Monday, June 25, 2012

UnsraW and Signal, Important Announcements


The two shows are done, but I need another day or two to write the report.  I'm still very upset, and exhausted, and I want to do the reports justice.  I'll just say the shows were beyond amazing, and everything I could've hoped for, but I need a couple days to get the words down.


Drummer Korey's leaving the band due to musical differences.


  1. Wha...What?! Oh god,why Korey... I'll miss his drumming style a lot.

    1. Horrible news, isn't it? Indies finally gets an obscenely talented drummer, and he's already fleeing. Even scarier, Korey was one of the main "hardcore" influences on Signal's music. I don't know what to expect now.

    2. I have a theory: I don't think, as a lot of others i've spoken to thinks, that he wanted to do something different with their direction. I have a frightening feeling, that Signal might be turning softer.... like Lycaon softer.

      Either way, whatever signal turns up doing, it is something that Korey didn't want to do.

    3. We have the exact same theory, then >___> I remember listening to CHAIN for the first time and thinking, "this is good, but I thought Korey was making Signal more hard-core than this." I wish I hadn't been right :-(

  2. Damnit Korey, why?! *punches wall and walks away* This is insanely disappointing. T_T

    The only positive: reading your UnsraW report in the future. I’ll just pretend I didn’t read that last line for a while.