Thursday, August 23, 2012

Me Watching "The Avengers" (A Comic)

Sometimes I sorta draw.  Sometimes.  Haven't doodled much of anything in about a year, and I am not very good.  But I was bored.  So I drew this.  With a pencil.  It wasted an hour.  Yaaaaaay.

So, like, The Avengers finally made it to Japan.  Finally.  And was, of course, the greatest thing since Japan invented "salad flavor."  Like, I would watch this movie fifty times in a row if I could.  But this is what MelJay had to deal with sitting next to me in the theater while we watched The Avengers together.  This pretty much really happened.  I am not a good person.

So I present...

Kita Being a Fool at The Avengers:

Ta da!  But y'know what, fuck you, half that audience was cheering for Loki too, lol.  For the record, I like the "good guys" as well, and cheered whenever The Avengers did awesome things (Hawkeye, you took me by surprise.  You are badass, sir).  But c'mooooon, Loki's faaaaaaaaace, so cuuuuuuute.

MelJay's been making fun of me for this.  Hopefully this drawing will get a laugh outta her.

Aaaaand, I'm out.

But seriously, did anyone else think Loki was like a Final Fantasy villain, except even more entertaining?  Anyone?  No?  Okay, understood.


  1. XD Nice.

    It's the helmet I think that reminds you of Final Fantasy. Hell I had some of the soundtrack playing in my head at some points of the movie when I saw it :P

    1. Lol, well, Final Fantasy villains do have a tendency towards unusual, helmet-like hair. Seymour Guado from FFX? Yikes... Actually, MelJay and I had been saying that Loki's helmet kinda makes him look like a beetle, but then some people online were pointing out that it makes him look like a reindeer. So now I can't stop laughing at him XD This photo seems appropriate:

    2. XD The reindeer one is new to me.
      and I just noticed this....salad flavor?????

    3. I just saw the movie again (oh fuck, what's wrong with me?!) and Tony Stark actually calls Loki "Reindeer Games" in the freaking movie. Holy fuuuuuuuck, I almost died. Did NOT remember that XD And yes, salad flavor. Commonly used in chips and french fries and other salty snacks. Salad flavored chips are awesome <3 Not sure what "salad flavor" really is, I just know it's awesome XD

  2. Loki.For.The.Fucking.Win.
    The end.

    The movie is boss and should be watched as many times as possible. I had that feeling after I saw it and was all "Oooh, let's watch it again! Let's watch it again!" :P
    And yes! Lol, I totally saw the Final Fantasy villain thing too.

    1. OMG right?!! I mean, I know Loki was kinda, uh....... well, he made a lot of really dumb mistakes, lol. But he was such a shameless bastard I cheered for him anyways XD

      The movie's, like, bringin' people together, man. I was at this meeting with other English teachers, and a friend I hadn't seen in awhile was talking to me, and I admitted very sheepishly that I saw The Avengers twice. She said she'd seen it three times. As I was squealing in shock and happiness, a teacher I hadn't met came up behind us and told us she'd seen it four times. Then the next hour was spent doing nothing but Avengers humor. For example, while we were at dinner, I had free drink bar. When I was done with my latte, I was like, "this drink, I like it. ANOTHER!" It was a good day, hahaha.

      I wanna see it again. Seriously. I'm "burdened with glorious purpose" here.

      And I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Loki's an FF villain. Like, he fits the old-school FF6-9 villain formula perfectly. And the movie knows it, which is why we get beautiful lines like, "Loki's mind's a bag full of cats" and openly calling him a "diva." Fuck, I need to see the movie again T_________T

  3. Ohh I saw it in the movies last week, it was so freaking epic! I think Loki should have more screen time though. I really hate captain america D: lol. I want to see it again too.

    I love your little comic:D you just keep revealing talents every week, like.. what will the next talent be? xD

    Hmmm btw, the OZ tickets for their AREA show should be available right? o.o I can't find them in the machines in neither family mart or lawson.. T__T

    1. Never mind the OZ tickets, I found em :D Did you buy yours yet? I got nr 122, not that bad.. ^^

    2. OMG yay, another fan! It's the most epic movie EVAR, I swear. But yeah, Loki should have more screen time, he's a fun motherfucker. Like, I swear I've never seen a movie villain with a more "I do what I want, bitch" attitude. Someone says not to do something? Shoot them with lasers. Brother tells you to be a good boy? Drop him out of an airplane. Can't get magic powers to work on enemy? Throw him out a fucking window. Fuck yeah, Loki, seriously. Fuck yeah \m/(-_-)\m/

      Also, I am out of talents. All I've got is writing, sorta singing, and sorta drawing. There's nothing else, lol XD Seriously, if you ever eat my cooking, you'll wind up in a coma. And I play sports like I have brain damage. But if you enjoyed my shitty drawing, I'll let you be the first to know that... I'm currently drawing another shitty Avengers comic XD Yeah, this is how I spend my time now, lol. I need a life o__o

      Also, I haven't picked up the -OZ- tickets yet, but I plan to either do it this weekend, or send out a Tokyo friend on a mission! Gotta get CRUNK!

    3. Actually, update: Just got my -OZ- ticket, and I'm just a few numbers behind you ^_~ And my Avengers comic is up, lol.

    4. I'll probably go see it again on Saturday:D

      Haha, I think you are very good at singing and drawing, as a person who can do neither. Not at all. Well, I sorta can draw too.. but compared to you I'm like a 2 year old. I can't draw like that. D: maybe if I practiced more. I suck at most sports too, but I still think it's fun! XD

      I was inspired by you and drew... something. It's the first time I draw something in.. I don't know? 8 months maybe lol. It's a purple and orange tiger. Kind of.

      Oh okaay. ^^ You don't happen to plan to go to one of the meji lives coming up this weekend? I was planning on going but I'm currently sick and on antibiotics so going to a concert is impossible. T-T I went to BORN oneman while being sick and it sucked so bad, because I couldn't move at all. D: I hope I will be fine on monday because I'm going to Depain, and they will kill me. xD at least my body.

      Yaaay I look forward to -OZ- :D

    5. Waaaah, you should see it again! I would see it a billion times if I could XD

      And I'm glad I inspired you to draw! It's fun, isn't it? I like the feeling of "creating" something :-)

      And no, I'm not going to any concerts this weekend. I'm going to an Alice in Wonderland cafe instead for a friend's birthday. So it's not a concert, but there should be cool pictures and stuff anyways ^__^ I hope you feel better soon!!!