Friday, June 15, 2012

DIAURA One-Man, 6/9

Today’s band is DIAURA:

And I have to warn you, this show wasn’t their best, so don’t expect an excited, smiley review.  This one might be a little depressing.

But there were some shenanigans before the show, so I’ll talk about that first to start off on a light note.  The show was at Takdanobaba AREA, so we decided to just spend the day over there.  Takadanobaba (or just ‘baba, as people call it) isn’t the most interesting place in the world, but you can have adventures there if you know where to look.

We started off by eating at Royal Host.  I know I’ve said this before, but that place is seriously delicious.  Some of the most amazing kara-age (a kind of fried chicken) ever.  And they have amazing tea selections to choose from, and fancy desserts.  So we ate there, but we could only waste a couple hours before feeling like we’d over-stayed our welcome (even though half the people in the restaurant had been there for hours and were just studying or chatting, rather than eating).  So at that point, we moved on to a nearby arcade.

I’d actually just been to an arcade with some friends of mine in Gunma the day before, so I knew they had an awesome zombie-pirate-fighting game right now, which I made sure to tell my friends about.  It’s one of those games where two people sit on the bench and it shakes around while you fire fake guns at the screen.  Being a pirate game, it also had a fake pirate ship steering wheel.  Peachy and I decided to play it, while MelJay took embarrassing photos:

I'm on a boat, motherfucker!
Ahahahaha, eat my laser, zombie pirates!!!


Also, I’m sure I’ve made this clear plenty of times on this blog, but Japan’s a ridiculous place.  A ridiculous place where a couple of teenage boys will slip inside a purikura photo booth and fall asleep on each other.  Because why the fuck not, I guess:

Seems like a good spot for a nap.
That face says we're not doing so good.
Oh for fuck's sake.
We didn’t even make it to the first boss (a giant kraken) like my Gunma friends did, lol.  Better luck next time.

They also had claw machines with adorable bunny stuffed animals that kinda look like Gloomy Bears except waaaay cuter.  I already own a small black bunny that I won from a claw machine a few months ago, but MelJay wanted to win one of the larger black ones in the machine because their ears have zippers that turn them into badass pencil cases.  So MelJay used the technique we’ve learned where you essentially bludgeon the stuffed animal on the head with the claw until you knock it loose and win.  Unfortunately, in the midst of beating this bunny senseless, MelJay caught it between two other stuffed animals in a tragic martyr pose.  I almost died laughing.  I just had to get a picture of this:

"My kingdom is not an earthly kingdom."
Eventually, MelJay won (partially because an employee felt bad and helped adjust the bunny into a better position for her), and named the bunny Tsuzuku after Tsuzuku from MEJIBRAY, because the poor thing wound up in such a sad, miserable posture like Tsuzuku sometimes does during his performances.  Plus the bunny’s all in black.

After MelJay won, the employees set up a new bunny in a similar position, and it happened to be the adorable, pink leopard print one.  Of course, I just had to have it, and having watched MelJay’s technique, I had a pretty good idea of how to do it.  It only took me nine tries, for only 900 yen worth of coins (of course, the overly-friendly staff helped me readjust the bunny at one point too).   Seriously, 900 yen is a total steal for a stuffed animal of this size.  It would be twice that much in a store.  Anyways, I named the rabbit Jin!bunny after Jin, UnsraW’s ex-bassist.  Jin’s obsessed with leopard print to a degree I never believed possible (as in, everything he owns has leopard print on it, and his band mates are terrified of his house), so it seemed appropriate.  Jin!bunny says hi:

And so does Chaos, because he's all alone in the darkness that is his black, tainted soul.  Of darkness.
Anyways, by the time we were done killing zombie-pirates and winning bunnies, it was time to head off to the show.  We were way too early, and also it was raining, so we were basically the first people to join the line at the bottom of the hill.  We had pretty good ticket numbers for once (in the lower 100’s), so we knew we’d be able to be down on the first level.  DIAURA’s one of the only bands where I think it’s really good to be up near the front, because you never know when there will be a dog-pile, or something stupid like that.  For most bands it really doesn’t make that much of a difference.

Sooooo we got inside, and joined the front, although we had to go to the back of the front, because everyone was so spread out down there.  Sigh.  As usual, DIAURA was playing that really annoying, repetitive piano track that always plays before a one-man.  I think it’s supposed to sound ominous, but it mostly just gets on my nerves.  Even worse is that Valluna used to play a very similar piano track before shows, so I’ve had to deal with that stupid music for years.  My friends and I were debating what would be a better track, and I told them the opening theme, Bombing Mission, from Final Fantasy VII.  Fast forward to 1:10:

Right?!  Right?!!  My friends seemed skeptical, but c’moooon, wouldn’t you be so pumped for a show if that get-the-fuck-through-that-reactor-and-detonate-that-bomb music was playing?!

Aw, you guys suck, lol.

So blah blah blah, the show started.  They played projector footage on the curtain of a single cross tilted at an angle on a field against a gray sky (it’s also the cover of DIAURA’s newest single).  Then the sky turned red and dark.  There were a lot of camera-people filming, which isn’t good, because some people in the audience were giggling at the melodramatic opening.  I hope they edit that out later.  Then the venue pulled the curtain aside, and the band came onstage one-by-one.
Unfortunately, poor Yuu is still out with tendonitis.  Because of that, DIAURA’s been using a support drummer, who was nice enough to support them all the way through a one-man.  So today, let’s give a nice, warm welcome to Tatsuya, who’s filling in for Yuu:

Some of you might recognize Tatsuya as the drummer of the band Ronove.  So Tatsuya came on stage first, very quickly and quietly since he’s just support, but the audience cheered loudly for him anyways.  Which is good, because being a support member sucks, and those guys need all the cheering they can get. 

After Tatsuya was Kei, whose hair is now more purple than ever, but he dyed the purple over red, so his hair actually changes from crimson to violet depending on the lighting.  It’s super awesome.  He also kept his hair flat for once, which made him look like a sad kitten for some reason.  Then Shoya came on stage.  Since Shoya needs to be “avant-garde” about fashion all the time, he tied his long, sparkly sweater into a knot right under his crotch.  Last but not least was yo-ka, who re-dyed the orange in his hair to red, and then let it wash out for some reason.  Now it’s a dark, chestnut brown.  I’m not fond of it.  It doesn’t suit him at all.

So, I don’t have a setlist for this show and, as I warned at the end of the Signal post, DIAURA was pretty “off” at this one.  So I’m just gonna run through some highlights and troubles that the band had, and call it a day.

First of all, let’s talk about the trouble.  For whatever reason, yo-ka seemed very turned off at this show.  He was low-energy, uninterested in interacting with the crowd, and his MCs sounded scripted (even Shoya was glancing at him during MCs with this look on his face like, "ugh, shut up").  In fact, overall, I’d say he was waaaaay too rehearsed.  Of course, the bar for yo-ka is set pretty high; most vocalists performing the way yo-ka did at this one-man would be considered very good performers.  But knowing what yo-ka is normally like, the low energy was very obvious.  So why was yo-ka so “off” at this show?  There are several possibilities… 

For one thing, there were a lot of cameras, even some right there in the crowd zoomed in only on yo-ka.  It’s possible yo-ka was nervous, or trying too hard to put on the kind of show Galaxy wants to film.  Galaxy might have even told yo-ka to tone it down for the DVD.  I’ve noticed for quite some time that Galaxy’s been making a huge effort to squash as much Valluna out of DIAURA as possible.  On the one hand, it’s good to leave the old band behind and start fresh.  On the other hand, yo-ka seems less and less like himself lately.  So the cameras might’ve been a problem.

The other possibility is that yo-ka was sick.  He said on his blog not too long ago that he was sick and wasn’t sure he’d be fully recovered in time for the one-man.  Now, I’d buy that possibility a little more if I hadn’t seen yo-ka perform at the tail-end of the flu at another show.  That day, his complexion was gray and he seemed out of it at first, yet he still came through and put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen from him.  Besides, yo-ka’s sick all the time for some reason, and it doesn’t seem to affect him onstage for the most part.  He wasn’t sick enough to skip any shows recently (like he did with the flu), so how bad could it be?  So while I do think being sick might have had a little to do with yo-ka’s low energy level, I highly doubt that was the main problem.

Of course, an obvious possibility is that yo-ka was depressed about Yuu not being in there.  Offstage, yo-ka and Yuu are extremely close friends and have been friends the longest of anyone in the band (this is their third band together).  I think yo-ka was really hoping Yuu would be okay in time for the one-man.  Since Yuu wasn’t, maybe yo-ka was unhappy.  But I find that a rather unlikely possibility too, since yo-ka is way too good a performer to let something like that get in the way of the show.

The final possibility is the ugliest one (other than the possibility that Galaxy’s been smacking yo-ka on the nose with a newspaper like a dog, which is probably also true).  Okay, so here’s the scoop: a few weeks ago, yo-ka got very angry with his fans.  Very, very angry.  Now, yo-ka’s been known to fly off the handle on occasion and write rather scathing blog posts without really thinking, but this wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment thing.  He wrote one very angry post, and then wrote a second one the next day.  So he really thought about the situation before telling everyone off.  So what was he so mad about?  The circumstances aren’t entirely clear.  In the first post, he was angry at his fans for being mean to each other.  How he learned about this, I have no idea.  Did he see bullying occur during a show?  Did he read forums on the internet?  Did fans message him saying they were being bullied?  I really have no idea.  All I know is, yo-ka found out the fans were being hurtful towards each other, and he got furious.  Yo-ka said he couldn’t ask a large group of humans to love each other, but he at least expected the fans to act like civil adults.  As for the second post, that one was a little different.  That one involved yo-ka being furious about fans who won’t let go of Valluna (“how long will you drag Valluna behing you?” yo-ka asked).  I’m guessing there are people who say hateful things about DIAURA on the internet because they’re not Valluna.  Or maybe yo-ka got some hate-mail about the band not being enough like Valluna.  It also sounded like yo-ka was angry because old Valluna fans consider themselves vastly superior to fans who joined the fandom during DIAURA.  I guess yo-ka saw the Valluna-era fans having a big superiority complex about it and treating new fans like lesser people.  Whatever the circumstances, the point is, yo-ka was pissed off at his fans enough to make two very scathing posts about it with very angry language.

Now, granted, that was a few weeks ago, but that doesn't mean yo-ka’s over it.  There was a wall between him and the audience for a lot of the show, as if yo-ka wanted little to do with us.  He seemed distant, and far more interested in his band mates than the audience.  Is he still disillusioned with the fans?  I don’t know.  But if you combine that theory with yo-ka being sick, Yuu being absent, and Galaxy pulling puppet strings behind the cameras, and it all starts to make sense.

Anyways, now that that dismal discussion is over, let’s move on.  Um, let’s see… the band played a significantly lighter setlist, which was… kinda sad.  Seriously, is it because of the DVD?  Is Galaxy behind this?  I understand DIAURA’s significantly more marketable if they play “safe” and “easy” music, but… they’re starting to sound less like DIAURA, and more like a pop band.  It’s not that they didn’t play songs like DICTATOR or MASTER or DEAR RULER or an insanity, because they did, but… those songs are quickly becoming the minority.  Because of that the show was kinda… I can’t believe I’m saying this…


There was a patch of about five songs where I thought I was gonna lose my shit.  It was went from like two ballads to Lost November to a couple more songs that involve the audience just standing there doing nothing while the band equally does nothing.  At one point, I realized my right foot had actually gone numb from standing still on it in a weird position for so long.  It was the first time I’ve ever stood there at a DIAURA show and thought, “can we be done with this already?”  Isn’t that sad?  I think that’s sad.

There were also some difficulties with the fans.  For one thing, yo-ka forced the audience to do some side-to-side moshing at a time it wouldn’t normally happen.  The people in the back of the pit weren’t expecting it, and a bunch of them got thrown off their feet and trampled.  Now, that wouldn’t have been too bad (it happens all the time), except a bunch of asshole fans left their shit at the back of the pit.  And not just any shit.  Umbrellas.  Dozens of them.  You know, it’s pretty pathetic when you turn around and see a tiny girl in a pile of umbrellas struggling to stand up while people stampede past her.  This is why yo-ka’s angry, you guys.  Because you’re all acting like jerks.

There were also fans taking up ridiculous amounts of space.  At one point, I got pushed out of my spot over and over by this one girl (I don’t think she did it on purpose, though) and found myself suddenly at the back.  Now, I wanted to lean back against the second barrier to ground myself, but I couldn’t, because of all the mother-fucking purses and umbrellas behind me!  I had nowhere to put my feet!  I was literally leaning back at an angle with nowhere to go, because the girl in front of me was doing furi as big as possible and throwing her head back constantly (I should add that she was taller than me).  Soon, there was nothing I could do but lower my head all the way and watch the floor until the song was over and I could try to get a less painful spot.  When Peachy saw what was going on, she said, “welcome to the back.  Just step on their stuff.”  Yyyyyeah…  Please, people… please be considerate of others.

But enough about bitching, what was the band up to?  Well, for one thing, I really want to congratulate the fuck out of DIAURA for the way they treated Tatsuya.  I don’t think a support member has ever been more warmly welcomed by a band.  I wonder if Tatsuya’s a friend or a kouhai of one the members.  Every chance they had, Shoya, Kei, and yo-ka would go to the back and give Tatsuya a big smile or play in his direction.  And Tatsuya always returned the smile, because he’s a very cheerful drummer.  He was always smiling and super into it during the show, and he was even singing along passionately to some of the songs.  I kinda started to feel bad for him, because I got the feeling Tatsuya really, really wants to be in DIAURA.  But obviously that can’t happen, because Yuu isn’t going anywhere (nor would I want Yuu to go anywhere, obviously).  But yeah, the other members treated Tatsuya like a member of the family and constantly kept him company, which was nice.  Sometimes support drummers are just shadows, but Tatsuya was fully included.  Tatsuya seems so happy about playing drums, I really hope he gets his own band after this.

Shoya started off the show pretty good and was much more smiley than usual.  He had a big, dorky grin plastered to his face for quite a lot of it.  He didn’t really move much, however, and was fairly motionless for most of the show.  I wonder if yo-ka’s lack of pizazz was rubbing off on him.

As for Kei, Kei was ridiculously “on” for this show, which was a huge surprise, since Kei’s usually the more “calm” member of the band.  Kei was all over the place, running from side to side and constantly getting up in the crowd’s face.  He was even flashing us some hesitant smiles, and with that kitten-hair of his, it was pretty much the cutest thing ever.  When the inevitable dog-pile happened at the end of the show, Kei was ballsy enough to put himself out into the crowd and let people grab his hair (it’s so… crunchy…), and he was even grabbing peoples’ arms and pulling them forward.  He’s got a strong grip!  A couple times during the show, Kei just started high-fiving the people in the first few rows, cuz why the fuck not?  For most of the show, I was thinking, “hell yeah, Kei!” 

Whiiiich brings me back to the rant I was having in the Signal post about people… who pick… favorites…  Again, there’s nothing wrong with having a favorite, so long as you understand that your favorite needs the other members of that band to even be worth a shit.  One should at least have respect for the other members.  Now, the girl next to me was obviously a Shoya fan.  She only ever looked at Shoya, and had zero interest in anyone else.  And maybe I could’ve shrugged that off, except she was doing literally everything in her power to snub Kei.  If Kei was playing a guitar solo, she would be the one person in the pit not raising her arms into a “v.”  In fact, at one point Shoya, did a little bass break-down and the girl put her arms up, only to slam them back down the moment Kei started to play a solo.  If Kei came to our side, she turned all the way around to watch Shoya on the other.  She never cheered for Kei, and acted as if he didn’t exist.  I mean, isn’t that rude?!  At some point, having a “favorite” becomes more like a stalker-ish obsession, and that’s just fuckin’ creepy.  I mean, unless this girl met Kei in real life and he was a dick, there’s no excuse for this behavior.  Kei was one of the two founding members of DIAURA, and he writes most of the band’s music.  Without Kei, DIAURA would be nothing.  I mean, what, is Kei not cute enough for you?!  What’s the problem?!  For fuck’s sake, the man did 210% his usual at this show, the least you could do is raise a fist for him!

Uuuum, amusing band antics…  At one point, at the back of the stage, yo-ka went up to Shoya (who was playing towards Tatsuya) and started smacking him in the shoulder over and over, laughing.  Now, I’m pretty sure all DIAURA fans know yo-ka loves nothing more than to physically put Shoya in his place, but Shoya’s been growing some claws lately.  After the third whack in the shoulder, Shoya didn’t just swat yo-ka back, he punched him in the arm.  Whoooooooo.  Yo-ka just giggled and ran off.  I think he still finds Shoya’s flimsy attempts at retaliation to be funny (and Shoya was laughing too).  Still, I'm damn impressed Shoya even dared.  Most people won't mess with yo-ka, no matter what.  I mean, have you seen those arm muscles?
I'm fairly certain yo-ka could punch a hole through Shoya like a cookie-cutter through bread.
Anyways, other highlights... um... when Kei was attempting a guitar solo, yo-ka snuck up behind him, wrapped an arm around his waist, rested his head on Kei's shoulder, and started whispering into Kei's ear.  Yo-ka was grinning rather diabolically, so I can only imagine the things he might've been saying.  However, poor Kei was attempting a guitar solo here, and it's really hard to concentrate with someone climbing up your back like a koala, so Kei looked like he was gonna kill him, lol.  Kei leaned his head back to kinda play along, but his face clearly said, "for the love of cheese, yo-ka, get the fuck off me."

Ah, during one of the MCs, yo-ka told us there was a certain someone watching at the back of the venue.  We all turned around, and we could see Yuu standing at the back of the venue in the sound booth.  He looked adorable with flat hair and no make-up.  Everyone waved and cheered, and Yuu waved back and gave us a shy smile.  Aaaaaaw, I'm glad he came to watch, at least.  Poor Yuu :-(

Um... during the dog-pile, I got in the unfortunate position of being smashed at the back of the pile in front of these girls who wanted to take running and flying leaps at us.  It hurt like hell.  They were running, jumping into the air, and flinging themselves down on us.  When I glanced over my shoulder at one point, I saw them high-fiving each other.  Crazy bitches, lol.  I was actually really worried after that pile because it felt like I got bruises on my face, and I didn't want to have to explain that to the teachers at school.  I also spent a good portion of the pile wiggling my nose, cuz it hurt really bad, lol.

During that time, yo-ka clearly wasn't in the mood to stage-dive or even touch the audience (he kinda put himself in a few times, but not very far), so he decided to steal Kei's guitar instead.  Then yo-ka ran around playing guitar while poor Kei was forced to take over the "frontman" part of the act.  Poor Kei.  Yo-ka didn't let Kei go for at least five minutes, I swear.  I mean, Kei made the most of it and roamed around tugging people's arms and standing on the barrier and even yelling at us, but he looked pretty relieved when yo-ka finally gave the guitar back.

At the end of the show, yo-ka made Yuu come up on stage.  Poor Yuu had to get through the whole crowd, and then attempt to climb up the barrier.  For vocalists who frequently stage-dive (and get dropped), that climb probably isn't so hard.  But for a drummer it's like vaulting a horse without a stirrup.  Yuu made it on the second try, lol.  Then they brought Yuu on stage, where he assured us yet again that he'll be back as soon as possible.  Then they brought Tatsuya out from behind the drum set and brought him up to the front for cheers too.  I knew Tatsuya's name, but I yelled out "yay, Helpful Guy!" instead, lol.  Then yo-ka made everyone line up to do a jump together.  The girl next to me seemed afraid to ask me for my hand, but I made her take mine anyways, even though I'm usually pretty weary about holding hands with people.  Actually, yo-ka made us all hold hands and then decided Yuu should come on stage to join us, so the whole audience was awkwardly holding hands for several minutes while Yuu attempted to get up there and stuff.  Awkwaaaaaard.

But yeah, that's about all I have to say for the show.  Not a lot happened.  It was extremely uneventful for a DIAURA show.  But, I suppose the band had a lot of stuff going against it this time.  I'll be at their one-man in August, and maybe I'll get to see them before then, so better luck next time, boys!

Also, this was a last minute ticket purchase, but tomorrow I'm going to one one of DEZERT's sponsored events tomorrow.  Bands include DEZERT, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST, Blitz, Decay, DOPES., Raddock, and 4tune_UNIT.  So if any of those bands interest you, stay tuned for the next post.

Also, I do plan to address the UnsraW show on this blog before Friday.  I never really made a huge announcement about it, but I will be at Friday's UnsraW show, as well as Saturday's.  I'll make a post about it before Friday.

See ya next time!


  1. Another band I just started listening to so weeeee! XD Even if it wasn’t their best show, your little adventures before the concert plus the interesting tid-bits during the show was greatly satisfying –although it did make me sad reading about Yo-ka’s down mood among other things (and the possible reasons for said mood). :( Ah but still a great post, you always make me map out a mental image to go with your words. =D

    …le gasp. Wasn’t aware most of DIAURA was from Valluna. I did have them on my radar (Valluna) months ago and heard they disbanded but that was during an internetless time so they just slipped by me. What a lousy little follower I am, ahaha. But ignorance no more!

    Lmao, those guys just chillin in the purikura photo booth killed me. What the hell? Guess they made it their unofficial nap/hang out spot. And I must say this because it was pure awesomeness that must be pointed out: MelJay is my hero for naming her bunny Tsuzuku! <3 I’m all for giving stuffed animals and whatnot names of band members. Props to you both!

    And once again, the negative fan behavior keeps eating at my nerves in the most disgusting fashion. Why dammit, why?! These troublemakers should be stripped of their title; a good fan wouldn’t be giving the band they love such a hard time with such selfish acts.

    Looking forward to future post! Also, is there some website I can hear me some DEZERT? I have never heard of them nor can I seem to find them anywhere –unless I’m not searching properly— and I really wish to sample their music. ^^

    1. Yup, 3/4 of DIAURA is from Valluna, lol. Kei and yo-ka were both the guitarist and vocalist of Valluna, and Yuu was originally Valluna's drummer before he left and got replaced by KANADE. So it's kinda weird that Yuu quit, waited until yo-ka and Kei started a new band, and then joined them again. Shoya's the only member not from Valluna. If you go through the tags on the side of my blog, you can read my many adventures with Valluna a few years ago, as well as the dozen-or-so adventures I've had with DIAURA this year. Unfortunately, DIAURA reports are usually my craziest and most awesome reports, but not this time :-( So if you wanna see what DIAURA'S REALLY like, I'd recommend reading an older one. I guess this just wasn't their show :-(

      Also, I'm not positive, but I think naming the bunny Tsuzuku was actually my idea, lol XD MelJay seemed kinda reluctant, cuz I think she thought the name was kinda mean after what happened, but I have a cruel sense of humor, personally, lol.

      And I've looked long and hard for some DEZERT and never actually found any :-( To be honest, I don't even have any on my iPod. They had one release that was limited to 300 copies and sold out, and I haven't gotten a hold of the second release, which only has about two songs. That's all they've got, and I've never found any of it on the internet. But if I find any, I'll let you know! :-)

  2. Oh, I understand. ^^ thank you, I would very much appreciate that (if you stumble across any DEZERT in the future I can listen too).

    Something occurred to me right now which is why I am spamming, lol. That whole awkward moment where the audience had to hold hands for several minutes while Yuu got up the stage… maybe yo-ka did it on purpose? >:3 In reference to his anger on how fans are being mean to each other so maybe it was done as a way of making them come closer or something. Well, not closer but kind of like a “see? You can all be civil and well behaved if you try” Hmmmm, just thinking out loud here though~

    1. Lol, well, yo-ka always makes us hold hands and do a jump at the end, because he's a sappy idiot, but he doesn't usually have a completely random thought like, "oh, let's get Yuu up here too!" and then make us all hold hands awkwardly for several minutes. It was either revenge on the fans, or yo-ka's a scatter-brain, lol.

  3. I always enjoy reading your posts about Diaura and I think I read all your Diaura posts. I always wanted to leave comments, but I feel like a stalker ^^;

    This post of Diaura was sad with all the tension the boys were dealing with. It made me sad to read that Yo-ka had to write that in his blog. I'm glad that he chose not to ignore the fact that some fans are getting bullied.

    Tatsuya and Kei seemed to enjoy themselves though and I thought the Shoya fan was rude too. -_-

    It got me kind of teary when Yuu got on the stage. When I'm reading your posts, it makes me feel like I can see it. Yeah, I'm corny. >,< I'm sorry for ranting on. I look forward to your next post about Diaura! :)

    1. It's okay to leave comments! I like comments ^__^

      And don't worry about the ranting, I rant all the time, lol. Sorry this post was kinda "meh", but hopefully the next one will be better! :-)

  4. Hi! Thank you so much for this live report! I want to tell you something about
    I really interested in this entry. Can we (the support team) translate it and publish on the blog? This, and maybe other entries?


    1. Not a problem ^__^ Please feel free to translate any blog entries you like, just make to credit the original entry :-)

  5. It's too bad Yo-ka was so off this time around. I always enjoy reading about their crazy antics, although they didn't do too many crazy ones this time. Too bad Yuu couldn't do the live:((( That's sad.

    I'm always glad when bands tell their fans they are behaving poorly. Cause a lot of the time fans do behave pretty poorly; that whole, I'm superior cause I've been a fan longer thing, etc. Or crushing people and not helping them up. That's not nice...

    lol those guys chilling in the purikura booth was hilarious.

    1. Yeah, the show was kinda dull, and it made my blog post pretty dull too :-( But I agree that it's good that yo-ka told off the fans. At least he's someone they might actually listen to. At least for a little while >__>

      And the purikura booth is my favorite part of the post XD