Thursday, September 20, 2012

BORN, MEJIBRAY Two-Man, 9/15

After a bit of a pause, it’s time for another indies show!  Today we’re tackling a two-man event with a brief opening band.  The two bands were MEJIBRAY and BORN, which is why the show was appropriately given the name MEJIBORN by just about anyone involved in or attending the performance.  So let’s go check out some MEJIBORN.

For starters, I used MEJIBORN as the “gateway drug” of choice for my friend H, who came up on the blog back during the Yagibushi Festival.  She teaches English is the same city as me, and I kinda sorta accidentally maybe somehow got her interested in BORN, but finding a decent show for her to go to was kinda tricky.  Eventually, I decided a two-and-a-half-man show was a pretty good way to start, and H even wound up joining us for the full three-day weekend and the DEZERT one-man on Sunday.  In other words, when H snorts her first line of indies coke, she snorts the whole tray at once.

Anyways, MelJay and H and I grabbed some Indian food before the show, because fuck yeah.  Then we loitered around for a really long time, before eventually winding up in Takadanobaba, goofing off in the arcade.  Somehow, three massive Gloomy Bears were won (two for MelJay, one for Hebah), and then purikura pictures happened.  Tech-savvy motherfucker that I am, I snapped these pictures with my camera instead of importing them to my phone.  Classy, I know.

For some reason, purikura booths make foreigners look really, really creepy, lol.

This is the height of class here, yo.
Also, funny MEJIBRAY story insert: while walking around Takadanobaba, we passed a small van parked along the side of the road near the train station.  There was a woman in the driver’s seat, and two front passenger seats as well.  It took me a double-take to realize the passenger next to the window, with his pink ponytail and chin piercing, was Koichi from MEJIBRAY.  When I realized who it was, I looked at the other passenger and realized it was… okay, I think it was MiA, although it was hard to tell because the windows were tinted.  If it wasn’t MiA, it was Tsuzuku.  Anyways, MiA was smoking a cigarette, and gave us a hilariously confident stare and a long drag on his cig as we passed.  Koichi, on the other hand, looked like a bird with ruffled feathers.  The look on his face was like, “for fuck’s sake, can’t I escape the fans at freakin’ two in the afternoon?!”  Sorry, Koichi.  At least this wasn’t as awkward as the time we saw you at Jonathan’s.

Anyways, eventually we met up with Peachy about thirty minutes before the show, while chilling in a Doutour coffee shop.  By pure coincidence, we wound up at the table next to that BORN cosplay group that I’ve been seeing at shows a lot lately.  Sadly, they weren’t in costume, although I recognized them anyways (their Ryouga is kinda hard to miss).  They were having some pretty weird conversations.  They were talking about MEJIBRAY for awhile, and the topic of Tsuzuku’s sexiness made Ryouga!cosplayer start making frantic orgasm noises in public.  Then they all kinda did it.  Uh……. okay.  I always feel really outta the loop on that one.  Like, Tsuzuku’s a good-looking guy, but is he orgasm-noise-in-public sexy?  I don't think so.  To each his own, I guess.  It just further supports my theory that half the audience just likes MEJIBRAY for their looks.  It also sounded the cosplayers were talking about how BORN doesn’t need K, which made me kinda sad (they kept calling him “iranai K-chan” which means “unnecessary K-chan”).  I mean, it was hard to hear them, so I don’t wanna condemn these girls if I’m wrong, but that’s what it sounded like.  It’s true they don’t have a K in their cosplay group, but I never really thought about it until now.  I guess… maybe they just don’t like K.  Poor K...

Well, whatever, show time.  Halfway down the stairs at AREA was a giant bouquet from the MEJIBRAY fans in honor of MiA’s birthday (which wasn’t for a few more days, but I guess they decided he need hundreds of dollars worth of flowers anyways).  As for my friends and I, we had pretty good numbers, so we went straight down into Takadanobaba AREA’s front section.  I was hesitant to bring H – a complete n00b – down into the pit in case it was too hectic for her, but I just made sure to show her all the escape routes she could take in case the crowd got too chaotic.

So blah blah blah, our first band up isxxx」is D£AD:

Actually, their name is a bit of a fake-out.  Not knowing what else to call them, I’d been calling them “Triple X is Dead.”  However, their giant banner in the background had their name in katakana, and it turns out it’s just pronounced “Is Dead” (lit: izu deedo).  So the xxxis silent and useless.  And their banner declares they are “pop and heavy.”  You know, because every fucking indies band in Japan isn’t some horrible marketing attempt at both pop and heavy... usually with painful results.

As for not-xxx Is Dead, they were… I dunno.  Like, I can’t really say they were bad musicians or anything, but there was nothing that stood out either.  They were guitar-solo heavy, and I’ll admit their vocalist (who is named Louis, by the way), has a pretty good growl.  Other than the heavy music, the band continually fell back into the same dull, marketable, uninspired choruses that have turned the JRock scene into mashed potatoes lately.  It kinda sounded like not-xxx’s songs sorta gave up halfway through.  But for the most part, the band had an overwhelming air of “trying too hard.”  They’re new, I know, so it comes with the territory.  But there was just no need for some of the overblown facial expressions and audience-pointing going on.  I felt like I was doing furi because I felt sorry for them.  They only had about twenty fans in a sold-out AREA crowd, and even their saizen wasn’t especially enthusiastic (I actually apologized to H afterwards for the dull introduction into the world of J-indies).  For lack of having any actual songs, Is Dead opened up with a repeater song, which was even more repetitive than normal.  And Louis’s MC just made me sad.  Like, he kept trying to get the audience to yell or cooperate, to little effect.  I sorta half-heartedly threw the horns so he’d know someone was paying attention, but a lot of people as far up as the third row were just staring at him blankly.  Oh well, better luck next time not-pornography Is Dead.

After that was over, it was time to get to our main acts.  The audience didn't shift at all, meaning the MEJIBRAY fans had been in place all along (further emphasized by the full-blown Koichi cosplayer with sparkly horns standing near us), so we just stayed where we were.  So next up is MEJIBRAY:

Also, setlist:

Black baccarat
Chameleon YUMMY

Kore wo Izon to Yobu Nara

And Then There Were None.
Invisible Tower maker

Karma –Gareki no Mantichoras-

I hadn’t seen MEJI in awhile, for various reasons, and I’m sorta outta the loop on them (then again, wasn’t I always?).  They have a new look now, as seen in the above picture.  Meto, always the most politically correct of people, has decided to morph his “mentally challenged” act into a “man-beast” act.  I guess… take that as you will. 

So the show started up with Meto sitting in a chair.  Not a wheelchair, since he’s given up on “going full retard”, but a regular chair.  Oh, and that thing on his head is most definitely a dildo with a condom on it.  Fan-fucking-tastic.  Meto was tied to the chair with red string, while a dissonant musical track played with a voice whispering “tasukete” (“help me”) over and over.  There was a guy in a black cloak and hood standing behind Meto, and he started cutting the strings to free him.  When the ropes were sufficiently cut, the black-cloaked guy stepped back, and Meto stood up slowly like a zombie.  Then he lunged forward and leaped onto the crate like an animal, which would probably make a person unfamiliar with Meto piss their pants in fear if they were standing too close.  Oh, also, Meto’s teddy bear is tied up now too.

Next up on the stage was MiA, looking confident as usual.  Then Koichi, who got up on the crate and like… smiled or something.  I didn’t even know he could smile, so I was like WTF.  Last out was Tsuzuku, who did a slow strut across the stage in his comic book villain trench coat.  The band opened up with that new song, Sadisgate.  Is that supposed to mean “sadistic gate?”  How can a gate be sadistic?  Does it slam closed on you when you try to pass through it?  Does it refuse to open even when there’s cake on the other side?

Okay, anyways, um… yeah, so Sadisgate is new.  I guess you can go check out the music video here if you’re new to MEJIBRAY:

I wanted to hear the song live because I’ve found over the past year that MEJI sounds very different live than on CD.  And, um… I found the recorded version of Sadisgate to be, um… well… kinda annoying.  The guitar is surprisingly weak, which is unusual coming from MiA, who is normally one of the band’s strong points.  And Tsuzuku, um… let me address this in the form of a letter I’ve wanted to write for quite some time:

Dear Tsuzuku,

You are of the masculine persuasion, are you not?  If you are in fact a female, congratulations on the washboard abs the steroids have sculpted for you.  However, as I assume you are a man, I would like to kindly ask that you keep your voice somewhere between the level of an adult male and a pubescent teenager.  You see, when you either A) autotune your voice an octave higher than normal, or B) add an extra vocal layer in which you sing as high as a four year old girl being stabbed with a cattle prod, the otherwise “heavy” music becomes as diluted as American coffee.  The high-pitched vocals are never necessary, nor do they add any interesting element to your songs.  They are so unhelpful as to be annoying, and frankly, it makes me question if your balls ever truly dropped.

A mildly agitated indies fan

P.S. Enough with the stupid laughter.

Live, Sadisgate was mildly improved, I suppose.  The high-pitched background vocal track was indeed still there, and indeed still pointless and annoying, but I found I could ignore it easily given the setting.  The song sounded “heavier” in the live-house too.

Overall, however, the setlist was as I expected: it catered to the BORN fans.  BORN is a more “upbeat” band (well… I mean they have a more “fun” atmosphere, I guess), so MEJIBRAY certainly wasn’t going to blow this genius marketing opportunity and play songs that would turn away potential new MEJI fans from the BORN crowd.  This meant a lot less BABY CROSSING and a lot more Karma.  Damnit.  The whole thing actually felt kinda weird, like MEJIBRAY had a whole new personality they crafted just for the show.  Koichi was all smiley and happy and twirling around and looking thoroughly pleased with everything.  While it made me happy to see Koichi happy, it also made me worried he suffered brain damage at some point during the day.  Even Meto kept breaking character and grinning.  In fact, Tsuzuku was smiling a bunch too, and dancing around like a little boy who got a Playstation for Christmas.  You guys okay?  Just really happy to be playing with BORN?

Um, other stuff… Tsuzuku had a whip at one point, which he cracked to the beat of the song.  He was showing off his abs a lot, too.  He even pulled his coat over his torso and then threw it open in some grand “reveal.”  It was an inappropriate time to clap, unfortunately.  MEJIBRAY also faked us out after their MC.  They all went over to the drum set and Tsuzuku yelled, “ARE YOU?!  ARE YOU?!” while Meto hit the same drum beats that Tomo from BORN would play when Ryouga yells “ARE YOU?!” before launching into RADICAL HYSTERIA.  The entire audience looked around in alarm, and everyone suddenly tensed into position, prepared for MEJIBRAY to start playing a BORN song.  But then it stopped suddenly and MEJIBRAY laughed at us.  Assholes.

Uuuuuum, I don't have too much else to say about MEJIBRAY.  They played for about an hour, and it was entertaining enough.  A lot of our area consisted of BORN spot-savers, however, so they didn’t care all that much, and it made our section kinda dull at times.  Even the stampede was rather half-assed, although MEJIBRAY kept it relatively short, thank goodness.  The band was in a damn good mood, though, which is all anyone can really ask for.  So even if the setlist wasn’t to my liking, and the audience was lukewarm, it was an enjoyable hour, and H participated through the whole thing like a boss.  Seriously, she did the side-to-side stampede and furi and everything, and she’d never seen that shit before, ever.  Goddamn, girl.

Oh, and the performance ended with Meto dramatically collapsing as usual.

Also, MEJIBRAY fans who don’t care for BORN, don’t stop reading here!  MEJIBRAY will be back before this post is over!

Next up is our headliner, BORN:

I have their setlist as well:

Chemical Romance


* new song *

Criminal Berry (new song)

Although BLASTED ANIMALS is technically over, the costumes haven’t changed.  Worse yet, Ryouga came on stage wearing the unventilated version of his costume, meaning he was head-to-toe plastic without even an air hole to sweat through.  There was a huge shift after MEJIBRAY, so we were finally surrounded by true BORN fans wearing bandanas and towels and what have you.  BORN seemed to be in a pretty good mood, so I was starting to wonder if BORN and MEJIBRAY had been doing something backstage together that they shouldn’t have been doing.  Like eating cupcakes.

Although MEJIBRAY tried to “chill out” their setlist for the BORN fans, BORN, ironically, made no such attempt.  The setlist was pretty rough, and the BORN fans were pretty pent up from waiting so long.  The lukewarm stampedes from MEJIBRAY turned into push-and-shove relays, and the girls along the left side of the wall made a habit of stampeding so fast they slammed their bodies against the walls whenever they got there.  In other words, they literally pinball-ed the venue.  Nonetheless, it was a surprisingly coordinated crowd, and there were no falls or people getting trampled that I could see.

Overall, it was a great setlist.  RED DESIRE hasn’t shown up in awhile for me, and of course we got the new songs.  I can’t believe that one song doesn’t have a name yet.  All I  can say about it is that it’s frantic with a lot of shouting Ryouga and head-banging.  The other new song is Criminal Berry, and that’s the one with the finger-pointing furi.  I swear Ryouga didn’t even do it the same at this show, compared to the one-man.  Like, he’s just makin’ shit up to confuse us.

Also, this is the first time I’ve ever seen FACE live.  Usually, when BORN needs a ballad to give us a break, they play White Harmony (which is only kind of a ballad) or sometimes they’ll play PROUDIA or something.  But FACE is a first for me, and I love that song, so I got really excited when those melancholy opening guitar notes started.  Most of the audience stood perfectly still for FACE, but I was unable to resist swaying side-to-side for that one.  It’s like a sad lullaby, so it’s hard to stand still.

There was also an amusing MC, where Ryouga naturally talked about the MEJIBRAY and BORN situation.  Although everyone’s been calling it MEJIBORN, Ryouga jokingly tried to call it the MEJIBUBORN show, as if he was stuttering in the middle.  Then he talked about MEJIBRAY teaching BORN how to play Sabato backstage.  He was also saying that, although MEJIBRAY and BORN are hard-core (lit: hageshii) bands, when you put them together, it’s just cute (lit: kawaii).  Then he continually emphasized how adorable he thinks MEJIBRAY is, while I tried to hide my laughter behind my hand.  

Oh, and there were some announcements.  One of the new songs will have a music video, and BORN is gonna film the crowd at one of their November shows, and use it in the video.  And then, at the tour final in February, they're gonna show the music video to the audience.  So that's really cool, I think.

Highlights, as usual, include Ryouga’s sudden seizures of spaziness.  Lately, it’s been common for Ryouga and KIFUMI to have jumping matches to see who can leap the highest during a show.  At this show, however, they had a full-blown dance-off, with the two of them high-kicking as high as possible and try to out-cabaret each other.  There were actually many parts of the show where Ryouga hopped around backwards, kicking his legs into the air for absolutely no reason.  And seizures.  So many seizures.  He did The Robot during AGITATOR, too.  Oh, and he started pelvic-slamming at the crowd, like he was dry-humping the shit out of us.  The way he was dancing, all I could think of was this:


Oh, and Ryouga stage-dove at one point, and everyone kinda ran away.  He barely got caught.  Dumbasses.

Anyways, it was exhausting, because BORN played fourteen jump-tastic songs with virtually no break.  The band was sweating all over the place (especially the boiled lobster), and the audience looked like it was ready to give up on life.  So thankfully it ended before we all tired out too much.  However, BORN didn’t leave the stage for encore.  Instead, Ryouga grabbed the mic and asked MEJIBRAY to come out and join them for some true MEJIBORN.  MEJIBRAY came out in normal clothing, if you can call it that.  Tsuzuku was wearing an obscenely massive black shirt that fit him like a dress, and black genie pants.  His hair was flat too.  Koichi was dressed in his usual avant garde hippie clothes, which people who follow his blog should be familiar with.  MiA strutted around in normal clothing, downing an Asahi beer as he crossed the stage.  Even Meto had toned himself down.  His hair extensions were gone (although some of his hair is still curled and colored), and he was wearing baggie, colorful clothes with weird patterns (I think he was also wearing genie pants).  He still had his scary make up on, but he was smiling and mostly out of character. 

Anyways, BORN and MEJIBRAY were all like, “yay!” with each other and looked very happy to be onstage together.  Ryouga kept putting his arm around Tsuzuku, and Tomo kept trying to talk to Meto, although Meto would only nod.  Speaking was too out of character for him.  Then, of course, the bands got pretty weird with each other.  Ryouga dragged Tsuzuku up onto the crate with him, but KIFUMI decided to troll Ryouga and snuck up behind him, burrowed between Ryouga’s legs, and stuck his head out from under Ryouga’s crotch.  Tsuzuku looked like WTF.  Then Ryouga dumped a stream of water on Tsuzuku’s head, only to have Tsuzuku retaliate by spraying mouth-water at him.  This turned into a full-blown water fight, with the two of them spraying water back and forth at each other.  Eventually, Ryouga got Tsuzuku from behind, so Tsuzuku rounded on him and took a big swig.  Ryouga grimaced, waiting for the water to hit, but Tsuzuku kept swaying back and forth, faking him out.  Ryouga kept looking more and more afraid, waiting for the final blow, before Tsuzuku finally grabbed Ryouga by the head, pulled him down, and then drooled the water slowly into his hair.  I guess Tsuzuku wins that fight.  The bands also talked a bit, and Ryouga asked MEJIBRAY some questions and was then like, "let's talk to Meto!"  Meto looked shocked, and the audience was like "whoooooa."  I was like, "no waaaaay is he gonna talk."  So Ryouga asked Meto how the show was, and Meto looked kinda horrified for a moment, but then he turned to Tomo and whispered the answer.  So Tomo told us "it was fun."  Then Ryouga asked Meto something about the condom he was wearing on his head, and then asked if Meto ever uses it.  Through Tomo, we now know the answer is, "all the time."  

Anyways, after the bands were done embarrassing each other, Ryouga and Tsuzuku asked the audience to join hands (as did the bands).  A very cute little Japanese girl excitedly took my hand and was beaming up at me like we had just discovered El Dorado or something.  BORN fans are always crazy friendly.  Anyways, Ryouga told us we were all gonna make a "rabu tsunagari" (literally a "love connection").  Good lord.  So yeah, then we all jumped in the air like dumbasses, and the show was over.  The Japanese girl thanked me about a million times, smiling.

There was no encore, by the way, just that "love connection."  But the show ran really late, and it was almost 10 PM, so there was no possible time for encore.  After the show, we wound up forming this epic posse.  Between MelJay, H, Peachy, and I, we made four.  But then Break found us, as did pinku (one of the frequent commenters on this blog).  Next thing ya know, we're a terrifying group of six foreigners.  We decided to storm the Saizeriya for food, and the waiter looked positively terrified.  Hah, bitch please.

Anyways, that was basically the show.  Sorry I kept it kinda brief, but I gotta churn out the DEZERT one too.  Stay tuned!


  1. Every time I read about MEJIBRAY I kinda wanna give the guys a hug. But this show sounds better than the ones before.

    -snort- I honestly thought it was a unicorn horn on Meto's head for a bit...

    Nothing like an epic saliva/water fight to finish a show :P

    1. Lol, there is something very derpy about MEJIBRAY, so I understand. They always seem like a little raft careening down rapid waters, and I just wanna throw them a line XD But yeah, I was naïve and somehow also thought the thing on Meto's head was anything but a condom. I was wrong :-(

  2. Hello. I just read this post and I really don't think that's the way to "criticize" a band. I'm not trying to argue, but as you show your opinion about the performances -and more- I will show my opinion about your words.

    You see, a band, no matter if they are good or not for you, put effort in their work. I think is absolutely not easy to perform live or anything for you to come and say those things about them.

    When you're on their shoes, I think that's the moment when you can say whatever you wanna say. You can opine, of course, but, I repeat, that's not the way to do it.

    I not a fan of 「xxx」is D£AD and even felt that criticize incorrect and not fair at all.

    To each his own, but I think that is good to write this in an attempt to open your eyes/mind, I guess.


    1. I'm surprised you consider my words criticism. Actually, because I appreciated the effort they put into their work and felt sorry for the cold reception they received from the audience, I was one of the only people in the front section doing furi and throwing the horns for them. At the show itself, I showed them appreciation, but when I'm writing a blog, that kind of support isn't what they need. They need constructive criticism and advice, or they will stagnate and fall apart like so many other new indies bands do. Perhaps you aren't used to my writing style, but I use a critical voice to speak of most things. Praising every single indies band leaves no room for their improvement, and waters down the scene further. If you re-read my post, you will see that I call xxx good musicians. But they are new, and it's very obvious, and they need to work on a lot of things. I've seen hundreds of indies band in Japan and, yes, I've sung on a stage before. I stand by my words, and hope you understand that avoiding criticism is unhealthy for a band.

    2. Oh, I didn't mean just about you say of the "Dead guys", about MEJIBRAY too for example.

      Is obvious you love BORN, and it notices the differences when you talk about MJB...

      I think it's not fair you judge their personalities or the personalities of their characters, even judge their talent, style, and worst, their masculinity.

      For me that was just over the line. Maybe I'm too sensitive? I don't know. Just my opinion. (>_<)

    3. I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. If I don't judge a band based on their talent and performance charisma, on what basis do I judge them? By that logic, any band who can play basic notes on a guitar should be praised. There are literally thousands of bands in Japan, and they must all be judged by the same standards. BORN are far from perfect, and any bias I have towards them is stylistic at best. Indies bands use their physical image and style to portray a personality and attract a certain fanbase. They ask us to judge them. These days, it's a rare treat for an indies band's music to be criticized, rather than the discussion focusing on looks alone. Asking me not to judge a band's talent is like asking me not to judge a basketball player's skills on the court. It's nonsensical. These are bands, not fictional characters. I talk about them as human beings, and human beings aren't perfect. Human beings have different skills and talents, and when they take the stage before an audience, they ask us to judge them.

      And if they don't want us to judge their masculinity, they shouldn't dress like girls.

    4. Opine and judge are a way too different.

      I say you and me are nobody to judge them that way, 'cause we really don't know the effort they put in every single thing they do, until we are in their shoes, other way we'll never know it.

      They deserve a little bit more appreciation for what they do, it's not easy just stand in a front of a bunch of people, imagine play your music! Is hard, I think.

      Yeah, you are sarcastic and all, but be more careful with your words.

      And they can dress whatever they want, nobody can judge their masculinity until know them REALLY.

    5. This is the internet. This is a personal blog. What is the purpose of a personal blog, if not to share one's opinion? This is not a concert reporting website, nor is it a news source. This blog isn't morally obligated to present unbiased journalism. If you want to read concert reports, go to an official JRock news source. This is a blog about my personal experiences in Japan, and its only purpose is to share my opinions. You ask me not to judge these bands, yet you are judging them yourself. You say they deserve more appreciation, but how do you know? Do you know them personally? Maybe they don't write their own music. Maybe they're drunk on stage. I can't know any more than you can. You judge me for judging things you have no right to judge yourself. You are not the band's friend, nor am I. I judge these bands by what they show me, and nothing more. It's MY right to express my opinions on MY blog. But you can go ahead and judge me, even if you don't me REALLY.

    6. Like you are taking this the wrooong way, better stop.

      Thanks for taking the time to answer me.


    7. You are giving me orders on my own blog, and telling me what I can and cannot say. There is no "wrong" way to take this. The conversation is over.

  3. I'm very happy to read a new post of yours Kita. Your humor and sarcasm are fun to read :D The purikura you guys took are very cute. Poor K when those cosplayers said K is unnecessary. :( But overall the show seemed fun :D Especially the water fight between Ryoga and Tsuzuku. Since you're going to the BORN and Diaura two man show next weekend, who do you think would win a water fight between Yo-ka and Ryoga ? The Dictador vs. the Demon hehe :')

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed :-) Sometimes my humor and sarcasm is a bit abrasive, but I'm glad you enjoy it anyways, lol. Also, the Demon vs. Dictator water fight sounds truly terrifying. It sucks cuz the show's a Sunday, so I'll probably have to miss any epic water battle that happens. Booooo, I hate having to work. But I'm gonna toss in some coins anyways and say...... yo-ka would win. He's someone who can't handle losing. Even if Ryouga is winning, yo-ka will get in the last hit, lol.

  4. Very nice post as always:) I still need to get to see BORN! I haven't yet... Oh yeah, I met Peachy and Meljay at the Diaura one-man (in Aug), but I actually left before the encore cause I was so freaking tired, so I didn't see them again afterwards. Actually that was on a Tues? And I got in from the US on Mon. I shouldn't have gone, I was way too jet-legged.

    Anyways, I'll be in Tokyo again soon lol so I'm sure I'll run into u guys again.

    1. Aaaaw, you should totally see BORN! It's a super fun time! ^__^ Sorry I wasn't at that Tuesday show :-( I actually had a ticket (and had the ticket for months) and wound up deciding not to go the day before the show. Long and unimportant story, lol. But I heard the show was fun, so I'm glad you got to see it, even if you were tired. Hopefully we'll run into you again when you're not so jetlagged :-)

  5. I'm amazed of how many things you see that I'm totally oblivious about XD

    Anyway, I feel the same way about xxx is dead as you do. They showed a whole other side this time compared to last time I saw them. Although, their concept in my eyes are not the best. We'll see how far they go ^^

    About Mejibray, do you know that Sophia ex. Blood Stain Child is a guest vocalist on both Sadisgate (in the chorus) and Black Baccarat? :3 I do agree with you Tsuzuku sometimes sing way to high for my taste, I just thought I might check so you don't think he's THAT good to imitate a woman. xD lol

    Oh gosh when Tsuzuku sprayed that first mouthful of water in Ryogas face I thought "haha omg rest in peace Tsuzuku" based on the look on Ryogas face hahaha. It wasn't that bad in the end, although I'm surprised of how much he let Tsuzuku mess with him. I guess it's really love, huh. lol xD

    This concert was awesome, and I'm really happy I got to finally meet you guys properly. ^^

    1. Ahahaha, that's actually really funny about Sophia XD So Tsuzuku likes to sing high in a lot of songs (especially when he autotunes), and when that's not high enough, he goes and finds an even higher-pitched singer to make it even higher?! WTF, lol XD This is a conspiracy against my ears, lol.

      Anyways, it was great to properly meet you too! I hope we run into you at a show again! We can go get crappy food together afterwards, hahaha ^___^

  6. You know I onced visited your blog accidentally. Being a veteran in JRock/VKei concerts I understand that you already know all the rules and routines and what band does it good or not on lives. I first read your MEJIBRAY post with Scarlett and LIPHLICH. You were obviously ranting about the venue especially how the audience lamely participated during the MEJIBRAY live. I totally agreed with you that some of their fans are more into their looks rather than their music. I think that was what you meant when you said that the audience was there to drool over the poor band on stage. It was really demeaning for me because like you, I'll never like a band just because their hot. I can see your point when you write about your experiences in MEJIBRAY lives and your adjectives make me laugh too at times. But your last post about them is really unfair to tell you honestly. I mean, if you hate what a band is doing with their music and how they perform it on public why go and attend their concerts? Or why buy their album? Isn't it silly and pointless at the same time? Going to a band's gig, participating to furis and yet you'll write how they suck later online? And then that fake letter you did for Tsuzuku about his vocals. If I understood what it meant, allow me to rephrase it... you were saying that his voice sounded like a teenage boy trying to be a matured man. And that you were wondering if his balls ever fell out when he growls. You were also saying something about his sexuality which isn't really funny at all. Let me tell you this Kita or shall I call you Twisted in Tokyo? Aside from learn how to organize your blog and change the Comic Sans font don't go to a band's live just for fun. Learn how to appreciate the true essence of a live without insulting the venue, the audience and the band itself. How much you think a band suck they still have a soul of an artist. They worked hard to every song they make and you're just a listener that will either feed it or criticize it. Besides the band's not there just to please you. They're doing it for their fans and not to someone as hypocrite as you are. I can also see that we're both fans of BORN but even if you turned the world upside down, MEJIBRAY is far way better than BORN. Ryouga can obviously sing and BORN has that energy that you really enjoy on their lives but what kind of greatest songs they've released so far? Funny because you were making fun of MEJIBRAY's Sadisgate. How can a gate be Sadistic? I think you already know the answer to that question already because you're a teacher and you're totally aware of FIGURES OF SPEECH. English 101 remember? The band didn't create a title to make it literal. Every title of a song has a figurative meaning. And that thing you also said that MEJIBRAY's songs sounded like a cardboard when recorded. I don't think you noticed but UnsraW sounded more cardboard on record than MEJIBRAY. I wish that any band member from MEJIBRAY will totally snub you next time because God knows what you were saying about them on your shit blog O-bangya.

    1. I'm sorry if my sense of humor no longer suits your tastes, or if my humor is only funny when it's directed at a band you don't like. And although I never questioned Tsuzuku's sexuality (rather his vocal masculinity), it's hard not to crack jokes about a band where the drummer wears a dick on his head.

      "If you hate what a band is doing with their music and how they perform it on public why go and attend their concerts?"

      If you hate what a blog is doing and how the author writes it, why come and read their posts? As much as MEJIBRAY doesn't perform only to please me, I don't write this blog only to please you. My apologies.