Wednesday, June 6, 2012

THE GALLO One-Man, 6/2; Lulu's Last Show

Today’s band is THE GALLO:

It’s also Lulu’s last show, so today we’ll be saying farewell to THE GALLO’s left guitarist:

This post is probably going to be a little bipolar.  On the one hand, it was a few days before Jojo’s birthday, so there was some fun and cuteness.  On the other hand, it was Lulu’s last show, meaning there was a lot of sadness too.  I’ll do my best to deal with the shows extreme mood-swings.

Our venue today is Shibuya BOXX, which I haven’t been to in a damn long time.  Because we were in Shibuya, we decided to eat lunch at Pomme no Ki, which is an awesome omu-rice place (omu-rice is when an omelet is cooked over rice).  They have the best mentaiko (spicy cod roe) omu-rice out there, covered in green onions and nori seaweed.  Then Peachy and MelJay and I went shopping and spent a long time in Tokyu Hans.  We found a display of weird Ramune soda flavors, so we each bought a weird one.  MelJay bought caramel soda, and Peachy bought rose-flavored soda, and I decided to take one for the team and buy squid ink soda.  Jet black, this shit is:

Then we carried our freak sodas over to a nearby Gusto to have a little dessert and try our sodas in a corner of the smoking section where no one would notice.  We figured we’d need the dessert and some lolz, since Lulu’s departure was probably going to make the show rather depressing.  Unfortunately, our way of handling our Ramune - which is opened by slamming the cap down on top and pushing a marble into the bottle - was to carry them around in bags for a couple hours and then fist-slam them in public.  MelJay foolishly attempted to open her bottle first, and when she slammed her fist down on top of it, caramel soda shot out of the bottle in every direction and sprayed the wall.  Peachy, on the other side of the table, somehow managed to gracefully lean a few inches to the right, narrowly avoiding the stream of soda.  Then MelJay sat there, her hands, the table, and the wall covered in soda while we all laughed hysterically.  For Peachy and my own bottle, we made sure to slam the top down under a glass.  My squid ink soda didn’t explode, but Peachy’s did, and the flow was at least partially stemmed by the glass, although slamming a glass down on glass isn't very smart.  Also, the sound of us slamming the glass marbles through the tops of the bottles sounded like gun shots and caused a ringing silence in the smoking section.  As Peachy put it, we were being bad foreigners.  Still, for the rest of the day, all I could picture was that light-brown soda shooting across the table, narrowly missing Peachy’s face.  Best mental image ever.

Also, so as not to arouse suspicion in the staff at Gusto, we poured our soda into glasses.  MelJay’s could pass for iced tea, but Peachy’s was bright, royal blue, and mine was black.  We thought maybe mine could pass for suspiciously bubbly iced coffee, except that the liquid turned more of a pollution-gray in the glass.  If that shit was iced coffee, it was no iced coffee any sane person would taste willingly.  The caramel Ramune was somewhat disappointing, and tasted more like syrup than anything else.  The rose-flavored one was actually pretty good, although the rose taste was very strong, so I wouldn’t recommend it to people who can’t handle really strong floral flavors.  The squid ink one, which I figured would taste like utter hell and get dumped down a drain, actually wasn’t that bad.  It definitely tasted like squid ink (I’ve had squid ink pasta, and even sweet squid-ink pudding before), but in soda form, it kinda just tasted like weird licorice to me.  Next time I go to Tokyo Hans, there’s a cream-puff-flavored Ramune I wanna try.

Anyways, after our soda adventure, we went over to Shibuya BOXX.  Gyaro fans were already hovering around outside, and there were tons of flower wreaths set up outside the venue, although I forgot to take pictures.  It looked like one of them was for Jojo’s birthday, although I didn’t see who it was from, although I heard it was from the fans.  I’m sure some of the wreaths were for Lulu.

Just a note about THE GALLO and their fans: although THE GALLO is pronounced "gyaro" in Japanese, the band actually does mean "gallo" as in the Spanish word for "chicken" (pronounced "gai-yo").  The band's symbol is a rooster, and they put it on a lot of album covers and stuff.  So, because the band is basically "the cock", the fans are referred to as "mendori" which is Japanese for "hen."  So THE GALLO are the cocks, and we're the hens.  The more you know.

Anyways, my friends and I used a locker outside the venue in order to be polite and not clutter the venue with our stuff, although we later kinda regretted it for reasons I’ll explain towards the end.  I also got to meet Ku, one of my blog readers!  I love getting the chance to meet people from my comments section!  Great meeting you, Ku!!! :-D

When we got inside the venue, it wasn’t particularly crowded.  THE GALLO have been around for three years, but… they’re not particularly big or anything.  It actually makes me kinda sad sometimes that there’s an indies band out there playing very real music for once, but they struggle so hard to pull in a crowd.  Meanwhile, some of the unbelievably shitty bands out there who aren’t writing their own music and do nothing but play the same chord over and over alongside premade electronics are selling out AREA.  I guess this just isn't a fair world.  Plus, THE GALLO are way too weird for some people.

So, inside the venue, people were milling around.  Thanks to Hikaru and his weird blog requests, there were tons of cosplayers in there.  Mostly maids, but there were a couple nurses, a couple sexy cops, and some slutty kimono girls (wearing wooden sandals, ouch).  Also, for Jojo’s birthday, some of the saizen girls were walking around handing out party poppers to everyone in the audience.  One of them gave my friends and I some party poppers and told us we were going to use them at the beginning of the first encore.  So, basically, we were all in on a plot to scare the literal piss out of Jojo, lol.

Anyways, the show started about ten minutes late, but I didn’t mind, because I was kinda dreading it.  See, the year I studied abroad was a terrible year for JRock, and you could pretty much call it the Year of Tears.  I saw so much crying in JRock that year, I’m pretty much scarred for life when it comes to JRock and tears.  I saw Versailles’s first show after Jasmine You died, so people in the audience were sobbing.  The second time I saw the indies band Ha;qch, (the first indies band I was ever fond of), their bassist vanished and couldn’t be contacted, so vocalist Chihiro sniffled miserably through half the performance.  Not much later, I had to see most of the band MERRY cry after their friend Tojo-san passed away (and he was famous in the JRock magazine world, so many audience members cried too).  And then the axe fell on JRock with the death of Daisuke from Kagerou and the studs.  When I saw DIR EN GREY a few days later, Kyo seemed to be crying during one of their songs (Kasumi, I believe).  And who could forget when Eru left VAJRA, and bassist Yuri cried hysterically for about ten minutes straight, no matter how many jokes Eru cracked.  That one was probably the worst.  I’ve never seen a man cry so much in my entire life.  The point is, I’ve seen enough JRock tears to last me a lifetime, and I had a bad feeling this Gyaro show was going to add even more.  So I wasn’t exactly excited for that.
Anyways, thanks to the ever-awesome Andy, I have a setlist (and he actually typed it up instead of taking a picture of it, so transcribing it here was super easy for me):

Dainihon Kurotori Shugisha Renmei Koushinkyokuei Hetanchou
Yokohama Akasenchitai Renzoku Ryouki Satsujinjiken
Dainihon Kurotori Shugisha Renmei Koushinkyoku Hotanchou

Encore 1:
Danshou Ballerina

Encore 2:
Ura・Tokyo Cinderella
Tokyo Cinderella

If that looks like a long setlist to you, it was.  Most Gyaro shows only run for about an hour and forty-five minutes, but this went on for more like two hours and fifteen minutes at the minimum.  Also, they were filming the entire show, so I'm guessing it'll become a DVD of some sort later.

The band came onstage to their usual Liberi Fatali intro, holding lanterns while the audience banged plates and spoons together.  For some reason, I always forget about the Liberi Fatali thing until it happens, and then I wind up laughing all over again.  It’s just so ridiculous!

When the band went straight into Mudai and Shinigami, it seemed as if nothing was unusual or amiss about the show, which was nice.  There was nothing strange or awkward about it.  In fact, Lulu was all smiles (although everyone definitely cheered particularly loud for him when he came on stage).  Kaede seemed to have a big, cheesy smile plastered to his face for the entire performance, and I couldn’t believe anyone could smile that much while drumming (it wasn’t forced or anything, either).  Even Andy seemed pretty perky, as opposed to stoic like he usually is.  And Hikaru, well… I mean, he’s Hikaru.  He was wagging his tongue at the audience within moments of grabbing his guitar.  And Jojo was Jojo, which is all you need to know.

But, within a couple songs, the band was already pausing for an MC, in which a very out-of-breath Jojo brought up the fact that Lulu was leaving.  But Lulu just smiled and nodded along while Jojo talked, so I thought, “wow, I think we’re actually gonna avoid the waterworks with this one, thank goodness.”  I figured it was because Lulu announced he was leaving months ago, so he had a lot of time to process his decision.  For the record, on his blog, Lulu did give a vague explanation for his departure after the show.  My personal theory was that he was leaving due to health reasons, or he was getting married.  Apparently, those were the popular theories amongst the other fans too, and Lulu personally debunked them.  He says his secession from the band has nothing to do with health problems or marriage, but instead has to do with wanting to live a normal life again.  I think he’s retiring from playing in bands, period.  He was in SKULL FUCK REVOLVERS with Jojo and Andy prior to THE GALLO, but Lulu made it sound like he finally realized the bands he plays in will never truly succeed enough for him to lead his life the way he wants to.  He admitted it’s a little selfish, but I don’t think that’s an uncommon reason for performers to retire from the scene.  To be in an indies band, one has to essentially give up their entire life (especially if the band doesn't do well enough for them to quit their day job).  Visual-kei performers are separate from “normal Japanese society” and they have to live with that every day.  So I guess Lulu finally just had enough, and decided to return to the world.

Anyways, the band played a lot of songs I haven’t heard in awhile, which was great.  Lots of “older” stuff.  I got the feeling the band was trying to make the show as “fun” as possible for us, given the circumstances.  They picked all the most furi-tastic songs, and of course played some of the new stuff, like the one that involves The Wave.  The audience still isn’t very good at it, lol.

They also played some new songs, and one of them had the silliest movements ever.  Jojo explained to us before the song how he wanted it to go.  First, the audience is supposed to march in place in time to the music (it’s a bit of a slow march).  Then, when Jojo calls “kiritsu!” (just like they do in schools or in the army), we’re all supposed to stand up straight with our arms at our sides.  Then we’re supposed to relax.  And then we’re supposed to flash a funny gesture at the band, like pointing guns at them or a thumbs up or something.  Yes, it’s completely ridiculous, but it’s very “Gyaro”, and definitely the kind of shit Jojo thrives on.  Jojo always has to dictate every single second of new furi for us and he rarely lets the audience decide what the moves are, even if it's something simple or obvious.  The whole band made sure to march with us during the song, though, maybe to make us feel less silly, lol.

Hmm… what else, what else.  Well, we could only have so much fun, because of course we all knew this wasn’t exactly a happy occasion.  Eventually, it was time for all the members to do an MC, which THE GALLO usually does at some point, but we all knew the MCs would eventually lead to Lulu, so the audience was a bit tense.  First Hikaru did an MC, but it was just his usual, “whoo!  Are you having fun?!  I’m having fun!”  Kaede talked a bit, although he was smiley and positive as usual.  Andy’s MC was, as usual, short and rather shy. 

And then it was Lulu’s turn.  My confidence in the show not devolving into a fountain of tears was wavering, because Lulu’s previously nonchalant face was now dark with uncertainty.  He started to talk about the three years he spent in THE GALLO, and how much fun he had, and all the things he was thankful for, and he was starting to get a bad case of “allergies”, if you know what I mean.  The more he talked, the more frequent his “sniffles” became, until it was pretty obvious he was flat-out crying.  He had a hard time talking when the crying got too bad, but we all stood there and listened patiently while he attempted to speak.  Unfortunately, tears are contagious, and I realized Kaede was crying behind the drum set, although he was trying very hard to hide it.  Hikaru’s hair was suspiciously in front of his face all of a sudden, too.  Jojo was watching Lulu patiently, but his face was starting to get very scrunched up, and I was starting to wonder if Jojo was gonna lose it.

When Lulu had nothing more to say (although it seemed more like he just couldn’t bring himself to speak anymore), the band did what they often do after an MC and played jazzy, night club-style music while Jojo talked.  But as opposed to Jojo’s usual, sultry MC, Jojo just sounded sad, and his eyes were really shiny.  Eventually, he stopped talking, even though the music was still going, and he just let the jazzy music continue on without him.  He wandered away from the microphone and then, about thirty seconds before the actual song started, Jojo suddenly let out a violent scream of frustration.  That’s when the girl in front of us completely lost it and started sobbing.  She was also a really big Kaede fan, and Kaede was still crying too.  If the band was hoping to make the audience feel better, they probably shouldn’t have gone straight into a song that repeats the word “sayounara” over and over while the audience waves goodbye.  I’m pretty sure the band did that on purpose, though.  Several more audience members started crying during that song, Jojo looked horrible, and Lulu was having such a hard time keeping it together that his mouth was hanging open for the entire song like a panting dog, because trying not to cry was making him out of breath.  We didn’t see Hikaru’s face at all for about ten minutes.

However, after a couple songs of crying audience members and very sad band members, Jojo did a Vivi-chan MC to cheer us up.  It was a pretty cute MC, with Jojo and the doll, Vivi-chan, bantering about what Jojo wants for his birthday.  At one point, Vivi-chan said something really naughty (I can’t remember what, but I think Vivi said some girl's name in response to what Jojo wants for his birthday) and Jojo was so mortified, he essentially put the doll in timeout on the sound equipment in the back.  While he was berating the doll, Lulu was mentioned, and a voice suddenly said, “what is it?” (“nan desu ka?”) from off to the side.  It was Lulu with a hidden microphone on the sound equipment!  Everyone cracked up.  At first I thought Lulu was revealing that he’s been doing the voice of Vivi-chan all along (since he has a microphone back there), but I’m not sure, because later it seemed like they were implying that Kaede’s been doing it.  They “let it slip” that they just dim the lights over the drum set so that Kaede can talk into the microphone without anyone noticing.  Although I’m still not sure, because I’ve watched the other members during the Vivi-chan thing, and there will be times when Kaede’s laughing while Vivi’s talking, and Lulu isn’t anywhere near a microphone.  Is it, like… a joint effort from several band members?  Who’s the real ventriloquist?!  Honestly, the whole thing confused me more than ever.  I literally don’t get it.  I guess if Vivi-chan is done after this and Jojo never does the act again, then that proves Lulu was doing the voice all along.  But I’m pretty sure, if anything, Kaede’s been doing the trick in the shadows this whole time.  Maybe we’ll never know.

After that silly MC, we went back to fun music and silliness, with THE GALLO playing songs like BOUTIQUE BEELZEBUB, which hasn't appeared on any setlist I've seen in awhile.

After the band left the stage, we all pulled out our party poppers and prepared to scare the shit out of Jojo for his birthday.  After we encore-called the band back, we waited until Jojo was on stage.  Before he could get a word in, Andy (to my surprise) grabbed one of the microphones in the back and started singing Happy Birthday while Kaede played a drum beat for us.  The audience joined in on singing Happy Birthday while Jojo stood there, looking completely dumbfounded.  When the song was over, we all pulled the strings on our party poppers, which exploded like a hundred gunshots and shot metallic confetti-streamers everywhere (the audience was quick to clean them all up so as not to make a mess, but my streamers shot so far out of my popper that I never even saw where they went).  Jojo was, as expected, completely shocked, but his world hadn’t been rocked just yet.  Some of the girls on saizen lifted up a cake with two birthday candles fully lit and everything (seems dangerous to me… do they have any idea how much hair product is drifting around Jojo’s head?!).  The cake was when Jojo completely lost his shit.  He looked so shocked, you would’ve thought the audience handed him a live, baby unicorn.

The only problem was, we surprised Jojo so badly, he had no idea what to do.  He was standing at the microphone saying stuff like, “wow… thank you sooo much... I’m… I’m so surprised… what do I… what do I say…?  What do people say in these situations…?”  He was so baffled, and rambling so badly, that Kaede finally took the microphone and was like, “you know what you could do?  You could sing.”  Then he started playing the next song.  Hahaha, Jojo got MC-intercepted by an impatient Kaede, lol.  It was pretty funny, and everyone laughed, and then the band went back to music.

Anyways, things went on like normal for a couple songs (except for some weird incident where I think Hikaru accidentally broke something with his guitar and had to be gone for half a song while the roadie scrambled to fix it.  For the record, their roadie’s name is Enrique).  After a couple songs, the band left yet again.  We managed to call them back for a second encore, where they played both their Tokyo Cinderella songs.  Probably realizing they were reaching their final few minutes onstage with Lulu, THE GALLO started getting really touchy-feely with him.  At one point, Jojo brought Vivi-chan over to Lulu and held her up in his face and made the doll kiss Lulu on the lips.  Then Jojo pulled the doll away and pecked Lulu on the lips himself.  Everyone cracked up, but I think Jojo (who’s reeeeally not the fanservice type) grossed himself out kissing another boy and kept wiping his lips on his sleeve, laughing.  But other members kept coming over to play with Lulu and snuggle up with him and stuff.  It sucks so bad when really close-knit bands lose a member.

When the show was over and the band was out throwing picks and stuff, the saizen pulled out a massive bouquet of pink flowers and handed it up to Lulu.  Lulu accepted the flowers, lips quivering, and went to the back of the stage to rest them on top of the sound equipment. 

Aaaaand then we lost him.

When he set the flowers down, Lulu suddenly put his arm up on the sound equipment, buried his face in his elbow, and started sobbing hysterically.  Like… really bad sobbing, with his shoulders shaking and everything.  So yeah, as I feared, the show turned into a sob-fest.  The rest of the band stood there awkwardly, letting Lulu cry.  That’s probably the right thing to do, though, at least at first.  They let him cry it out for at least a minute, and then Andy went over, patted Lulu on the back, and put an arm around his shoulders.  Then Andy managed to peel Lulu off the sound equipment, put the bouquet of flowers in his arms, and bring him over to the front of the stage so we could all cheer for him.  Poor Lulu was still weeping, and his entire face was drenched and shining with tears.  The rest of the band came over to pat him on the back and give him encouraging hugs while Lulu cried and we cheered our goodbyes.  Poor Lulu.  Lulu was given a microphone and he haltingly thanked us through his sobbing, then the band threw picks and drumsticks and water bottles into the crowd.  Hikaru put a pick in his mouth and threw it, and Peachy managed to get it off the floor.  It was still wet.  Eeeeeeew.

After the show, there was a bit of a mess.  See, the band did this thing where, if you had A or B section tickets and bought at least one item at the merch booth, you could show the staff and get a green ticket.  The green ticket allowed you to take one picture with the band.  Only sucky thing was, they said you could use your digital camera, your cell phone camera, or, if you had nothing else, they’d take the picture with a Polaroid (yes, Japan still uses Polaroids).  Well, we left all our stuff in a locker like nice, thoughtful people, and got repaid for our kindness by being forced to have the picture taken with Polaroid.  So you can imagine how unbelievably terrible the quality turned out.

Also, if you had the ticket from the band’s free one-man show on you, you could exchange it for a CD with a new song on it.  But, like, they didn’t advertise that very well, and no one had that ticket on them.  Honestly, I’d just cleared the tickets out of my wallet a couple days earlier, otherwise I would’ve had it.  I only saw about six people go over to that booth, so I guess we all got screwed out of that song.  Hopefully they’ll release it on something else later.

Soooo we got in the merch line to buy stuff, (I just bought a cheap photo set that the band said was a “show exclusive” because the pictures looked funny, and I’m a cheapskate who won’t buy a towel or anything).  Then they tried lining people up for pictures, and it was just a big mess.  People were all over the place, and the fans left there crap everywhere, and they were mostly ignoring the requests from the staff members.  There was even a salmon rice-ball just lying there on the floor for awhile, until an unsuspecting staff guy stepped right on it.  Gross.

Anyways, my friends and I finally made it up towards the front of the line, where we could see people taking pictures with the band.  I noticed almost everyone had a gift for Lulu, so I felt like a dick because I didn’t.  Then again, those people shouldn’t have been standing there with that shit the whole show anyways.  Still, I should’ve brought something for Lulu and Jojo, but I’m an asshole foreigner and I don’t think of those kinds of things.  I was also kinda dreading taking a picture with Gyaro, because they always have brain implosions at the sight of foreigners and become really awkward, and I doubted this would be much better.  But honestly, they’re awkward with everyone.  For example, a Japanese girl sat down to take a picture with the band, and while she was saying something to Jojo, Andy grabbed Lulu from behind and started squeezing his shoulders and shaking him back and forth until Lulu started yelling in dismay while the girl was talking.  Yeah… awkward, lol.

When I finally got up there, I “otsukaresama-deshita”-ed the band, smiled, and sat down.  I kinda felt like a mouse caught in a trap, but I played along.  So Jojo had been asking people if there was anything in particular they wanted them to do in the picture.  Some people would just hold up a peace sign and the band would do it with them, and some would make heart-hands or something.  I decided to troll the band right back, and told them to do the dumbest thumbs-up possible.  I demonstrated by holding up both thumbs and giving the camera lady a creepy wink.  Jojo was like, “alriiiiight!” and then the whole band flashed the camera lady a thumbs up with me.  Of course, they had to have the last laugh, so Hikaru put his hands together and stuck his thumbs out in a bird shape, and Andy essentially punched Lulu in the face during the picture.  But, overall, it didn’t turn out too bad (and you can see Vivi-chan on Lulu’s lap):

Sorry for the terrible quality.  It's a photo of a Polaroid.  Ouch.
Anyways, that’s all I’ve got to say about the show.  It was both funny and sad, and I’m gonna miss Lulu and his adorable smile, but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.  I wish you luck with the rest of your life, Lulu!  I really enjoyed you the seven or so times I managed to see you, and I loved your enthusiastic performances!  I had a lot of fun, and I hope you did too!  And I hope you find happiness out there in the non-music world! 

So now I’m in a bit of a pickle for my next show.  I’m going to Signal’s first one-man tomorrow (meaning I may have to leave the show early because it's a Thursday), but I’ll be gone all day Friday at an orientation, so I won’t have time to write about the Signal show before Saturday, which is the DIAURA one-man.  So you’ll have to forgive me if next week’s blog are kinda… subpar.  It’s a freak incident.  But I’ll do my best!

See you!


  1. Goodness I hate those situations where all you can do is watch a guy bawl his eyes out. I'm someone who needs to comfort bawlers D:

    The Vivi mystery is mind-boggling. I wanna know!

    The polaroid cracked me up. The fellow second from the left looks so lost XD

    1. I hate watching grown men cry because I have no idea what to do. My instinct is to look away, but that doesn't seem right, so then I just stand there staring at them, completely baffled >__<

      And I lol-ed so hard when I got the Polaroid and saw Kaede's face. I think he thinks he looks all cool and mysterious, but he just looks confused XD

  2. lol you're getting to meet all sorts of people from your comment section:) awesome+

    I haven't actually seen anyone cry at a concert.. Well, I think I have.. but it was just a little bit of crying, not all out sobbing. Yoshihiko from heidi. sometimes cries cause he always gets so emotional when singing certain songs. I think he might have cried a little bit at their anniversary too. Other than that.. well, I haven't really been to any concerts where a member was leaving. Recently I have, but it wasn't a one-man so they didn't have enough time to cry about it.

    I wanna take a picture with a band! I never have.. but I finally caught something! Well, I didn't catch it, I got it off the floor (relexes are still bad) but it was from Black Gene's Toki:) My first time.

    1. I love meeting new people ^_______^

      And be glad you haven't seen too much crying at concerts. It's awful D: And I'm sure this show wasn't the last time I'm gonna see JRockers cry >__<

      And congratulations on catching something from Toki!!!

  3. Ahhh, glad to be able to read this and see what you thought of it and all!
    I had a couple comments!

    With Vivi's MC thing... I was pretty sure it was Kaede doing it, but yeah... it was just really confusing; hard to tell if they screwed up or were trying to fake people out or -what-. So I have no idea anymore, but at least it's debunked that it's Jojo since they were talking over each other...

    Lulu's reasons on his blog -- there was something else he said that I thought stood out a little more, and that was that he didn't think he was really improving as a musician and didn't want to be a burden to the band because of it. I don't think it sounded so much like he wants to be a normal person, as much as he had decided THE GALLO would be his last band, and he started realizing now's the time to call it good. At least, that's what I got from it.

    And! You said like the whole band was waiting on that sobbing Lulu at the end, but did you notice Jojo was GONE from the stage the moment they gave Lulu the flowers? Like... that was it. He's mine and Nina's favorite member, so we were watching him so intently the whole time that we missed other things (I totally didn't notice Hikaru was breaking shit until she told me) -- and yeah. He left so fast I thought everyone else would, too, but. o_o

    It was a really good show, but I'm disappointed it was impossible for us to get the photo tickets, like I already whined about. I'm really digging these guys more and more because it's a band I'm not just going to see for one member -- Jojo's the favorite but I really do like them all.

    Rambleramble -- With any luck, we can see each other at future events! Nina and I read, by the way, that you can sit in at the Odoroku TV filmings, and GALLO's doing one on the 12th at 8pm. Dunno if it's too far/impossible for you to do, but it's a thought. It's definitely not feasible for us.

    LAST! Nina took pictures of the bouquets if you want them!

    1. I was kinda worried about this report cuz I was like, "oh gawd, if I got something horribly wrong, Ku's gonna think I'm an idiot" lol XD

      But I definitely agree with you, I think it's Kaede doing the voice of Vivi-chan. But next time I'm going to watch EVERYTHING. I will figure this out!!! Now I might know what to look for!

      And I read what Lulu had to say about not improving as a musician and stuff and... it just seemed really weird... like... is THE GALLO somehow too demanding for him? He always seemed fine to me... I dunno, his reasoning seems odd, but he obviously gave it a lot of consideration, and he says he thinks he made the right choice, so I'm just gonna hope he's happy :-(

      And you're right, Jojo WAS gone the moment Lulu started sobbing. I didn't think much of it at the time, but yeah... Jojo pretty much bolted >__<

      And the 12th is a Tuesday so.... 絶対無理 :-( Oh well >__<

      And it sounds like Peachy managed to get pictures of the bouquets for me, so I think I'm good! But thanks for the offer ^___^ I hope we can run into each other in Tokyo/at a show again!!!!

    2. Nooo, haha, I swear you were paying more attention to things than I was! I only really watch lives closely when I'm there to report, otherwise I just rock out... and miss half of the cool stuff. Oops.

      I hope we can figure out Vivi!!

      Nina and I are gonna be at the next show at EDGE, the one that isn't billed as GALLO. (7/20). I was gonna be down there for Qual the next day anyway, so it works out! They've announced two other shows on their blogs too, at THE GALLO, but I can't make it to either of those, so I hope the event live on the 20th is cool :3

    3. To be honest, I miss a lot too >__< You wouldn't believe how often Peachy and MelJay bring up interesting stuff that I totally didn't notice. It's actually kinda embarrassing, lol.

      As for the 20th... hmm... not sure yet. It's a Friday, and my school's closing ceremony, so I'm thinking no, but I'll let you know if I can make it! ^__^

    4. Yeah, let me know if you can go just in case! I have extra tickets that I would just sell back at face value; I just dunno where else I could sell them!

    5. I'll definitely let you know! Having an extra ticket and not knowing what to do with it can be super annoying, so I'll definitely let you know if I'm going! :-)