Thursday, June 21, 2012

Can't Sleep...

I know I should sleep... I have a cold to get over... and I need to get over it by Friday...

Because UnsraW's on Friday...

But that's why I can't sleep T_______T

Life's a cruel bitch like that.

I'm looking at cute animal pictures to pass the time.

Baby skunks are fucking adorable:


  1. Boo, I hope you recover in time for the concert.
    Can't baby skunks spray???

    1. I don't think I'll be fully recovered, but good enough =__=

      And baby skunks can start spraying by the time they're eight days old! Most likely, the skunk in the picture is a domesticated pet skunk, and may have had its glands removed. Some people keep them as pets like that. I've heard they're very much like cats, lol.

  2. Hope you get well soon! Here's a picture of a baby hedgehog XD

    1. Aaaaaaaaaaah, so you cute!!! *squiggle* Thank you!!!