Thursday, May 2, 2013


Hey guys!  I'm back from the grave with some massive news!


The new blog is entitled:

"Comically Overblown"

And you can find it over at

It's a thematic blog that will chronicle my adventures in learning how to be a nerd again.  There will be a heavy focus on comic book-related material, but there will also be plenty of other topics I'll explore, such as movies, video games, conventions, etc.  First up on the agenda will be an Iron Man 3 review (I'm waiting until after the U.S. release date so I don't spoil the film for anyone), and I'll be following that up with a review of The Crow graphic novel, and a brief glance into some Journey into Mystery.  For those of you who enjoyed "Twisted in Tokyo" for the writing, here's your chance to read some more of my stuff!  The content of "Comically Overblown" will be very similar to the opinion posts, rants, and reviews that occasionally popped up on "Twisted in Tokyo."  If you enjoyed those, now there's gonna be a whole blog of them!

The reason I decided to make a new blog was because "Twisted in Tokyo" was becoming too irrelevant to keep up.  For one thing, I won't be in Japan after August, and it's rather silly to keep up a blog about Japan when you're not in Japan.  I also don't believe I'll be able to keep up with JRock in any productive way.  Obviously, I won't be going to very many JRock concerts in the U.S., and the JRock scene itself has stagnated to a point in which there is very little to discuss.  Comic books, however, have remained a relevant topic for the past sixty years, and we're in the Golden Age of comic book movies right now.  The Japan topic forced me to have a very narrow focus, and I'm hoping this new endeavor will allow me to expand my horizons!

However, I want to make it clear that I will never delete "Twisted in Tokyo."  Despite the indefinite hiatus, "Twisted in Tokyo" will remain firmly planted in cyberspace, so please feel free to look back on any of your old favorites any time!

And if you find the idea behind "Comically Overblown" interesting, or if you just enjoy my writing, head on over to and join me on my new adventure!  I'd love to have some readers! :-)  The Iron Man 3 review will be up in the new few days!

To infinity and beyond, and all that!


  1. Great!! :D bookmarked the new blog! XD looking forward to reading it! ^-^

    1. Thank you so much! I need readers, hahaha. The Iron Man 3 review is already up if you're interested. Hope you enjoy the new blog ^___^

  2. ColouringNeedleMay 6, 2013 at 1:55 PM

    Alright!!! Can't wait to see what will be posted ^^

    1. Lots of nerdy things, lol XD I'm gonna try to post at least once a week. I'm gonna put up a new entry in the next day or two ^__^

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