Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

Uh........ yeah, hi.  Sorry, I know I, like... kinda ditched this place.  Several promised posts haven't happened, things are piling up, I've neglected comments... it's a mess.  Um... I'll be back.  I'm sorta on a really short hiatus that will end ASAP.  I bit off more than I could chew, there's a lot going on... I'm sorta curled up in a hole in the ground for a little while.

To tide this blog over while I'm off in La La Land, I'll present my greatest Halloween achievement.  No, it's not my Halloween costume.  It's my friend.  He's usually a perfectly normal, adorable, brainy-looking Asian kid.  But through the power of my accessory collection, my make-up skills, and a wig, I transformed him into something awesome for a Halloween party:

Of course, I had to mess with my own make-up too:

Then I decided that, because I spent so much of my valuable time transforming my friend for Halloween, he was going to be my bitch for the night:

Shit got weird:

Deciding there wasn't nearly enough alcohol at the party, some of my friends (including H) and I made shit awkward for a convenience store:

So, uh.......... party hard.  Whoooooooo.

Now let me go get my shit together.


  1. Happy Belated Halloween :P

    Nice job on your friend. Will you be posting a before picture??

    1. Happy Belated Halloween to you too ^___^

      I thought about posting a before picture, but I wasn't sure if my friend wanted (recognizable) pictures of himself on my blog, so I decided not to. But I assure you it was quite the transformation. People at the party didn't even recognize him and were totally shocked. He looked like a totally different person :-)