go for GALLO and LuLu; it'd be cool to see you! :D

    1. 5/12.... I bet that's the event MelJay mentioned to me yesterday. We were discussing upcoming shows, and she said there was something on 5/12 that might be good enough to go to (although she didn't mention what was playing). The only thing is, we have one of BORN's themed one-mans the next day, which is usually the equivalent of a four-day marathon run in about two hours, so we were worried an event the day before might make us too tired to properly lose our shit at BORN. But we didn't rule out 5/12 either. Ya know what, I'll bring it up to MelJay again, and Peachy, and see what they think. We might make a last minute decision to go to the 5/12 show. I'll let you know when we've decided ^____^ I'd like to see you too!!!

  7. That drink looks goooood. What is it?
    You have wonderful hair :)

    1. Aaaah, I'm trying to remember where I got the drink. It was at a fancy cafe in Shibuya, on the way to Tower Records, I think. It was limited time, but I believe it was some kind of rasberry mocha! I should go back and see if they still have it! And I'm glad you like my hair! I always get some mixed opinions on my hair, lol, so it's nice to hear a positive one XD